The Mexican - Tacticool™-lized
Alabaster Hand of the Heaven's Steam-Piece/Blade
Common Stats

Speed: 4
Defense: -1
Minimums: Str•• Dex•••
Attune: 6
Cost: •••

Melee Stats (Melee)

Accuracy: +1
Damage: +5L/2
Rate: 2
Tags: O

Range Stats (Archery)

Speed: 4
Accuracy: +1
Damage: 7L
Rate: 3 (6 shots)
Range: 100
Tags: 2, B, P, and See Below

  • The Weapon has a single rate (3) but can be split between melee or range attack. It can only make maximum of 2 melee attacks. Thus you can do 3 shots and no melee attack, 1 melee attack 2 shots, or 2 melee attack and 1 shot, or 2 melee attacks and no shots, etc.
  • The Weapon fires a solid projectile and thus is akin to Crossbow. This allows it to be used for charms that would normally work with Crossbows. It remains a Alchemical Firepiece thus still qualifies as Flamepiece for Charms as well.
    • E.g. it would work with Essence Arrow or Extra Attack Charms that works on Crossbows.
  • The Weapon's cylinder holds 6 shots and like firewands it takes a miscellaneous action to reload (all 6 shots at once) after firing.
    • Technically the Weapon uses Steam to Shoot the bullets. Thus if the character is ever stuck for prolong period of time with no access to clean water then the weapon will no longer be operative.
    • Dirty water such as Blood, Slightly Muddy Water, Wine etc. will work. But it will raise the repair rating, hasten maintenance schedule, and/or increase the time needed for maintenance.
  • The weapon use the Melee Ability for defense and melee attacks. It uses Archery for Range attacks.
  • The weapon can no longer use Firedust or Alchemical Fire Rounds.
    • It's normal ammo cost is soft metal - Resource 1 in most civilized lands. The ammo is specialized, you can't just use a hunk of Soft Metal, it has to be shaped into a cylinder that fits the chamber exactly.
Quick Release Case

Quick Release Case when you positively have to get your gun off to kill the baddies.

  • No quick draw penalty when readying your weapon.
  • Case must be properly carried (by handle) for the benefit to be had or pressing the red button will cause the gun to be ejected into the air to be caught in the traditional spectacular Solar Fashion.
  • Case is watertight and floats on water. The flotation device also functions as a boogie board should the solar so incline. - Fire Orchid LTD.


These weapons are NOT artifacts. They are not even Tested and Stable Magitech Weapons. They are jury rigs - one of a kind Magitech Experimental Prototypes. Thus they are finicky and fragile. All sorts of strange things, mostly bad, can happen if you botch with them. The GM and Players have far more liberty on these weapon's botches than they would others.

Both of these weapons require maintenance.

  • You guys are provided with maintenance manuals1 and the tools needed
  • Both items are Repair Rating 1
    • Skill Requirement: Lore 3
    • Resource needed: Resource 2
    • Time: 1 Hour
    • Repair Difficulty 3
  • Maintenance is assumed Automatically successful, so you guys do not need to worry about any rolls. You just need to satisfy the skill/resource/time requirement.
    • Rolls are required for Repairs however. This is especially true if the weapon is abused - E.g. taken damage from attacks, used wrong ammo, etc.
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