Adamant Sadness

Dusk Caste Abyssal of Mask of Winters, Dawn 52

Mist of Bloody Passage
Mist of Bloody Passage

Intimacies: Hate Mask of Winters, Getting Ahead, Despise Failure

  • The Right Hand of the Maiden of the Mirthless Smile and Commander of Thorn’s 8th Legion of Shock Troopers.
  • Favorite Skills: Archery, Awareness, Bureaucracy, Investigation, Linguistics, Martial Arts, Melee, Presence, Thrown, War

Adamant Sadness has the face of a melancholy angel moved by the sufferings of the world. Her smiles are enigmatic and rare and her voice seems to radiate innocent. This is often works to her advantage as her beautiful shell hides the heartless inner core that is fully dedicated to the cause of Oblivion. Adamant Sadness chaffs under the leadership of Mask of Winters. The Scavenger Lands are ripe for the taking and plans for their destruction drawn up decades in advance. Every day the legions of the dead swells with new recruits and the smithy in the Underworld ring with ghostly screams. Yet her master seems content playing his political games and shield these ants from the enlightening embrace of Oblivion.

When The Irreproachable and Golden Tyrant were punished, it didn’t lose its meaning to Adamant Sadness. In him she saw her own future. To insulate herself against Mask of Winter’s piercing attention she uses one excuse or another to keep her troops constantly away from the city on maneuvers. Even as this prevented her return to the political death trap that is Thorns, it managed to hone her Legion into Super Elite Status. When the news of The Irreproachable and Golden Tyrant’s defeat reached her via the spy network she wept tears of blood. Not because the lost of an equal but for the lost of dignity and reputation to all Dusk Castes. How can a chosen of oblivion be stupid enough to suffer such humiliating defeat against the weaker Solars! By next morning all torture pits are leveled and all tents packed away, the army was on the move due east; Rathess, after all, was not part of the Scavenger Lands and its razing would not be against Mask of Winter’s explicit orders.

Just when she was about to cross the Gray River she received a summon she could not ignore…

  • Essence 5, Dusk Caste
  • Command an Legion of Thorns with full support "personnel"
  • Was guest for a time of the War Captain

Dawn 52

Abyssal (Dusk Caste), Monstrance Held by the Mask of Winter


-9000+, First Age
59/3/12 22:41 Adamant Sadness
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