Reach of Fate

Ryu Hayabusa's 4 Dot Artifact Sash

Can be used in Combat as an free attack and functions as an incredible deadly Starmetal Dire Chain (does not incur Multiple Action or DV penalties)

Type Speed Accuracy Damage Defense Rate Min Attune Tags
Strike 5 +1 +10L +2 2 Str ••, Dex ••••, Mtr •••• 3 M, R
Clinch 6 +2 +8L - 1 Str ••, Dex ••••, Mtr •••• 3 C, M, P, R
  • Material Bonus is already included since only those naturally attuned to Starmetal can use this item

The Reach of Fate is an enormous prayer strips crafted of starmetal thread and weaved into a gigantic scarf that is so thin it can cut like a blade. The scarf's sutras are orichalcum and attunement costs 8 motes. In desperate times the Scarf's master can wrap the scarf around himself and fold into the strands of his past actions. He disappear in a burst of light and smoke, only to reappear at another [random] place he has visited before within (Permanent Essence Score) days that is within (1 + Absolute value of Current Wound Levels) miles. Incapacity or Death will extend this range to all of Creation + Yu Shan. This costs 5 motes and is an Misc Action, at the end of which he disappears. The scarf only teleports the owner and no one else, even if they are wrapped along with the wearer.

Due to it reliance on the wearer's affinity with fate, it can only be used by Sidereals, Maidens, and the Pattern Spiders.

The Scarf have 1 Hearthstone setting as clasp and adds 2 motes to the hearth stone's recovery rate

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