Gods know that worship gives them power. Your character also learned this lesson and has worshipers who honor her as their patron goddess. It doesn’t matter if the character’s worshipers love or fear her. What matters is that they make regular offerings and prayers to her. However, cults based upon love endure far longer when facing oppression or persecution. If you actively aid your worshipers, your cult will grow and spread. However, the Wyld Hunt attempts to destroy all Solar cults.

Trait Description
You have a small but devoted cult. Perhaps a halfdozen full-time priests or nuns tend a few shrines and make offerings to you. Every morning when you awaken, you automatically gain one additional point of temporary Willpower.
•• The members of one large community or several small ones worship you. Several hundred people make daily prayers and small offerings to you. You gain a point of temporary Willpower every morning and also regain two motes of Essence per hour from worship.
••• You are venerated in a large region. Several thousand people daily seek your favor or forbearance. (Characters who are god-kings of a single city have this level of worship.) You may regain one point of temporary Willpower once every 24 hours as a reflexive action. You gain three additional motes of Essence per hour from the power of the cult. The Realm has heard rumors of your worship.
•••• An entire nation honors you. Tens of thousands revere you as one of their primary deities. Regional festivals in your name draw merchants and traders from surrounding lands. You may have a city sacred to you where you rule either symbolically or in truth. Once every 12 hours, you may gain back a point of temporary Willpower, and your cult gives you four additional Essence motes per hour. The Wyld Hunt certainly knows of you and will soon attempt to destroy you.
••••• Many people throughout one of the four quarters of Creation worship you. There, you are the deity of some major sphere of life such as hunting, war or procreation. The people hold seasonal festivals in your honor, children bear your name, and many claim that their actions are done to aid you and your cult. Every six hours, you gain a point of temporary Willpower, and you regain six motes per hour from the constant prayers. The entire Realm will soon mobilize against you, and even the gods grow jealous of your power.

Note: No Solar Exalt can start a series with a Cult rating higher than 2.

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