Rathessian Theater Badge
1 Dot Artifact Medal

The Rathess Theater badge is given to all Astartes1 who have made the required pilgrimage to the Holy City. It is a badge of orichalcum and crystal suspended via a thick gold chain. The crystal face of the badge is a Dragon-Kings Crystal Book containing the holy scripture of the Unconquered Sun.

Aside from signifying the great honor and achievement for the bearer each badge is paw-crafted by the Mice of the Sun and Blessed by Arch-Priestess Hastha-sth personally. It perfect construction and holy origin allows it to function as perpetual walk-away and forms an extremely potent ward against all creatures of darkness. The ward is equivalent to a 4 die ward, including all its bonuses and penalties.

  • Functions as a Walkaway
    • Walkaways: Naturally occurring walkaways are created from mementos of an impressive accidents where the survivors should have been killed or maimed, but instead emerged unharmed (hence the name). Once per story, an effective walkaway will negate one success on a single, life-threatening damage roll. Very powerful walkaways can negate two or even three successes, but they must all be from the same damage roll.
  • 4 die Warding Charm against all Creatures of Darkness
    • Warding Charms: There are different talismans that protect against the Fair Folk, spirits, elementals, demons or the walking dead. These charms cause beings of the appropriate type to suffer a -1 internal penalty to all their dice pools when attempting to affect the wearer. Very powerful warding charms might have double or even triple this effect. Magical beings can sense when an individual is warded against their power and often react with hostility. Warding charms are the easiest sort of talismans to make — reduce the cost and difficulty of the rolls involved by one.


  • The Badge works against Embrace of Decay because the Disease is considered "of Darkness" and thus the badge is exceptionally effective at warding against it
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