Savant and Blade Master

Songbirds of Atlantis
Songbirds of Atlantis
  • “Savant” is an honorary title denoting one of great cultivation or knowledge in a specific field. In Asamo’s case it is Swords.
  • Asamo has rival that threatens life.
  • The rival is a former friend that became Rivals because of a perceived insult
  • The rivalry is intense and he hates Asamo - secretly hopes to injure in some way.
  • But Asamo holds no such feelings towards him, in fact he still feel that the rival is a friend and actually enjoys competing with him
  • He has his own army of fanatically loyal Desert Tribesmen guarding his Mountain Stronghold a day’s travel from Kirighast.
  • Savant Asamo was murdered while traveling abroad near Nexus.

Savant Asamo is the founder and owner of dozens of business ventures. A self made man, born to a poor fisherman in the Cinnabar District of Nexus, just how Asamo worked his way to prominence as a guild factor is a subject of great debate as Asamo himself gives several, different and conflicting accounts to the point that almost none are believed. Most of these accounts border on fantastical to the outright absurd, from wealth accumulated from days adventuring and funding business ventures to discovers of treasure hoards, blessings by gods and boons falling out of the sky.

The truth however is that Asamo rarely if ever lies, he just has a peculiarly sarcastic way of telling you an outright truth that leads people who expect deception to always believe the exact opposite. Asamo considers it a grand divine joke, and one of his chief amusements to allow people to hang themselves with their own deceptions and double dealings.

His schemes, have given rise to the term, Asamo Gambit, a particularly complex weave of plots involving large amounts of manipulation and deception by a single character. Asamo's behavior is often viewed as ruthless and amoral, but mostly because people are unable to appreciate the depth of his motives and planning (his pitfalls being almost always 100% avoidable if you deal with him fairly and openly). Asamo is a practical man. You can only be as good as the world allows you to be. The rest needs to be made up by maneuvering through the rules like a chess match, or a sword duel, and Asamo wouldn't have it any other way.

  • Asamo was killed by the Wyld Hunt to lure the War Captain into their trap
    • Unfortunately the Wyld Hunt overestimated the affection the War Captain felt for his adopted father. The War Captain never came for revenge or investigation.
  • Asamo's rival also took the chance to extract Asamo's research regarding fable continent of Atlantis
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