Alabaster Hand of the Heaven

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    • Now Glorious Paradise no longer requires a continual injection of Essence
    • As an added bonus Glorious Paradise can now chill drinks by touch.
  • She also has a Essence Pool of 2 from Skin Mounted Amulet

Alabaster's Circle of Trust



Tactical Instincts

Whether watching pieces glide across a Gateway board or observing the clash of armies on a battlefield, your character has an intuitive grasp of the ebb and flow of combat. A prodigy at military tactics, the character can easily discern the enemy’s plans and spot the enemy’s weak points. In mass combat, after the character observes the enemy’s tactics for a single long tick, her player may roll (Wits + War) as a simple action. Each success on this roll goes into a pool of bonus dice the player can add to the attacks of any unit of which her character is the commander or of which she is a special character (provided that she has the opportunity to communicate her observations to the commander). No more than three bonus dice may be added to a single attack. When the entire pool is expended, the player can roll (Wits + War) again and gain a new bonus dice pool, but doing so is a full action that may leave the character’s unit exposed if she is the commander. In addition to its implications for mass combat, this Merit grants the character a natural brilliance at games of strategy such as Gateway. As a reflexive action, a character with Tactical Instincts involved in such a game may review the board, and the player may roll (Wits + War), putting any successes into a pool that may be used on subsequent rolls made during the game. Again, no more than three bonus dice may be added to any single roll.

  • The bonus cannot be used if the Commander of the Troops the character is an special unit of ignores his opinion.
  • This trait is probably a copy and paste from First Edition. As far as I know there is no "Simple Action" in Exalted 2nd Edition.
    • I assume the writer meant "Reflexive Action" so that is how it will be from now on
  • There is also no "Full Action"
    • I assume the writer meant "Misc Action" so that is how it will be from now on. It is now the same as Coordinated Attack Attempts, (5 Ticks/-0 DV).

Taint’s Warning

A Solar character with this merit has the intuitive ability to sense creatures of darkness, which is defined to include the following: demons, undead, Infernal Exalted, deathknights, Deathlords and anyone else whom the Storyteller classifies as a creature of darkness. Some Akuma may be detected by this Merit, but unfortunately, many of them are skilled at hiding their demonic natures. Whenever a creature of darkness comes within (permanent Essence x 10) yards of the Solar, her caste mark automatically (and possibly unwillingly) lights up at a cost of one mote. If the Solar’s anima is at the 4+ range, her caste mark activates at no cost. Regardless, the Solar instantly senses that something unwholesome is nearby, something that is utterly inimical to the Unconquered Sun. The Merit does not reveal the nature or identity of the threat, however.

  • Whenever a Creature of Darkness enters Essence x10 Yards (40 Yards for Alabaster Hand of the Heaven) he will automatically lose 1 mote of Essence as his Caste Mark activates. There is no control over this, it is automatic and unstoppable.
  • However, if his Anima is already at the 4+ Range (E.g. Caste Mark is already out) there is no activation cost.
  • This also only let you know something is close. It does NOT let you pinpoint who it is, nor does it allow you to identify what it is.


Mortal Wound

Alabaster Hand of the Heaven's unique Flaw

The character suffer from a wound that would have killed him if not for his Exalted nature. As it stands the wound is barely kept at bay. At random times the character would have to perfect soak the "damage" or die instantly.


Devourer, The

Alabaster Hand of the Heaven

Be declared “The devourer”

What we seek we shall find; what we flee from flees from us.

- City God of Yane

+1 Automatic Success on Intimidation attempts against Spirits and Ghosts who know the character as "The Devourer"

Matchless Salesman

Alabaster Hand of the Heaven

Alabaster’s Unique Epithet

  • This is a passive Unnatural Mental Influence with "Emotions" Keyword
  • This only affects beings (including non-sentient beings whose not immune to "Emotions" effects) with Essence score of 3 or less
  • It is halves the target's Dodge MDV (Rounded Down) against Alabaster's active attempt to gain their trust
  • This halving is before any modifiers are applied

Unsavory Attraction

Alabaster Hand of the Heaven

Alabaster’s Unique Epithet

  • Alabaster is cursed (Perfect Unnatural Mental Influence) to be unable to join any religion he believes to be “Good.”
    • The cause can be anywhere from not be interested to actively self-sabotage his own enrollment.

Ghost Buster

Alabaster Hand of the Heaven

Be the first to use ghost eating technique to permanently kill a ghost

Converts one attack dice to automatic success when using Ghost Eating Technique against a Ghost. Character loses one success on any attempt to establish positive relationships with Ghosts.

Succor of Chiaroscuro

Alabaster Hand of the Heaven and Flawless Oak

Manage to control the spread of Embrace of Decay in Chiaroscuro in a merciful manner

Healing takes courage, and we all have courage, even if we have to dig a little to find it.

- Unknown healer in the Chiaroscuro Quarantine

Flawless Oak

  • Gains the Thaumaturgic Procedure to produce "Embrace of Decay Inoculation" (No Exp Cost)
  • Gains the Thaumaturgic Procedure to produce "Seven Bounties Paste" (No Exp Cost)

Alabaster Hand of the Heaven

  • Gains War Specialty: Quarentine (No Exp Cost)
    • This War Specialty is not an extra specialty - count towards the 3 speciality per ability limit
    • It follows standard house rule for Specialties, and will give back 3 Exp if Alabaster gets rid of it when raising his War Score

Alabaster and Intimacies

Just so we have it on record

  • Alabaster only have 2 Default Intimacies: “His Father” and “Murder”. With his Exaltation to Solar-dom he gains the Intimacy to Lunar Mate (it is considered an Perfect Effect because it is an Intimacy that cannot be eroded by any means).
  • Alabaster cannot by any means, short of a perfect effect, develop additional intimacies.
  • Even intimacies created by Perfect Effect will lapse at the end of the story in which the Perfect Effect Ends.
    • Righteous Lion Defense is a Perfect Effect that is more or less Constant, thus his Intimacy for “How his father wanted him to act” will last as long as it does.
  • Similarly he cannot lose his default Intimacies unless through a Perfect Effect, and it will return in similar fashion after the Perfect Effect Ends.
  • The very nature of Intimacies however means he can erode them himself. If such is the case he will simply develop his Psychosis to a new Intimacy that is appropriate. While mechanically simple, I want to emphasis that this is an impossibility – if the character is role-played correctly.
  • He is also incapable of learning Charms that depends on Intimacy. This means he cannot pick Another Righteous Lion Defense nor can he learn the perfect mental defense of Elusive Dream Defense. The one he starts with is the only one he has.
    • Should Alabaster ever lose the Intimacy the Righteous Lion Defense is based on, he loses the charm entirely. He will get a refund of 1 Charm – which he can use to buy Solar of Abyssal Charm.
  • Forgot to mention Alabaster is also immune to "Emotion" effects not working off of/related to his "Amber Eyes of the Heaven" and "Killing (Personally Carrying Out)"

Exaltation History


  • Prefers those who are devoted to their parent(s)
-9000+, First Age Righteous Devil
     Created the Righteous Devil Celestial Style for Flamepiece/wands
     Lunar Mate is Noble Glory
Third Age Alabaster Hand of the Heaven
     Sociopath with Codified Behavior
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