Sun's Fire

character:yurgenkaneko's 3 Dot Jade-steel Reaper Daiklave

  • The proper name of the weapon is Efunotachi (衛府の太刀)
  • Kaneko has long ago renamed it to Sun's Fire
    • "Sun's Fire" will not work for charms/abilities that requires the Blade's True Name
    • Nor will it work towards gaining the Sword's "loyalty" by referring to it as "Sun's Fire"
    • Kaneko did not do this as a form of deception, he just wanted to name his weapon appropriately

Unlike the lucky Solars that came after the destruction of the Jade Prison, Kaneko did not Exalt in peace. He awoken to his grand destiny amongst a world that is still deadly to Solars. An entire Sworn Brotherhood of Dragon-Blooded1 supported by Immaculate Order Monks and the Resources of the Wyld Hunt was dispatched week in advance to await his Exaltation.

It is quite unusual for a group of such scale to fail but they not only failed but none survived to report what occured. It was months before the respective houses learn of such failure and it took the Empress' personal involvement to quell the bickering and acts of retribution - as each house blamed the other for the botch. It was this public shame that moved the Triumvirate fledgling of House Mnemon to join the Wyld Hunt.

The most important twist of fate that saved Kaneko was that he Exalted far far away from easily accessible land. He exalted in the barren and harsh land of the deep North. The Dragon-Blooded could not bring the full might of the Wyld Hunt to bear. They had to arrive by Azure Chariot instead of bring their complementary units. They also had difficulty locating the exact Exaltation location for a huge blizzard delayed them. By the time they caught Kaneko's scent it has already been days and Kaneko's anima was no longer visible. What should have been a straight forward hunt has become a game of cat and mouse, and not in their favor.

The Dragon-Blooded are playing against an opponent who is an War 5, Essence 5 Dawn Caste with charm:accuracywithoutdistance and charm:thereisnowind. For weeks the hunt continued with Kaneko sniping them from miles away and melting into the snowscape long before they get close. Out classed and out witted the Dragon-Blooded still eventually force the solar into an impossible position and caught up with him. By then only 2 Dragon-Blooded remain, fatigued and barely held together by the Essence respiration of their Hearthstones. Weakened as they are, they still managed to nearly kill Kaneko. It was Samea's arrival that prevented mutual annihilation.

Samea was following the signs of her divination when she came across a Solar brother being hunted. A survivor of the Wyld Hunt herself she wasted no time coming to his Aid. Summoning her War Strider Form she and Kaneko finally overpowered the Dragon-Blooded and killed them. Knowing that the Realm will never stop if they stayed in the area the 2 Solars gathered what useful equipment they could carry and left towards the deeper North. They travelled all the way to the deadly zone in proximity to the Elemental Pole of Air where few seconds of exposure can freeze people solid. There they hid, ranging out only to down a large game for food before venturing back. Their bond as Solars deepened and by the time they left Samea and Kaneko had formed the basis of their Solar Circle.

In that inhospitable hiding place it was this weapon that kept them alive2. The blade's ability to generate heat and negate cold allowed the Solars to wait out the Immaculate Hunt that came after. The Immaculate Order's hunt was exhausted after 3 years of nothing. Thus they retreated back to their Temples waiting for any disturbance in the North. Little would they know the first disturbance they noticed about this two would be so world shattering.

Type Speed Accuracy Damage Defense Rate Minimums Attune Cost Tags
Normal 5 +3 +9L/3 +0 2 Str •• 5 •• O
With MM Bonus 4 +3 +10L/3 +0 2 Str •• 5 •• O
  • As a reflexive action the wielder can pay 1 mote and the floating disk on the back of the blade immolates and immediately sets alight a flammable material the user touches with the blade
    • This includes Wooden Shields, Leather Armor, Bows, etc.
    • If the Sword is socketed with any Fire Hearthstone the 1 mote cost is waived
    • It requires 2 dot Hearthstone of another type to waive the activation cost
  • If the wielder deals at least 1 health level of damage to a target he can reflexively pay the same cost above to heat the blade and convert 1 health level worth of damage into aggravated Damage, as the blade horrifically cooks the flesh around it.
  • The wielder of the weapon is immune to all non-magical fire and heat and lowers all cold damage by 4 dice, to a minimum of 0.
  • Sun's Fire has 2 Hearthstone Socket - the Middle of the guard and the middle of the handle
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