Dusk Princess of the Obsidian Heart

Deathlord in Training, Abyssal Moonshadow Caste 24 (Silur's Spark)


Motivation: Becoming a Death-Onee-chan, specifically displacing Mask of Winters

While other Abyssals were created via the Monstrances held by the Deathlords Dusk Princess is made by the Neverborn themselves. She remains this day to be the only Abyssal with such close ties. Not only is she the oldest surviving Abyssal, she also bears the essence of one of the 7 legendary Solars – the Essence of Silur, founder of the Silurian School of Sorcery. Thankfully the essence of Brigid1, Devon2, Hierophant3, Lews Therin4, Merala5, and Salina6 all manage to escape the clutches of the Neverborn, this just makes Dusk Princess of the Obsidian Heart’s essence that much more precious to her masters. They have high hopes that any latent memory held in Dusk Princess’ Essence could hasten the fall of Creation to a significant degree.

Like all things connected with the Neverborn, Dusk Princess of the Obsidian Heart is thoroughly insane. Whether she was already insane before her exaltation or if it was her proximity to the Neverborn that broke her mind is up to debate. While outwardly normal most of the time she is on occasion struck with spells of lunacy that last for days on end. Even while sane she is frequently babbling and talking with voices no one else can hear. She also has the tendency to talk with the demeanor and tone of a motherly woman much older than her actual age. In fact she insists that all Abyssals call her Onee-chan7, a request most abyssal follow with rapidity. Not because she really is the oldest Abyssal in existence, though she is, but because those who do not often met very very unfortunate, even by Underworld standards, ends.

Her master is also an oddity. She is the only Abyssal, aside from any renegades, serving no Deathlord. Normally stationed in Stygia for research, it surprised to all when “He who holds in Thrall” tasked her as an adjunct to Mask of Winters shortly after the conquest of Thorns. Whether this is a punishment or reward is left to be seen but Mask of Winter takes no small pleasure in flaunting his preferential treatment before his peers whenever possible. This has lead to the speculation that the sacking of Thorns was just to complete Dusk Princess of the Obsidian Heart’s Trial of Void, making her the first Abyssal to achieve Void Circle Necromancy.

  • Anima: Space seems to rip apart around her revealing darkness filled with red glowing eyes of various sizes. Whispers of Oblivion fill the area and can be heard to a range of 50 yards. This whisper sets everyone on edge and drives animals into hysteria. Most Intelligent beings would/should decide to flee the area lest they come into contact with the bearer of this evil.
  • Silurian Absortion Abilities: A Silurian master believes Creation is an arbitrary system of interacting symbols that he can manipulate through its syntax. These sorcerers tend to see everything in terms of symbols and communication: map and territory, call and response, rhetoric and games. Their Absorption requires Linguistics 3 or better.
    • A Silurian master can block the powers of the Fair Folk, who likewise treat Creation as a fiction they change at will. A Silurian master can use Emerald Countermagic against any Fair Folk Charm or glamour backed by Essence no higher than her own (round up).
    • Silurian masters excel at recombining the symbolic components of spells. The character can invent new versions of spells he knows, changing one aspect of its manifestation such as the shape of its area, its manifested substance or its elemental source – but the Essence cost stays the same and the new version cannot offer any net advantage. (For instance, Death of Silver Butterflies offers financial advantage, but doesn’t make the spell more effective as a spell.) The variation costs the character half the experience of learning a truly new spell. Characters who don’t already know the original spell or lack Silurian training pay full cost for the variant spell.
    • A Silurian master can break symbolic connections to herself. If her player succeeds at a reflexive (Wits + Essence) roll, with a difficulty of the attacking sorcerer’s Essence, the character breaks the arcane link before the spell can affect her.
  • Epithet: Training Wheels
    • Effectively makes her Whisper rating 6
    • She can uses this to satisfy requirement for Abyssal Charms
  • She speach pattern is that of a "Southern Belle"
  • Her Agents have thoroughly infiltrated the Underworld Resistance Movement and one of them is now the Leader of the Resistance
    • Lu Lu is often with the Resistance
  • She made a pact with the ghost of Amila, The Golden Blossom with Glossomer Wing, Aata's First Age Incarnation's Vengeful Wife.
    • She tried to get 2 Birds with 1 Stone
      • Insert a Wedge between character:balan and his brother character:aata to isolate the War Captain and to drive him into the arms of her little sister character:mistressofpactssealedinblood
        • By framing Aata for a crime he did not commit
          • Amila already told her all she knows of Aata - including his tendency to have periods of Black Outs
      • Plan worked too well and Aata ended up causing the death of Balan
    • She will help Amila achieve her goals of preventing Aata’s spark from reincarnating
    • She made Gladrien Vanja of Thorns for Amila to possess


  • Eye of the Nightmare: This is the Charm of the Hekatonkhire “Loras”. He was commanded by the Neverborn to teach this unique charm to Dusk Princess of Obsidian Heart. The charm user may reflexively spend 10m (12m with her surcharge) and 1wp when she observes any Arcanos, Solar or Abyssal charm activated. His player rolls (Perception + Occult) at a difficulty of the power’s minimum Essence requirement. On a success, Dusk Princess of the Obsidian Heart learns the Arcanos or Charm and may use it at its normal cost
    • The Charm learned is that exact charm - including any obvious effects and virtue flaws
    • Even if she learned it she may not use it as long as she does not meet all the prerequisites
    • She however can still pass it on to her Amalgams
  • Spirit Charm: Essence Plethora x5: +50 motes of Essence to her Peripheral Essence Pool
  • Spirit Charm: Reserve of Will x3: +3 temporary Willpower point
  • Spirit Charm: Divine (Occult) Subordination: Limited to finding out the history, strength and weakness of a god, spirit, major ghost, or magical item (hearthstone, artifacts, etc) she is in the presence of
  • Spirit Charm: Principle of Motion
  • Shadowland Circle Necromancy
  • Labyrinth Circle Necromancy
  • Void Circle Necromancy
  • Terrestrial Circle Sorcery
  • Celestial Circle Sorcery

Notable Allies

Lu Lu
Lu Lu
Gladrien Vanja
Gladrien Vanja
Adamant Saddness
Adamant Saddness
Mistress of...
Mistress of...
Mask of Winter
Mask of Winter

Notable Equipment

Being an Abyssal with Arsenal, Backing: Neverborn and Liege at 5 dots, she has near limitless amount of resources at her disposal. The following are just some of her notable resources.

Children of Wax

Her constant attendants

With her love of children and hate of adults she has mastered the spell Imbue Amalgam to preserve her favorites in their most beautiful state forever. When one of her retinue of children reaches the age of 13 she blesses them with her own version of “Exaltation” by making them into the Children of Wax. These children are forever frozen at their youthful appearance but now idealized, extenuated and focused into an impossible beauty. Forever young with bodies made of pink white funeral candle wax and faintly smell of prayer incense. While they might look frail and innocent they are often as deadly as Amalgams can get.

  • Each of her “children” is a unique Creation.
  • Each have Essence range from 5 to 8
  • Each have at least 1 Perfect Defense
  • Each have Charms designed to follow a Theme

Her Shadow

Created as per “Link Born of Tumult” Spell

Using dark arts of Necromancy her shadow comes to life at night (or in Shadowland/Underworld). The shadow is imbued with her lower soul and has been transformed into a Hungry Ghost, though one with exceptional power and an insatiable lust for murder. Normally it stays close around its master and tries to maintain the façade of a normal shadow. Perceptive beings occasion can notice odd difference in her shadow since it does not always succeed in mirroring her actions. Because of her natural hate of adults it is incredibly dangerous for mortal adults to be in her presence at night for she does little to curb the natural tendencies of her ruthless murderer.

  • Motivation: Obey my Higher Soul
  • Intimacy: Murder
  • Attributes: Strength 16, Dexterity 9, Stamina 14; Charisma 2, Manipulation 1, Appearance 1; Perception 3, Intelligence 4, Wits 8
  • Virtues: Compassion 1, Conviction 2, Temperance 1, Valor 3
  • Abilities: Has all the same Abilities as Dusk Princess of the Obsidian Heart
  • Arcanoi
    • Measure the Wind – For a cost of one mote, the hungry ghost can size up its opponents before committing to an attack.
  • Join Battle: 5
  • Attacks:
    • Bite: Speed 4, Accuracy 12, Damage 7L, Defense 5, Rate 2
    • Claw: Speed 7, Accuracy 15, Damage 36L, Defense 6, Rate 2
    • Clinch: Speed 6, Accuracy 15, Damage 16B, Defense –, Rate 1
  • Soak: 12L/19B (Corpus)
  • Health Levels: -0 (4), -1 (8), -2(12), -4, Incap
  • Dodge DV: 10
  • Willpower: 5
  • Essence: 5
    • Essence Pool: 45
  • Other Notes
    • Dusk Princess of the Obsidian Heart may send her consciousness to inhabit and control her shadow at any time, thus taking advantage of the shadow’s physical attributes. While doing this, she may use Charms and Combos through it without any complication, but her body is helpless until she returns to it.
    • If her shadow is destroyed then her lower soul returns to her ripped and torn, and it burns her mind. She loses a dot of permanent Willpower, and the event stuns her for an hour before she can act again.

Key of Mastery

Manse: The College of Ash and Dust, Stygia

This flat, crystalline rectangle is normally clear but becomes cloudy when attuned to a spell. By attuning this stone to a specific sorcery spell, the bearer can reduce that spell’s mote cost by (her own Essence x 2). However, this stone cannot reduce a spell’s cost by more than half. Also, no combination of this stone with similar effects (such as the No Moon Caste ability) can reduce a spell’s cost below 1 mote. While the user can possess more than one of these stones, only one can be attuned to a particular spell. Attuning this stone requires the bearer to meditate quietly with the stone for a number of hours equal to the normal Essence cost of this spell.

Dusk Princess of the Obsidian Heart usually have it attuned for “Barless Gate” but when she is about to make a Child of Wax she spend days switching it to “Imbue Amalgam” she consider this long process part of the ritual and asks the child to meditate with her as a test. Those who cannot bear the long process are never heard of again.

Mantle of Soot

Legendary Artifact

This is the grave good version of Brigid's Mantle

  • Raise her Essence by 5 when using Sorcery
  • Allow her to Cast Adamant Circle Sorcery (able to cast 1 circle higher than normal)
  • As per the nature of grave goods it will be destroyed when faced with the light of the Unconquered Sun in Creation.
    • Therefore she never allow it to leave her Manse Tower.
  • She keeps the fact she has the item completely secret, for it is perhaps the most coveted item in the entire Underworld.

Yet to be named Manse



This is the grave good version of Brigid's Mantle

  • Raise her Essence by 5 when using Sorcery
  • Allow her to Cast Adamant Circle Sorcery (able to cast 1 circle higher than normal)
  • As per the nature of grave goods it will be destroyed when faced with the light of the Unconquered Sun in Creation.
    • Therefore she never allow it to leave her Manse Tower.
  • She keeps the fact she has the item completely secret, for it is perhaps the most coveted item in the entire Underworld.

Exaltation History: Eclipse 24

Abyssal (Moonshadow Caste), Monstrance somewhere in one of the Neverborns

  • Being a Abyssal Spark it does not follow the Proclivities requirement when Exalting
  • But for every Requirement broken Cap Starting Essence by -1

One of the 7 Legendary Solars - Silur


  • Must have Intimacy "Language+"
  • Must have Language as Favorite Skill
  • Must have Lore of at least 3
  • Will Always Exalt with Adamant Circle Sorcery (or its Counter Part)
-9000+, First Age character:silur
     Chief Negotiator against the Fair Folk Surrender
     One who wrote the Treaties that bind the Fair Folk towards the Eclipse Caste
     Founder of the Silur School of Sorcery
32/05/16 09:42 Dusk Princess of the Obsidian Heart
     Oldest Solar Level Exalt Alive
     Training Wheels
     Void Circle Necromancer
     Celestial Circle Sorcerer
     Possesses Mantle of Soot (Grave Goods version of Brigid's Mantle)
     "Onee-chan" to all Abyssals
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