Soul-Numbing Abyssal Cannon

Abyssal Version of Fiery Solar Cannon

Type Speed Accuracy Damage Rate Range Cost Minimums Attune
Full Power Shot 5 +0 18A 1* 300 2 Str ••• 8
Half Power Shot 5 +0 9A 1* 300 1 Str ••• 8
  • * If desired, the character can attack an additional number of separate targets equal to her permanent Essence simultaneously, with no penalties for multiple actions.
  • Unlike the Solar Cannon the damage from this weapon is always Aggravated but is significantly less accurate
  • The blasts from the weapon is considered "arrow" so follows the standard M, L, Extreme Range rules and allows the use of most Archery Charms including charms that enhance the ammo - such as Splinters of the Void

Soul-Numbing Abyssal Cannons are the Underworld equilvant of the Fiery Solar Cannon. It operates on the same principle as the solar cannon and uses affinitive material to channel the deadly energy of the exalt's patron. Instead of a 5 sided ruby, the abyssal cannon as its core consists of a perfectly spherical Obsidian processed from the depth of the Labyrinth. It of course is attuned to the powers of the neverborns and is only usable by those who can naturally channel it (e.g. Deathlords and Abyssals).

  • It is just as bulky as the Solar counterpart and thus the wearer cannot use move action while firing this weapon, and he can dodge or parry only by using reflexive charms or persistent charms that are already in effect.
  • Instead of firing spheres of golden sun fire it shoots streaks of sickly green and shadowy red energy that swarms an 2 yards diameter area hitting everyone.
    • This attack is dodgable but cannot be blocked except by effects that allows the defendant to block Unblockable attacks.
    • These oblivion fueled blast literally dissolves the target and leaves missing spherical chunks on whatever they hit.
  • Like Fiery Solar Cannon, each Full power blast cost 2 motes
  • The weapon is rate 1 and can ONLY be fired once an action - even if the user used a magical archery flurry. The weapon however can have the energy streams spread out and chase individual and seperate targets (no longer 2 yard radius) up to the user's permanent essence.
    • The user only makes 1 attack roll, and the defender each defend seperately
    • This is not a multiple action attack, and thus have no multiple attack DV penalty or multi-action dice penalty
  • The wielder can also fire a Low Power Blast costing only 1 mote, but othewise functionally the same (with lower dmg and blast radius)
  • Like the Fiery Solar Cannon the weapon requires 8 motes to attune, and even then it must still be socketed with a Abyssal Hearthstone of at least level 2. This Hearthstone provides no benefit to the user, as all of its energy is used to help power the abyssal cannon.
    • For each dot of Hearthstone above level 2, reduce the cost per shot by 1. Thus those who socket, and loose the function of, a 4 dot Hearthstone can fire the cannon without paying any motes.
  • All known Abyssal Cannon are designed and manufactured by Deathlords and thus are all First Age Magitech requiring no [mechanically] significant maintenance or upkeep.
    • Sound the designs be copied by inferior makers then the Weapon must be serviced after every 100 shots. If its not maintained, the cannon will lose 1 level of damage from its rating for every 10 additional shots fired until it is damage is 0 - at which time it can no longer be fired.
  • The weapon is made of Labyrinth Obsidian and Soulsteel, and can only be used by Abyssals and Deathlords - so the Material Bonus of the Weapon is already included
    • Consequently due to the intimate connection to Oblivion from the Labyrinth, this weapon cannot be corrupted by Vitriol
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