2 Dot Artifact Bo Staff

Type Speed Accuracy Damage Defense Rate Minimums Attune Cost Tags
Chisel End 4 +2 +4L +2 3 Str ••, Mrt • 5 •• 2, M, P, R
Blunt End 4 +2 +12B +2 3 Str ••, Mrt • 5 •• 2, M, R

The Exalted version of the staff is simply a long rod of metal alloyed with one of the magical materials. When energized with Essence, the wrackstaff can deliver tremendous, crushing blows. The staff is carved to give the wielder a better grip (as well as for ornament). One end bears a sturdy chisel-point while the other is thicker and heavier to increase the force of impact. A wrackstaff usually includes one setting for a hearthstone in the middle of its length.

A wrackstaff is no mere club. To use it properly, the wielder needs basic martial arts training with stick and staff weapons. The wielder holds the wrackstaff in both hands so he can quickly turn the weapon in any direction, guard, parry, spin and thrust. This chisel end (the fi rst trait bar) deals lethal damage and punches through armor. The blunt end (the second trait bar) delivers powerful, smashing blows.

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