Pitted Brassy Artifact Breastplate
1 Dot Artifact

Flawless Oak discovered this armor in the storage room of the Vault under Chiaroscuro's Sol Mirror. This obviously ancient breast plate is of unknown style1 made from a incredibly dense and heavily pitted brassy material. One would say it is orichalcum but it lacks the warm touch and faint glory signature to the material. Instead this armor is dull and has a green "vitriolic" sheen.

None the less the armor is perfectly functional and is some sort of artifact armor. The breastplate is made for someone of a tall stature and thus Flawless Oak wears it loosely. It is unlikely he will encounter any craftsmen skillful enough and that possesses the right tools to re-size the armor for him, and thus additional straps and padding will just have to do till his return to Rathess.

Soak: +6L/4B (+8L/6B with Material Bonus)
Hardness: 2L/2B (3L/3B with Material Bonus)
Mobility Penalty: -0
Fatigue Penalty: 0
Attunement: 2 Motes for Infernals

  • The armor when worn for a few hours by unattuned person will cause rashes and chemical burns - as the vitriol taint corrodes the flesh. This has no mechanical penalty (skin rashes has no mechanical penalty in game) and is more of a descriptive and cosmetic effect.
  • The armor is made of Orichalcum but underwent the Vitriol Corruption Process and this is no longer the natural material for Solars. To gain the +2 to Soak and +1 to Hardness material bonus a Solar must attune it as if its an Foreign Magical Material (e.g. 2x attunement cost)
  • The armor has a single Hearthstone Socket at the center of the chest
  • The armor is a breastplate and thus can be hidden by large enough jacket of cloak
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