Reaper Daiklave

2 Dot Artifact Weapon

Daiklaves are dual-edge weapons, and despite their size, they are agile in the hand and lightning swift. Yet, some Exalted are disinterested in fast and nimble blades, preferring instead raw killing power. The weapons favored by these Exalted are cleaver-like single-edged blades, four-feet long and, in some cases, a foot wide, with square or angled tips. Slow and clumsy compared to normal daiklaves, these weapons are brutally powerful, capable of shearing through even the heaviest armor. Like normal daiklaves, reaver daiklaves typically have a setting for a single hearthstone. During the First Age, reaver daiklaves were most popular among the Dragon-Blooded and the Lunar Exalted, and they remain favored weapons among those groups to this day.

Type Speed Accuracy Damage Defense Rate Minimums Attune Cost Tags
Base Stat 5 +3 +9L/3 +0 2 Str •• 5 •• O

Magical Material Bonus: Melee Weapons

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