Pyromantic Grenade

Jadeborn Grenade

For short-distance weapons, Mountain Folk prefer flame weapons powered by pyromantic gel. Standard units of Jadeborn Warriors carry flamethrowers or flame pieces very similar to those of mortal manufacture (see Scroll of Kings, p. 139). The only difference is that the Jadeborn model requires only one Warrior to operate it. Elite troops carry either plasma tongue repeaters or fuel bolt launchers (see The Books of Sorcery, Vol. I—Wonders of the Lost Age, p. 75).

Mountain Folk Warriors also use pyromantic grenades. These weapons are orange-sized spheres with clockwork timer mechanisms that activate when the user twists or slides a toggle switch. Once active, they tick audibly and detonate in a burst of white-hot fire at the predetermined time. The maximum time on the timer is one minute.

Type Speed Accuracy Damage Rate Range Resource Minimums
Hand Grenade 6 +0 10L 2 15 3 Each Dex ••
  • is reduced by 1L for each yard away the victim is from the blast.
  • All flammable objects within five yards of the explosion immediates catch fire
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