Bruce Wayne

If there was a curse, a most vicious kind of curse, whereby a decent person found him or herself in inescapable servitude to a creature of pure, unmitigated evil, then Bruce had lived it. Decency did not exculpate. Honor purchased no abeyance on crimes against humanity. And as for duty, well, it increasingly seemed the sole excuse of the morally despicable. He would offer up none of these in defense of the things he had done at his master’s behest. Nor would he speak of duress, of the understandable desire to stay alive under the threat of deadly coercion. None of these was sufficient. When undeniable crimes had been committed, justification was the act of a coward. And it was our cowardice that permitted such crimes in the first place. No tyrant could thrive where every subject said no.


  • Notes
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    • Now Glorious Paradise no longer requires a continual injection of Essence
    • As an added bonus Glorious Paradise can now chill drinks by touch.
  • She also has a Essence Pool of 2 from Skin Mounted Amulet

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