Songbirds of Atlantis

3 Dot Magitech Artifact

Atlantis is an artificial island/continent province of the First Age and is legendary for the beauty of their nature reserves and the sheer variety of wildlife that resides there. The residents of the continent are known for their love of winged creatures and many of their magitech creations are of birds. With the death of the Solars at the end of the First Age the Island is no longer maintainable as the solar essence fueled enchantment that keeps it grounded in reality begin to fray. In time it dissolved back into the Wyld from where it was carved; Its majesty and beauty are forever lost, but like all great things it leaves many legacies.

Many a treasure hunter has perished hunting after the Legend of Atlantis as some speculate that pieces of the continent survived the Usurpation catastrophe. Artifacts with Lotus and bird motifs that can only come from Atlantis do occasionally surface in the black markets of the West, sending yet another wave of starry eyed scavengers into the Wyld.

The Songbirds of Atlantis is one such artifact. These can come in any avian forms, from humming birds to Seagulls to even more exotic breeds that has long since became extinct. All are beautifully crafted clockwork simulacrums of their living counterparts. Though they are classified as one type of artifact they range wildly both in construction material and levels of sophistication, but are all designed as children’s toys and companions and never as implement of subterfuge or intrigue.

When attuned by committing 6 motes these automatons comes to life and functions as a loyal pet with no real intelligence. They can follow some basic commands but has little use beyond being sentries or companions. Regardless of the owner’s requests or situation these constructs will never take any aggressive action – even in defense.

These automatons can learn any song by hearing it once and can then repeat it perfectly with a lovely female voice. They however can only remember up to 7 songs (regardless of length) and newly learned songs will replace old ones. This perfect recall only works on songs, including sung messagers, and not any other forms of communications.

Their most useful ability is that they can find anyone as long as the attuned user can keep the picture the person in her mind. This ability will not function if the target is magically concealed, but there are no way for the automaton or attuned user to learn of this fact. So the owner may have concentrated in vain for hours before she gives up. This makes the birds a great tool of communication as they can ferry messages back and forth with their incredibly speed.

These birds, regardless of size of type, are so agile that while in flight they are considered to have a Dodge DV of 12 + attuned user’s Essence. This makes them all but impossible to hit by mundane means. They can fly up to a speed of 200 mph in any weather and does not tire.

They however are incredibly fragile and a robin sized bird only takes 3 heath level of damage to destroy. These automatons have a soak of 3L, hardness value of 5L, and immune to bash damage. However the attuned user automatically knows when his songbird is about to be hit, regardless of distance that separates them, and can reflexively spent 5 motes of Essence to for each health level worth of damage he wishes to soak. This has to be done before damage is applied.

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