Synthetic Leather

Resource 1 to 4, or Artifact 1 to 2

By mixing reagents and lichens with black oils that flow in deeply buried veins, the Mountain Folk manufacture a thick liquid that they transform into various sorts of sturdy synthetic leather. They can manufacture this glossy material in any color or pattern and can make it as soft and thin as doeskin or stiffer than the hardest shoe leather. All synthetic leather is slightly stronger than ordinary cloth, so even ordinary clothing made from it acts as low-grade armor. In addition, long synthetic leather coats act as improved versions of buff jackets.

The only limit on this material is that exposure to sunlight causes synthetic leather to grow brittle and gradually fall apart into useless shreds in a number of days equal to its Resources cost. Special treatments can prevent this, but this sun-resistant synthetic leather is slightly less durable and more costly. The Jadeborn also create an Essence-sensitive version of synthetic leather impregnated with powdered jade that is considerably more durable if appropriately attuned. This material is automatically immune to the affects of sunlight. In addition to the items listed here, Mountain Folk also manufacture a synthetic and fully sun-proof version of silken armor (see The Books of Sorcery, Vol. III—Oadenol’s Codex, p. 159) identical to the version listed there. Wearing multiple layers of synthetic leather clothing is cumbersome and does not increase its protective value.

Synthetic Leather Armor

Name Soak Mobility Fatigue Cost
Clothing +2L/+2B -0 0
Sun-Resistant Clothing +1L/+1B -0 0 ••
Duster +4L/+5B -0 1 ••
Sun-Resistant Duster +4L/+5B -0 1 •••
Great Coat +6L/+9B -0 1 •••
Sun-Resistant Great Coat +5L/+8B -0 1 ••••

Synthetic Leather Artifact Armor

Name Soak Hardness Mobility Fatigue Cost Attune
Enhanced Buff Jacket +5L/+6B 2L/2B -0 0 2
Enhanced Reinforced Buff Jacket +7L/+10B 5L/5B -0 1 •• 3
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