Tier 2 Twilight Caste Solar Mate of Maferath


A humble down to earth Tier 2 Solar who loves Gardening

  • Lunar Mate: Maferath
  • Essence 04
  • Celestial Circle Sorcerer
    • Terrestrial, Conjur the Azure Chariot:
    • Terrestrial, Invulnerable Skin of Bronze:
    • Terrestrial, Sacred Tongue, The:
    • Celestial, Raise the Puissant Sanctum
    • Celestial, Travel without Distance:
  • Merits and Flaws
    • Priest of the Unconquered Sun: When making prayer rolls, the character’s player reduces the difficulty of the roll by one (to a minimum of 1). Also, at the Storyteller’s discretion, the character may receive dreams or omens sent by her patron deity.
  • Notable Charms
    • Second Excellency: Larceny
    • Essence Arrow: Righteous Judgement
    • Phantom Arrow Technique
    • Summon the Loyal Bow (Onslaught Crossbow)
    • Durability of Oak:
    • Spirit Strengthens the Skin:
    • Iron Skin Concentration:
    • Adamant Skin Technique: Conviction Flaw
      • Charms carrying this Flaw do not function when the character has taken some action during the scene that is contrary to her Motivation. If, during the scene, she has acted against any Intimacy, or a Virtue she has rated at 3+, then Charms with this Flaw add a +3m surcharge to their activation cost

Notable Possessions

Torc of Unified Action

Is paired with Maferath's Torc

2 Dot Artifact


Repair 3

This device is a braided torc woven from strands of each of the five magical materials and filled with Essence-based circuitry vaguely similar to those found in slave collars (see p. 63). Each of these items contains a setting for a single hearthstone. To attune this artifact, the owner must commit three motes of Essence. Alone, this artifact is nothing more than a setting for a hearthstone, but these torcs are typically found in groups of between two and five. (Each character who wishes one must purchase this artifact separately.) If several characters put on these items, hold hands and each spend a point of temporary Willpower, their torcs then extend filaments made from each of the five colors of jade into their wearers’ brains and spines. These filaments magically link the wearers until they choose to let the attunement lapse. The blue jade filaments facilitate communication between the wearers. The white jade filaments link the wearers’ bodies. Red jade filaments allow them each a share of the others’ vitality. Black jade filaments link the wearers’ subconscious. The green jade filaments link the wearers’ life force, allowing the wearers to move and even think as one.

Once the wearers have attuned their collars to one another, any of them can spend one mote to be able to communicate with any or all of the other wearers for a full scene. Wearers can send messages to all other wearers or any subset of wearers they wish, regardless of how far the wearers are from each other. All such communication is reflexive and takes no more effort than ordinary speech. The only limit on this communication is that telling a lie using these torcs is impossible because the other wearers automatically know if a message projected by these torcs is a deliberate lie or if the sender is otherwise intentionally twisting the truth. Wearers can also send any or all sensory impression they are experiencing to other wearers. If two or more wearers both spend one mote to initiate communication, they can choose to share their surface thoughts.

Characters cannot gain access to each other’s memories unless a character is willing to share them with others. Characters do automatically know each other’s every movement, emotion and thought, however. As a result, a group of characters wearing these torcs can automatically coordinate attacks (see Exalted, p. 144). The character leading the attack gains a number of automatic successes equal to the number of characters wearing torcs who have opened themselves up to communication. These automatic successes can be used to coordinate attacks only between linked torc wearers, and the maximum possible bonus gained from this coordinated attack is limited to the number of characters involved in the coordinated attack.

Although this artifact was originally developed during the High First Age, many Celestial Exalted were unwilling to share themselves so closely with anyone except their spouses. As a result, this artifact was more widely used by sworn brotherhoods during the Shogunate. Although several workshops in the Realm can make these devices, today, these artifacts are mostly used by Immaculate monks and members of the Wyld Hunt because few other Dynasts will tolerate even their sworn brothers knowing their innermost thoughts. This artifact remains popular in Lookshy, however, where it is regularly used by elite special-forces units. Even here, the mental intimacy it produces largely limits its use to warfare or when wearers need to send discreet or otherwise important messages.

Andraste's Prayer Pieces

A pair of custom built Prayer Piece

Type Speed Accuracy Damage Rate Range Ammo Attune Artifact Cost Tags
Normal 5 +4 (5) 10L (11L) 2 50 (100) 6 6 each •••• for the Pair B
Attuned by Andraste 5 +6 13L 2 100 6 6 each •••• for the Pair P, B
High Priestess Andraste 5 +6 16L 2 100 6 6 each •••• for the Pair P, B

This weapon's Damage is Aggravated towards Creatures of Darkness

  • This is a pair of Prayer Piece built specifically for Andraste. They resonates with Andraste's Anima perfectly producing an result far better than "general construction" artifacts.
    • When harmonized with Andraste's Anima the weapon has an additional +1 to damage, +1 to accuracy, and becomes Piercing.
    • She also gains +1 to Damage due to her being a Priestess of the Unconquered Sun
      • This damage bonus will be upgraded to +4 should she ever gain the 7 dot Merit for Priesthood
  • Prayer Piece is more akin to magical sling/crossbow and are not flame throwers (like Flamepieces).
    • It does not have the F Tag, meaning it has extended and maximum range like bows and slings.
      • -1 External Penalty for upto Double, -2 External Penalty for upto Triple.
    • It however still require a Miscaneous Action after all ammo is used up to reload the weapon.
      • The Miscellaneous action can be waived if they use a preloaded cylinder or other such loading mechanisms
  • This includes Magical material bonus, see Sling of Deadly Prowess on page 389 of Normal Rule Book for details.
    • The bonus provided by the sling’s magical material is the same as for other Artifact thrown weapons, except that the Range increases as for bows.
  • In Essence Prayer Piece is a Alchemical Fire Piece in Game mechanics terms, but with the exception that most Archery Charm works with it.
    • Flame Pieces, even alchemical ones, have no physical ammunition. They shoot jets of flame to do damage. The increased cost of Firedust and the fact it has no physical projectile to enhance, is one of the main reasons why Archery Charms treat Firewands differently than they do bows or crossbows. The principle of Prayer Piece is the same as that of a bow or crossbow, just instead of using tensile strength of the bow frame, it uses prayer to generate the force to move a physical projectile to its destination. Thus it is treated as bows for most instances of Archery Charms.
  • Almost all Prayer Pieces are survivors of the First Age, but Andraste's are brand new. Most likely gained from a First Age Cache held in stasis.
    • The weapons are made to order, and not from any cache.
  • Andraste's Prayer Pieces came as a pair, and are carried in their holster crossed on her back hip.
  • Andraste carries a leather ammo pouch on her belt with 30 rounds inside
    • Andraste does not have any loader or extra cylinders

Andraste's Onslaught Crossbow

Andraste's main weapon

2 Dot for Assault Crossbow, 3 Dot for Onslaught Crossbow

While rare among mortals, crossbows are the primary long-distance weapons of the Jadeborn. They are ideal weapons in the tunnels and caverns of their underground world. addition to the crossbow (see Exalted, p. 372), the Mountain Folk also manufacture powerful mechanized crossbows that include complex mechanisms to amplify their power as well as small and discreet hand crossbows.

All crossbows can fire one of three types of ammunition. The most common are crystal-tipped, armor-piercing bolts identical in effect to target arrows (+0L damage, piercing damage). Blunt-headed bolts are identical in effect to fowling arrows (bashing damage, +2B) and flechette bolts with crystal shafts designed to splinter into a dozen jagged shards on impact are identical in effect to frog crotch arrows (+4L damage, double the lethal soak of the target’s armor before applying this damage).

For elite troops and Artisans, the Jadeborn also create crossbows consisting of large amounts of jade and small amounts of several other magical materials. These devices require Essence to attune but gain no bonuses from the magical materials because they use mixtures of several. Assault crossbows contain a socket for a single hearthstone. Onslaught crossbows have a hearthstone socket, which must be fitted with a level-2 stone or better in order to function. (The hearthstone provides no other benefits while in use thus.) Powered in this way, onslaught crossbows create their own ammunition (of whatever of the three base types is desired) out of Essence, fire with greater force and even cock themselves after firing.

Name Speed Accuracy Damage Rate Range Attune Cost Tags
Assault Crossbow 5 +3 8L 1 250 5 •• 2, B
Onslaught Crossbow 5 +3 12L 2 300 6 ••• 2, B

Ammo Types

  • Crystal-tipped, Armor-piercing Bolts/Target Arrows: +0L damage, piercing damage
  • Blunt-Headed Bolts/Fowling Arrows: +2B, Bashing Damage
  • Flechette Bolts/Frog crotch Arrows: +4L damage, double the lethal soak of the target’s armor before applying this damage.

Socked with Gladestalker's Stone

3 Dot Wood Manse

If set in a powerbow, this deep-red cabochon adds three dice to its Accuracy and another three dice to its Damage.

  • Wood Manse she encountered on the way to Rathess. She had it repaired and named it "Pilgram's Rest."
    • It is now a Rest stop for the pilgrims.
    • A small complement of Rathessian Guards are stationed there.
  • With the stone the Crossbow is +6 to Accuracy and 15L damage
    • It is a 3 Dot Hearthstone, more than enough to power the 2 Dot Hearthstone requirement and still retain its function

Pyromantic Grenade

Jadeborn Grenade

For short-distance weapons, Mountain Folk prefer flame weapons powered by pyromantic gel. Standard units of Jadeborn Warriors carry flamethrowers or flame pieces very similar to those of mortal manufacture (see Scroll of Kings, p. 139). The only difference is that the Jadeborn model requires only one Warrior to operate it. Elite troops carry either plasma tongue repeaters or fuel bolt launchers (see The Books of Sorcery, Vol. I—Wonders of the Lost Age, p. 75).

Mountain Folk Warriors also use pyromantic grenades. These weapons are orange-sized spheres with clockwork timer mechanisms that activate when the user twists or slides a toggle switch. Once active, they tick audibly and detonate in a burst of white-hot fire at the predetermined time. The maximum time on the timer is one minute.

Type Speed Accuracy Damage Rate Range Resource Minimums
Hand Grenade 6 +0 10L 2 15 3 Each Dex ••
  • is reduced by 1L for each yard away the victim is from the blast.
  • All flammable objects within five yards of the explosion immediates catch fire

Andraste's Outfit

1 Dot Essence Spider Silk Thread + 2 Dot Synthetic Leather

Type Soak Hardness Mobility Fatigue Cost Attunment
Essence Spider Silken Shirt, Gloves, Stockings +5L/3B - -0 -0 1 2
Black Reinforced Synthetic Leather Duster +7/10B 5L/5B -0 1 2 3
Total +12L/13B 5L/5B -0 1 1+2 5

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