Amaterasu dis Gran Grees Eidas IV
God King of the Amaterasu Kingdom Demesnes (AKD), Zenith #47

That person existed in a different dimension.

With talents that towers over his peers… that draws a irresistible reaction that transcends jealousy.

Not awe… but of terror.

- Maiden of Battle

Amaterasu dis Gran Grees Eidas IV is the absolute ruler of the powerful Amaterasu Kingdom Demesnes which centered on the continent of Atlantis and its satellite isles.

  • Amaterasu dis Gran Grees Eidas IV is Zenith #47
    • This number is random generated. It just happens to be the same Spark as Samea.
      • I am letting this random event stand
    • This also means by the Laws set forth by War Captain, Mecca is Samea's property until a new proctor is elected.
    • This also means that the reason the Bull knows that something in Chiaroscuro might lead you guys to Mecca is because Samea's First Age memory. Unfortunately being First Age Memories, that is all Samea can recall.
      • It is also possible that Samea's vision from the Unconquered Sun (with her being a Zenith) might be the restoration of the Deliberative.
        • As far as I can remember, I have not decided what her vision was.
  • Amaterasu's first wife is actually the Sidereal character:lachesis; who serves the maiden of Secrets
  • Amaterasu's second wife is his lunar mate, character:aishacodante
    • Aisha Codante has enormous interest in all things magitech but especially in Automatas.
    • It is Aisha's interest that molded AKD into one of the major center of of Magitech creation, especially warstriders and automata.
      • AKD is also a major contributor to the IAM network project.
  • Amaterasu is the most powerful Solar of the West and often uses his power and influence to the detriment of his neighbors
  • Amaterasu is the 8th Proctor of the Solar Deliberative and the last possessor of the legendary grand diaklave - Mecca, The Lissome Halo of Golden Annihilation.
    • Amaterasu's prowess with swords and his immense influence on the Solars of the West is what decided the position of Proctor in his favor.
    • This nearly triggered a civil war in the deliberative.
    • The civil war was averted when Amaterasu showed his support for the Solar Subsidy Bill. This support allowed The Hierophant to force the Merala Faction into compliance and introduce the bill to the Deliberative where he decleared the Unconquered God's complete support of this meaningless bill
    • No one was fooled yet not one Solar called out the Hierophant for his blasphemous invocation of their father's authority
    • This event is the precursor to the Usurpation - as the Unconquered Sun turned his eyes from Creation in disappointment of his children, and proved to the Lunars, Sidereals and Dragon-Blooded that the Solars are beyond redemption.
  • He was not among the anathemas killed at the Deliberative Dinner, nor was he in any of the battles that raged over all of Creation.
    • He was actually murdered by Lachesis and Aisha days before the Usurpation. Lytek was in the middle of cleaning Amaterasu's spark when the Sidereals busted into his office. He managed to toss the Spark back into Creation before the Sidereals could incapacitate him.

Exaltation History

One of the six Solar Essences that were not trapped in the Jade Prison


  • Will not bind with someone who lacks faith
-9000+, First Age Amaterasu dis Gran Grees Eidas IV
     Last Proctor of the Solar Deliberative
     Last possessor of Mecca, The Lissome Halo of Golden Annihilation
32/05/16 09:42 Samea
     Member of the Circle of the Bull
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