In time, almost every Exalt becomes famous. This Background reflects your character’s pull and status in society and her political power. This status could derive from political office, being an entertainer or a religious figure or openly living as one of the Chosen. Regardless of reasons, people pay attention to her words and deeds. Influence can be used to garner favors from others, to promote a personal agenda in public or just to bask in the glow of fame. This Background does not cover rank in any organization—that’s Backing.

Trait Description
You have some local fame in your town or in one district of a metropolis.
•• Your character is well-known in her home city-state or satrapy.
••• Your character’s fame and power have spread even to neighboring states. The Dragon-Blooded know of her.
•••• Your character’s words carry great weight throughout much of an entire quarter of Creation, and she might rule a town or small city. The Wyld Hunt will soon arrive to destroy her.
••••• Your character rules an entire nation or has great pull in several. The Realm will soon gather armies to annihilate her.
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