4 Dot Dragon King Plant Submersible

Repair Rating: 31

The Proteus is the selvaged wreck of an First Age solar vessel found on the bottom of Rathessian lake therak. The thousand of years that passed has killed the living artifact. All that reminded was the hull. Originally discovered by the Mosok Dragon-Kings while clearing the channels that runs on the bottom of the lake. It was left for it had no immediate value. When Bull of the North inquired with Rathess in regards to any naval aid for the assault of the Blessed Realm the Servitors of the Central Hearth raised the vessel and started to repair it.

Unfortunately being a living artifact there is little the servitors could do. It falls upon the returning Dragon Kings of Yu-shan to repair. The process is long and arduous, with little advancement. The process was change dramatically when the newly exalted Twilight, Leonardo da Vinci, used Wyld Shaping to bring back a spark of life. Unfortunately Leonardo lacked the skill and power to completely repair the vessel, but it was restored enough to function though lacking in long term endurance.

In fact Leonardo theorize that his shaping infused the dead vessel with the energy of Elemental Pole of Wood, and thus the further the vessel operates from the Elemental Pole the less functional it will be. He have found no way to fix this. His lack of First Age knowledge (Being Tier 2) and his lack of sorcerous training did not open him to the possibility of Elemental Possession, Laoghaire, Son of Caomhánach have no such lack. Together they managed to solve the Essence of Wood issue by having an Wood Elemental Bond with the vessel.

The submersible is an ivory white seed pot like vessel about 10 yards long and 3 yards in diameter. Only the front pod is large enough to hold things while the long tail server as housing for the maneuvering fins and propulsion. Like the tunnel crawler vehicle of Rathess, this vessel fills internally with a luminescent green liquid that is infused with the Essence of Vitality. The liquid is cool and comfortable maintaining the optimal temperature and pressure for the passenger regardless of the conditions outside of the vessel. It also satisfies the passenger's need to "breath". The liquid is thick and thus difficulty to move around in, but also absorbs shock. People who wish to travel within the vessel is at half speed and must use swimming. the Liquid only stays within the ship and thus any one exiting the ship is completely dry. Since it repels water the submersible isn't actually watertight. Its panels and windows can be opened freely without worrying of leaking. Though there is little need to do so since the entire sides of the ship can turn transparent via the pilot's controls.

The Pilot's console is a large comfortable chair facing an spherical space in the front of the ship. When attuned bundles of fibers will extend from the walls of the space and connect with the pilot's hands. The pilot then move his hands to control the ship. The process is fairly intuitive and few hours of practice is all one need to familiarize oneself.

  • Attunement cost 10 motes
  • Proteus is considered First Age Artifact Hull
    • Thus it is immune to any magical effects that cannot affect the 5 Magical Materials
    • It also has an hardness of 12B/12L, which means it can ram other ships without damage as long as the damage is below its hardness
    • It also means it is immune to direct damage from weather effects, since they have to get over 12B/12L damage to compromise the hull.

Speed: 20/40mph on surface; 12/25mph submerged
Maneuverability: +0R (Lore 2, Ride 3) [Use Ride Excellency and Sail Charms]
Endurance: The Ship is heavily damaged and its power accumulator systems are beyond repair. It can no longer store the power it converts from sunlight. Thus Karal Fire-Orchid rigged an Light generator consisting of a pair of salvaged bronze legionnaire's legs, a treadmill, and some cultivation light panels from Dragon King greenhouses. 6 motes of Essence will allow the legs to run for 1 hour, powering the ship's propulsion systems.

Only the ships propulsion system requires this energy. It's life support systems are triggered via the attunement cost of 10 motes. Thus even if the pilot and passenger ran out of Essence they will still be alive. The vessel will start to sink but the life preserving liquid will be intact.

After 250 cumulative hours of operation since its last maintenance, the ship will start suffering one level of unsoakable bashing damage every further 10 cumulative hours of operation. Thus a skilled pilot will learn to ride the waves of the ocean on minimum power as opposed to force march the vessel on its own power.
Crew: 1/1
Cargo: Use to hold 5 passengers in comfort, plus 2 barrels (or equivalently sized cargo, such as two additional passengers cramped uncomfortably). Now the propulsion power system takes up space for 2 people, leaving enough space to comfortably accommodate 3 people and 2 barrel sized cargo
Armor: 12L/12B (First Age Artifact Hull means it has an Hardness of 12L/12B)
Health Levels: Ux8/Mx6/Cx4/Ix2/D
Weapons: None. The ship does not require a sealed hull. So passengers (pilot's hands are tied to the controls, so he can't do it) can just reach out and do drive by-s much like if they were in a car. Unfortunately this has the problem of water resistance when it is travelling underwater. In such cases it is very likely that the weapon will be immediately ripped out of the attacker's hand. Since the ship's ports open inwards it still maintains it smooth profile. So unless someone sticks something outside, just opening the ports will not slow the ship down. GM would need to use common sense to determine if whatever is sticking out is large enough to impact its top speed.

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