Crimson Antler

Quick Short Summary

Crimson Antler sighed. "A conviction I am slowly coming to accept. People do not understand power. They view it exclusively as a contest, this against that; which is the greater? Which wins, which fails? Power is less about actual conflict — recognizing as it does the mutual damage conflict entails, with such damage making one vulnerable — less about actual conflict, then, than it is about statements. Presence, Acquitor, is power’s truest expression. And presence is, at its core, the occupation of space. An assertion, if you will. One that must be acknowledged by other powers, lesser or greater, it matters not.’


  • Notes
    • Sub Notes
    • Now Glorious Paradise no longer requires a continual injection of Essence
    • As an added bonus Glorious Paradise can now chill drinks by touch.
  • She also has a Essence Pool of 2 from Skin Mounted Amulet

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