Ebon Siaka

The Silver Prince' Dusk Abyssal

Coffin Nailer
Coffin Nailer
Gore Maul
Gore Maul
Ebon Siaka's Submersible
Ebon Siaka's Submersible

Ebon Siaka was not really meant for Greatness, her entire existence was defined by one failure after another. Failure to succeed her mom as village shaman, failure to keep her lover from loving another, failure to master the art of sailing and become a Tya, failure to cover her tracks so the real Tyas won't catch her, the list goes on and on. If her destiny was grand enough then she for certain would have been an Infernal Exalted but as it stands her death was certain. The Tya was merciless in their punishment against impersonators and Ebon Siaka and her crew was bleed and tossed overboard into Siaka waters. As the swam of Siaka gleefully accepted the sacrifice The Silver Prince offered her the Black Exaltation.

  • Ebon Siaka is barely enough to hold the Black Exaltation - Equivalant to a Tier 3 Solar, and she is only Essence 2 at Session 38
  • Each Abyssal is precious and the Silver Prince is not about to leave her eventual raise to chance.
  • Ebon Siaka has failed her Necormancy Trials, she simply does not have the temperament for the task
  • Since she is still so week The Silver Prince mainly kept her isolated to Isle Five and keep her busy patrolling the surrounding seas destroying all would be trespassers.
  • Has a knack for necrotech.
  • Is intensely jealous of Moray Darktide, another servant of the Silver Prince.
    • She knows of Moray Darktide by reputation and hates him instinctively
      • She sacrificed and lost so much to get to where she is and Moray Darktide got it all without any real loss!!!
    • Moray Darktide doesn't even know Ebon Siaka exists.

Notable Possessions

Ebon Siaka's Right Hand

Ebon Siaka's custom 5 Dot Bio-Magitech Prosthetic


Ebon Siaka's Soul is barely sufficient to hold the Black Exaltation and being so her connection with the Supernatural is tenuous at best. Needing such a heavy investment to generate worthwhile returns the Silver Prince augmented her with the tools to enable her to serve her function as the Overseer of the Black Fleet.

To this end he personally designed an Necro-Magitech Tool in the form of an prosthetic and replaced Ebon Siaka's healthy arm with it. Being a "kind" master the arm is well made and functions in every way better than the original. The arm's main purpose is that it allows Ebon Siaka to make repairs and fine tuning without the need of carrying external equipment, its combat applications are secondary considerations at best.

  • The arm appears as beautifully crafted form fitting gauntlet, it is only when one looks close at the jagged wound that fuses the tool to her stummpy upper arm does one realize it is not armor at all.
  • Being made of Soul-Steel Composite the arm can be used to parry lethal damage without a stunt
  • Hidden in the Forearm are a set of wicked soulsteel claws that can be extended between the knuckles as a reflexive action
    • The claws in addition to being dangerous weapons are also able to assist in climbing, add 2 die to the athletic roll
  • The arm allows Ebon Siaka, after spending 2 motes, to create simple tools from the sinister red essence that emminates from the space between the armor plating. These tools of solidified essence does not require physical handling and offers a level of sensitivity and control that no hand held counterparts can offer. It adds a number of automatic successes equal to her Essence to all fine manipulation rolls that these tools are involved in. Things such as Lock Picking, Surgery, Cooking, Craft (Magitech), Craft (Air), etc. Any task where precision are paramount falls under the infulence of this wonderous item.
    • In addition to being compatible with all Craft Charms, these bracers satisifying all requirement for simple tools. It does not satisify the requirement of having a intricate magitech artifact tool, but things such as screw drivers, tiny hammers, lock picks, etc. are all satisified.
    • In addition these essence tools allow Ebon Siaka to shape ambrosia and quintessence without the use of Charms - as long as she is able to handle the normally dematerialized material.
  • While the tool the arm can make handles the finesse aspect of Ebon Siaka's job, the hand itself fulfills the need to shape large metal objects.
    • Arm is completely impervious to all heat, and they confer the same protection on the rest of her right arm and right shoulder. She can reach into the central plasma furnace of a First Age Factory-Cathedral and scoop out a handful of molten orichalcum and feel only a pleasant warmth.
    • The protection it grants to rest of her however is still significant, but not total immunity. She gains +10L/10B Soak and Hardness to all heat or flame based attacks for as long as she can interdict the attack with her right arm.
  • The arm can heat itself with a thought and becomes instantly hot enough to melt stone and steel. This effectively means she has an exceptional blacksmith's forge on her person at all times. This allows Ebon Siaka to add +1 die bonus to all Craft(Fire) rolls to make or repair objects.
    • Used in combat it can be used to destroy non-magical material (or comparably invulnerable) items.
      • Reducing the item's permanent health level/soak by the damage of the attack
  • The arm and its interface is also stronger and more precise than the original, granting her +2 to Strength and +1 to Dexterity on tasks performed with that arm.
Type Speed Accuracy Damage Rate Defense Cost Minimums Attune Tags
Retractable Claw 5 +4 +5L (+4A Heated) 3 +2 •••• Str••, Dex•• None P when Heated, M
Punch 5 +0 +8B (+5A Heated) 2 +2 •••• Str•• None P, M
Clinch 6 +0 +3B (+3A Heated) 1 - •••• Str•• None P, C, M
  • The retractable claws when used in climbing adds 2 dice
  • The Punch attack is especially effective against inanimate objects, double post soak damage dice pool
  • Whenever attack made with this arm deals at least 1 heath level of damage it drains a number of motes of essence equal to her Essence Score from the victim. She does not gain this essence, it is simply absorbed by the material it is made from.

Ebon Siaka's Discrete Essence Emitter Graft

Ebon Siaka's 4 Dot Artifact Armor Graft


Arranged around her torso like Soulsteel insect legs with Black Jade armor plating are the emitters for this unique set of Essence Armor. The emitters generates an constant field of essence that interdicts all incoming attacks with black translucent hexagonal essence discs. The size of the disc is dependent on the force and size of the attack, but functionally they are not individual protection and is subsumed by the overall protection it grants.

  • The field is more of an interdiction field and not really armor, thus it has a incredibly high Hardness Rating that is added to any armor she might already wear
  • The Field functions as an Omnidirectional Shield adding +3 to her Dodge and Parry DV

The most important aspect of this armor is that the field it generates protects Ebon Siaka from the enormous pressure of the depth and allows her unparalleled mobility on and under the water by converting pockets of water around her into air which pushes her away in the opposite direction.

  • With this implant she has complete freedom in water.
    • She can breathe water as easily as air and is incapable of drowning.
    • She also ignores the environmental penalty for actions she takes underwater, including such improbable actions as firing her Coffin Nailer.
    • She can see in the deepest lightness depths as if she were in bright daylight
    • As a final bonus, she can walk across the surface of a body of water as easily as solid ground.
  • She can "jet ski" through water at impressive speed of 50 mph
  • The maneuvering system is highly tuned, granting her 4 dice bonus on all movement and atheletic actions while in/on water
  • This incredible speed and maneuverability also adds 3 to her Dodge DV
  • The graft has 2 Hearthstone sockets (considered Skin Mounted Hearthstone Amulets) on the central unit near the groin
Type Soak Hardness Mobility Fatigue Attune Tags
Discrete Essence Field +3L/3B +7L/7B -0 0 None
  • The Hardness and Soak value are fully stacked with any armor she may be wearing (normally none)
  • The Field functions as an Omnidirectional Shield adding +3 to her Dodge and Parry DV
    • This means she has +3 to Parry DV and +6 to Dodge DV in Water

Seacalm Gemstone

Socketed on her Discrete Essence Emitter Graft

4 Dot Water Hearthstone

In appearance, a fist-sized drop of brilliant azure seawater caught in perfect stasis, this hearthstone brings the character incredible luck at sea. No matter how severe the weather or how poor the handling, the character’s ship will never founder at sea and will, in fact, emerge unscathed. Note that this does not protect it from rocky shoals, pirates or anything of the sort — it only protects the character’s ship from weather-related mishaps. Note that this is more powerful than it sounds — a character can ride before a gale with full sails and have no fear of ripped cloth or snapped masts. Storm spirits may respect, fear or hate the character bearing this hearthstone according to their temperament.

False Death Stone

Socketed on her Discrete Essence Emitter Graft

2 Dot Abyssal Hearthstone

This pale-yellow amber sphere is marked by a dark crack through its center. It allows the bearer to instantly place herself in a death-like trance. The bearer appears dead to anyone who examines her, but remains conscious and all of her senses continue to function normally. She wakes instantly whenever she chooses or if the stone is removed from her body. In this trance, the bearer does not require food, water or air and is immune to the extremes of climate. However, she is still susceptible to injury.

Coffin Nailer

Ebon Siaka's Soul-Numbing Abyssal Cannon

Type Speed Accuracy Damage Rate Range Cost Minimums Attune
Full Power Shot 5 +2 14A, 2 yard 1* 200 2 Str •• 8
Half Power Shot 5 +2 7A, 1 yard 1* 200 1 Str •• 8
  • * If desired, the character can attack an additional number of separate targets equal to her permanent Essence simultaneously, with no penalties for multiple actions.
  • The blasts from the weapon is considered "arrow" so follows the standard M, L, Extreme Range rules and allows the use of most Archery Charms including charms that enhance the ammo - such as Splinters of the Void

The Weapon beloved by Ebon Siaka as she fires it with impunity from her First Age skimmer and send the pitiful mortals to their watery doom.

  • Unlike the standard Abyssal Cannon hers is an much lighter and reinforced with Essence channels to counter act the recoil of the blast and to alleviate the weight issue.
    • This results in a reduced Strength Requirement
    • lowers damage to 14A instead of 18A
    • Accuracy of +2 instead of +0
    • Significantly reduced range (200 instead of 300)
    • Raise the Hearthstone Requirement by 1 Dot
    • No longer have the cannot dodge or parry penalty
  • The weapon is also housed in a black jade frame, allow it to become weightless in water
    • Prevent the user from sinking like a rock trying to fire this monstrosity
  • The Weapon is socketed with the 5 Dot Abyssal Hearthstone Withering Gem which provides no special bonuses or Essence regeneration to Ebony Siaka.
    • The Hearthstone is from her personal manse stronghold on Isle Five
    • The Rating of the Hearthstone however allows the cannon to fire for free.
  • See Soul-Numbing Abyssal Cannon for additional details

Weight of Oblivion

Ebon Siaka's 4 dot Gore Maul

The Weight of Oblivion is an Gore Maul designed to leave the victims helpless at the Abyssal's mercy. It takes 8 motes to attune. When it inflicts damage to an animate target, arm thick phantom chains appears around the target and flys into action. The chains slams the victim backwards and pins him to the closest surface. If no surface is near by it will tie around him like a mummy. Regardless of how it bundles up the victim, the target immediately suffers a clinch control contest using the wielder's (Strength + Martial Arts). The chains gain teamwork bonus from additional chains and also gain 2 automatic success for every level of damage the attack inflicted - and this bonus carries on for subsequent contest to maintain the clinch. The chains will continue to hold the victim till he breaks free at which point it shatters into a million shards and vanishes.

Each chain cost 4 motes to make and is not optional. The wielder must pay this mote reflexively whenever she inflicts damage. However, this cost is off-set by the motes drained by the weapon (Soulsteel Material Bonus). Thus on a being with Essence she will only have to pay 2 motes (4 - Essence of 2 = 2)

This Gore Maul have 2 Hearthstone sockets. One right below the hammerhead, one at the pommel.

Type Speed Accuracy Damage Defense Rate Cost Minimums Attune
Gore Maul 5 +1 16B/4 +2 2 •••• Str •• 8
With Material Bonus 5 +3 16B/4 +2 2 •••• Str •• 8
  • Soulsteel melee weapons adds +2 Accuracy and drains a number of motes of Essence equal to the wielder’s permanent Essence whenever it strikes a target and inflicts at least one health level of damage.

Gem of the Night Sky

Socketed on her Discrete Essence Emitter Graft

5 Dot Abyssal Hearthstone

This transparent black hemisphere is filled with tiny, starlike sparks of light. If the bearer concentrates for a minute, he can plunge an area up to a half mile radius around himself into night. The bearer determines the size of this area. The darkness produced by this stone is identical to normal night in all ways and lasts as long as the bearer desires. This unnatural nightfall frightens most ordinary mortals, though: Extras may suffer a -1 internal penalty to Wits or Willpower rolls due to panic, or may require Valor rolls to face anything else that seems the least bit threatening.

Ghosthand Pendulum

Socketed on her Discrete Essence Emitter Graft

2 Dot Abyssal Hearthstone

This fleshy pink tetrahedron stone is soft in texture but cold to the touch. The stones slows all projectile attacks against the bearer. The range attacks travel sluggish across the air as if its frozen in time. Those who can see pure Essence would see tendrils of dark purple essence emanating from the stone and pushing against each projectile. This effectively means the bearer may ignore onslaught penalties from range attacks and can parry them as if they are melee attacks.


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Exaltation History

Abyssal (Dusk Caste), Monstrance Held by the Bodhisattva Anointed by Dark Water


-9000+, First Age
Third Age Ebon Siaka
     Has a first age submersible personal craft
     Supervises the Silver Prince's Isle Five Projects
     Moray Darktide's counter part, the two does not get along
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