Prayer Piece

3 Dot Artifact

These marvels of First Age craftsmanship resemble the humble flame piece in outline, but could never be mistaken under closer examination for a mortal weapon. Rather than a trigger, prayer pieces have an Essence-sensitive chit carved from pure red jade, leading up into a jade-and-orichalcum barrel. The interior of the gun’s barrel is carved with a series of hair-thin rifled grooves, and into the interior of these grooves are etched even more incredibly delicate, painstakingly detailed shrines and prayers to the Unconquered Sun. Microscopic least gods slumber within these shrines, their only purpose to convey martial veneration to the Highest of Holies.

Each prayer piece can chamber five rounds of ammunition at once. Unlike their distant relative, the alchemical flame weapon, prayer piece ammunition requires no expensive thaumaturgy to produce. Only a great investment of skill and time is required. Prayer pieces are designed to fire slugs made of any relatively soft metal, although First Age Solars considered gold to be the only substance worthy of the honor. Each round to be fired by a prayer piece must be completely covered in a specific, detailed prayer to the Unconquered Sun, its hair-thin characters completing the matching verses carved within the weapon’s barrel. Producing such a round requires five hours of work, knowledge of Old Realm and a (Dexterity + Craft [Air]) roll at difficulty 3.

In order to fire a prayer piece, the user must feed it a single mote of Essence. Doing so catalyzes the prayers inscribed on the slug, awakens the least gods within the weapon and fuses hope, devotion and will into a singular moment of focused martial intent. The slug erupts from the weapon with a roar and a gout of smoke, which carries the completed prayer to Heaven.

Because their attacks are Holy in nature, prayer pieces fail to function when wielded by creatures of darkness.

Type Speed Accuracy Damage Rate Range Ammo Attune Cost Tag
Prayer Piece 5 +2 10L (10A vs Creature of Darkness) 2 50 5 6 ••• B
  • Users who have the 1 point version of Priest (to Unconquered Sun) gains +1 to damage
    • This means all Zenith gains this +1 bonus
  • Users who have the 7 point version of Priest (to Unconquered Sun) gains +4 to damage
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