Thunderbolt Shield

2 Dot Artifact Shield

Exalted - 2E - Books of Sorcery, The Vol. 3 - Oadenol's Codex, Pg. 36

Thunderbolt shields are broad shields crafted from a single magical material. They often bear symbols relevant to their wielders, such as sunbursts or stylized dragons. When attuned for 5 motes, they become lighter than a mundane shield of their size, and almost pull themselves into the path of oncoming attacks. The shield has no mobility penalty and increases the character’s DVs against all attacks by two.

Magical Material Bonus: Shield

The magical material involved adds its own effects when the proper Exalted attune to the shield.

Orichalcum shields move more defiantly, increasing DVs by +3 instead of +2.

Moonsilver shields seem to push the Lunar out of the way, increasing Dodge DV by an additional +2.

Jade shields harden the bearer against damage, providing +2L/+2B soak.

Starmetal shields help the Sidereal avoid small bruises and cuts, reducing base damage of the attacker's weapon by one before any charms are applied.

Soulsteel shields sap the momentum from attacks before they strike, increasing DVs by +3 instead of +2.

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