Apostate in Tatters

Midnight Caste Abyssal of character:maskofwinters, Zenith 44


None combat Abyssal, but no less dangerous

  • Essence 4, Midnight Caste
  • No idea why he was Exalted
  • Incredible Harp Player
  • Never leaves the Underworld
  • He was the one keeping an watch on character:mistressofpactssealedinblood's family
    • Following their Oaths the War Captain and Aata rescued them without any difficulty
    • Apostate in Tatters just handed them over. Whether it is out of fear for the Solars or sympathy towards Mistress of Pacts Sealed in Blood is unknown
    • His playing pulled the 3 Solars into their own memories and moved them to tears
      • He did not tinker with the Solars' intimacies
    • He was not killed, probably due to him appearing harmless and his skill with the harp
  • Commands the awesome Concert Harp "Talamadh," also known as "The Harp of Endless Sorrow"
    • 5 Dot Artifact Harp
    • He doesn't carry the huge thing normally, and travels with his wooden harp
  • "The Tone of Innocence" an ancient rosewood harp
    • Belongs to the legendary traveling ministral Taliesin
      • It is said that Apostate in Tatters is trained by Taliesin's ghost himself
        • At the completion of his education the Mask of Winter had Taliesin processed into soulmetal and turned into a tuning fork for "Talamadh"
        • This sacrifice is what enabled The Harp to accept Apostate in Tatters as her new master
    • of Perfect Quality, adding +2 to Performance with this Harp

Notable Possessions


5 Dot Artifact Concert Harp, aka The Harp of Endless Sorrow


Type Speed Accuracy Damage Rate Range Cost Minimums Attune
Full Power Shot 5 +2 14A, 2 yard 1* 200 2 Str •• 8
Half Power Shot 5 +2 7A, 1 yard 1* 200 1 Str •• 8
  • Powers

Magical Material Bonus: Range Weapons

Red Text
Blue Text
Teal Text
Pink Text
Purple Text
Brown Text
Spoiler: Spoiler Text

Heading 1

Heading 2

Heading 3

Heading 4

Heading 5
Heading 6

Perfect Rosewood Harp

A Perfect quality portable harp.

  • +2 to Performance

Exaltation History

Abyssal (Midnight Caste), Monstrance Held by the Mask of Winter


  • Perfers Philisophical Individuals
  • Will not Exalt anyone with Performance less than 4
-9000+, First Age Ur-Dai-Ken
     The foremost Zenith Theologian of the First Deliberative Era
     The First Holder of the Title “Most Supreme Hierophant”
Third Age Apostate in Tatters
     Survived the Warcaptain's Circle due to him not being a warrior
     Exalted by Mask of Winter because of his musical talents
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