Flawless Oak
Quick Short Summary

Exaltation History


  • Prefer those who has grandiose aspiration to to change the world for the better
-9000+, First Age      
62/07/23 17:53 Flawless Oak

Birthday: Height:
Strength 3 (4) Charisma 2 Perception 3
Dexterity 5 Manipulation 4 Intelligence 2
Stamina 4 Appearance 3 Wits 3

Willpower: 8 Compassion: 2 Temperance: 3 Conviction: 2 Valor: 2

Limit Break (Temperance): Contempt of the Virtuous:  The character loses respect for the faults of those around him and has to show them a better way of life.  The character disdains anyone he has previously witnessed overindulging or acting dishonorably.  If he sees anything remotely dishonorable or indulgent, he attempts to intervene – even physically.  The character loudly urges those around him toward a more upright way of life, lecturing them to destroy or repudiate their vanities, and he will use Charms and other resources to further his personal crusade.
Partial Control: The character must attempt to prevent immoderate or dishonorable behavior among his companions, but he needn’t do so with others.  He holds intemperate strangers in contempt but only lectures them on their faults if they ask his opinion or invite him to join them.
Duration: One Full Day
Limit Break Condition: The character is hindered by the self-indulgent and intemperate nature of others.



  • Cult (2)
    • The members of one large community or several small ones worship you. Several hundred people make daily prayers and small offerings to you. You gain a point of temporary Willpower every morning and also regain two motes of Essence per hour from worship.
    • Rathess (Not direct worship, those praying for his well being and success)
    • Prayer from those he saved in Chiaroscuro (Not direct worship, though dangerously close)



  • Demon-Blooded: Linthas: Beyond Pure, the ancestral stock from which all Linthas descend from (Session 044)
    • Character now detects as Demon-Blooded and is affected by any Wards that affects Demon
    • Though they are not detected as Creatures of Darkness


Name Cost Type Duration Details (Keywords, Targets) Source
First(Overwhelming, Dice Adder)
2nd(Triumphant: Success Adder): Throw, Performace, Social
Third (Rereoll): Socialize
Essence Flow
Second Lunar Excellency: Perception

  • Graceful Crane Stance 3 m Reflexive One scene Combo-OK Ex2, 222

(magic furry throw charm) 3m

  • Durability of Oak Meditation 3 m Reflexive (7) Instant Combo-OK Ex2, 206
  • Spirit Strengthens The Skin 1 m per pre-soak Reflexive (7) Instant Combo-OK, Obvious
  • Iron Skin Concentration 2 m Reflexive (7) Instant Combo-OK, Obvious Ex2, 207
  • Adamant Skin Technique 4 m Reflexive (7) Instant Combo-OK, Obvious Ex2, 207 (Perfect Soak, Impact point turns to the golden bark of his animia, and flakes off)

Integrity Protecting Prana

*Terrestrial Circle Sorcery None Permanent Permanent

Non-Solar Charms

  • VERDANT UNDERSTANDING (as Lithic Understanding except that it helps with plant-based materials and

artifacts, not earth)
Cost: 2m; Mins: Essence 1; Type: Simple
Keywords: None
Duration: One scene

working on Integrity prot parana


  • Summon First Circle Demon
  • INFALLIBLE MESSENGER Cost: 10m (Navi from Link/Zelda)
  • Sacred Tongue


Eclipse Oaths

  • Sworn he will one [reasonable] day cause the reconstruction of the Sol Mirror Tower

Normal Oaths

  • Sworn after the realization that Thorns is behind all evil events thus far that he will not rest till he drives out the evil from Thorns
  • Sworn to never succumb to demon enslavement again
    • Wears the Manifested Prayer as reminder



Flawless Oak

Cause an NPC to commit suicide because of Guilty Conscience

  • A Free Extra Specialty "Presence: Interrogation +1"
    • This does not count towards the max of 3 specialties for any single ability, but it does count towards the +3 cap for total bonus dice from specialties.

Isolation Specialist

Flawless Oak

Fail the Elemental Court of Wood’s Test

  • No [game] mechanical bonuses nor penalties
  • Socially the Elemental Court of Wood is demonstrated that the newly exalted Solars cannot be trusted to look out for their interests.

Militia Leader

Flawless Oak

Suffering no losses when leading a unit with Drill 1 to victory against a superior foes in all other statistics

  • The character can put his complementary unit into regular formation regardless of their Drill rating.

Partaker of the Forbidden Fruit

Flawless Oak

Survive the experiences of the The Menagerie of Fathomless Freedom

Character is forever reshaped by the inevitable corruption of such an expedition.

  • His Temperance Virtue is effectively 2 dots less when confronted with Temptation of the Demonic Flesh
  • His jaded tastes however gains him superior performance in just such a situation.
    • Effectively gaining 3 dice to his “performance” rolls.
  • He also gains a token of remembrance – The Dema Sutra

Succor of Chiaroscuro

Alabaster Hand of the Heaven and Flawless Oak

Manage to control the spread of Embrace of Decay in Chiaroscuro in a merciful manner

Healing takes courage, and we all have courage, even if we have to dig a little to find it.

- Unknown healer in the Chiaroscuro Quarantine

Flawless Oak

  • Gains the Thaumaturgic Procedure to produce "Embrace of Decay Inoculation" (No Exp Cost)
  • Gains the Thaumaturgic Procedure to produce "Seven Bounties Paste" (No Exp Cost)

Alabaster Hand of the Heaven

  • Gains War Specialty: Quarentine (No Exp Cost)
    • This War Specialty is not an extra specialty - count towards the 3 speciality per ability limit
    • It follows standard house rule for Specialties, and will give back 3 Exp if Alabaster gets rid of it when raising his War Score


Total Commitment: 16 Perpherial Essence + 10m for Proteus1

Notable Events

  • Sacrificed Undeserving of Marriage for Terrestrial Circle Sorcery ( in the demon realm, realized didn't deserve it)
  • Sacrificed his independence from Alabaster Hand of the Heaven (I must support him and emulate his virtues) for Celestial Circle Sorcery (attached to Alabaster at him. I can't believe in my own virtues due to my actions in the demon realm, I need the symbol of virtue known as the Son of Lancelot)
    • When seperated from Alabaster will ask "What would Alabaster do. (Sacr imply insecurity regarding Virtues)
  • Failed Adamant Circle Trial of Sacrifice
  • Begged Unconquered Sun to free him from Demonic Enslavement and was Granted the Boon
    • character:hathasth perform the ceremony with Flawless Oak participating as part of the Sunset Rites of Rathess
  • Started The Chariscaro down the path of rigorousness, (punished the embezzlers, shame them into compliance (threshold 5))
  • From this point forward I don’t care about leonardodavinci
Atlantis Trip


  • Descriptions of meca and any associated iconography
    • Mecca is incredibly esotaric
    • You guys know the following, this pretty much all that you can find out without talking to people in Yu-Shan (though I would not suggest you guys go that route)2
      • It is called "Mecca"
      • It is a blade of some sort, not sure how large or small or even what style
      • It is a Solar Weapon - So you assume it is Orichalcum
  • Spell Scroll : Sacred Tougue (Needs to be purchased)
  • Spell Scoll: Travel Without Distance (pending via Andraste
  • Atlantean Lotus
  • Translation Crystal x2
  • 3x Healing Orchid
    • Little Girl does not want them
      • I would SERIOUSLY suggest you not force her to get implants against her wishes
  • 8x ••• Dot Walkaway made by Fear Eater (Each is Resource 5)
    • Naturally occurring walkaways are created from mementos of an impressive accidents where the survivors should have been killed or maimed, but instead emerged unharmed (hence the name). Once per story, an effective walkaway will negate one success on a single, life-threatening damage roll. Very powerful walkaways can negate two or even three successes, but they must all be from the same damage roll.
  • 4x ••• Dot Good Luck Charms made by Fear Eater (Each is Resource 4)
    • Good luck charms don’t so much give a character good luck as protect him from bad luck. Once per story, a good luck charm will protect the character from the negative effects of a botch, either one the player rolls or one another player rolls that would hurt the talisman-carrying character. This protection may have indirect effects. For example, if the character is aboard a ship that crashes into a shoal due to pilot mishap, he might be picked up by a passing ship or might find a floating spar and be cast safely ashore. Very powerful good luck charms will negate two or three botches in a single story.
  • 2x Orichalcum Hearthstone Bracers
  • 3x Orichalcum Collar of Dawn's Cleansing Light

Survival Equipment Ocean

  • 1x Proteus
  • 3x Breather Plant
    • Little Girl does not want them
      • I would SERIOUSLY suggest you not force her to get implants against her wishes
      • and No, she cannot breath water - her spirit form is a Puma and she has no other charms than 1 level of Ox Body
  • 2x Pairs of Green Eyes
    • 1x Pair of Newly Upgraded Laoghaire Googles
    • Little Girl does not want them
      • I would SERIOUSLY suggest you not force her to get implants against her wishes
  • 1x Shock Gauntlets
    • Remember Shock Gauntlets use Martial Arts and not Archery or Thrown

Purchased from character:adrali, 4 weeks to arrange

Need to Acquire

  • excavation tools?
  • might actual need AoE wyld protection >.<
    • Unless you get the Charm you are not going to find a reality engine sitting around
    • Also keep in mind that AoE Wyld Protection will prevent a lot of things from happening - such as travelling from Way Point to Way Point
    • the AoE Wyld Use by The Twilight is because it was mandatory to be used for the Artifact, and that he wasn't travelling, he was just Shaping Wyld into resources.

Survival Equipment Ocean

  • Sea Turtle Bait
  • Floating Device to ensure that should you guys be ship wrecked, her Favorite Palanquin will survive or you might hear no end of it

Survivial Equipment Wyld?

  • Iron Weapons
    • Though Fair Folk does not look kindly upon this, it is like someone walking around with Toxic thing in your house, even if they don't intent to use it on you it is still unsettling.
  • Wards against Fair Folk
    • Again Wards are not looked upon kindly by anyone it is against
    • Plus they can instantly sense and locate the Ward
  • a Misericorde
    • There are certain point after enough mutations that death would be a release
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