Shock Gauntlets

3 Dot Dragon King Artifact

The shock gauntlet is a large gauntlet covered in what appear to be overlapping crustacean plates that seems almost metallic. Unlike more traditional gauntlets, the shock gauntlet covers almost the entire arm of the wearer, going almost to his shoulder. Shock gauntlets were used by Dragon King Troops before the fall of Rathess, especially those associated with the worship of Leeayta. Even so, they were never very wide-spread, since their construction was expensive and, in the hands of an untalented soldier, could be quiet disruptive to typical battle formations.

The usefulness of the shock gauntlet is that it is a ranged melee weapon, as contradictory as that seems. The wearer expends 1 mote of Essence and punches in the direction of his intended target, his player making a normal Brawl or Martial Arts roll, just like an ordinary unarmed attack. The target can be as far as 30 yards away from the wearer. If the attack roll is successful, the gauntlet transmits the strength of the wearer’s punch to the target, who suffers damage exactly as if he had been hit with normal unarmed attack. The shock gauntlet also enhances the targets punches, making them far deadlier than they otherwise would be.

Type Speed Accuracy Damage Defense Rate Range Minimums Tags
Range +0 +0 +5B +0 1 30 Dex •• F
Hand to Hand +0 +0 +8B +0 +0 +0 Dex •• N

These are modifiers to the Natural Punch Attack of the Wearer

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