Ship Wheel of Lam-Lha

3 Dot Demonic Artifact Ship Wheel

  • Artifact is considered Hellforged Wonder - is an Living Demonic Artifact. It requires no attunement but will only function when installed on a Ship loyal to the Pilot
  • As long as the user is piloting using the wheel the ship is immune to Adverse Weather, negating EV Penalties for Weather Effects
    • This include Weather caused by supernatural effects
  • Shrouds the ship in an ever present shifting mist
    • grants everyone on board the ability to see through this mist without difficulty
  • The mist partially shift the ship into the space between Creation and Malfeas. The parts of the ship becomes completely invisible when it is obscured by the mist.
    • This grants +4 dice to Stealth attempts
  • The mist grants the ship +3L/3B soak bonus with an Hardness of 4L/4B
  • The ship and everything on board is considered Outside of Fate for as long as the user is handling the Wheel
  • The ship is also now considered a Creature of Darkness
  • If used during Caliberation the ship will automatically enter through the spaces of Malfeas and end up on the Endless Desert - This is a one way trip.
  • Whenever the pilot botch a pilot/navigation roll during the last week of every season the ship, and everything onboard, will shift fully through the barrier into Malfeas. Landing on the Endless Desert within sight of one of the Demon Gates.
    • This Ship Wheel remains in Creation and drifts on the ocean and is inevitably found by someone
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