Weight of Oblivion

Ebon Siaka's 4 dot Gore Maul

The Weight of Oblivion is an Gore Maul designed to leave the victims helpless at the Abyssal's mercy. It takes 8 motes to attune. When it inflicts damage to an animate target, arm thick phantom chains appears around the target and flys into action. The chains slams the victim backwards and pins him to the closest surface. If no surface is near by it will tie around him like a mummy. Regardless of how it bundles up the victim, the target immediately suffers a clinch control contest using the wielder's (Strength + Martial Arts). The chains gain teamwork bonus from additional chains and also gain 2 automatic success for every level of damage the attack inflicted - and this bonus carries on for subsequent contest to maintain the clinch. The chains will continue to hold the victim till he breaks free at which point it shatters into a million shards and vanishes.

Each chain cost 4 motes to make and is not optional. The wielder must pay this mote reflexively whenever she inflicts damage. However, this cost is off-set by the motes drained by the weapon (Soulsteel Material Bonus). Thus on a being with Essence she will only have to pay 2 motes (4 - Essence of 2 = 2)

This Gore Maul have 2 Hearthstone sockets. One right below the hammerhead, one at the pommel.

Type Speed Accuracy Damage Defense Rate Cost Minimums Attune
Gore Maul 5 +1 16B/4 +2 2 •••• Str •• 8
With Material Bonus 5 +3 16B/4 +2 2 •••• Str •• 8
  • Soulsteel melee weapons adds +2 Accuracy and drains a number of motes of Essence equal to the wielder’s permanent Essence whenever it strikes a target and inflicts at least one health level of damage.
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