Gladrien Vanja of Rathess

First Tier Solar, Zenith #30

Servitors of Rathess
Servitors of Rathess

Age: 17 (Exalted at 16)
Nationality: Kingdom of Silver Lake - Hundred Kingdoms (East)
Race: Fae-Blooded Solar, Zenith Caste #30
Profession: Mistakened Reincarnated Saint turned Abused Sex Slave turned Crusader
Motivation: Serve the Will of the Unconquered Sun - Restoration of Rathess

  • When Lu Bu was sent to retrieve the artifacts of Golden Tyrant Onee-chan did not specify the fate of the defenders. Lu Bu kept Gladrien alive because she was so beautiful and brought her to Onee-chan as a present.
  • Realizing the Essence within Gladrien Vanja is anathema to the energy of the Underworld Onee-chan attempted to replicate and extract the energy hoping to use it against Mask of Winters. The ensuing Solar Invasion of the Underworld was just a bonus, as it decimated most of the Abyssals loyal to the Mask of Winters. Her only regret is that Maiden of the Mirthless Smile was not amongst them. Due to the experiment however, Gladrien Vanja’s body is fighting a constant war against the corruption of the Void. The result is her once overly perfect body has been reduced to a husk of rotting flesh more disgusting than most zombies.

Birthday: 44/15/5 (The Last day of Calibration)

Gladrien was found by the Nuns of Silver Lake Abby during their Calibration ceremony around Silver Lake. As the Rising Sun cleared the mist over the lake, a baby on a huge lily pad floated to shore. The divine newborn still have the umbilical cord attached but otherwise healthy and beyond perfect. The auspicious event made the sister believe the infant is their saint reborn. They gave her the name “Gladrien Vanja”, the Shield of Faith, the Saint of Silver Lake and the founder of their nation.

Gladrien’s childhood was filled with love. Raised by the loving yet stern sisters she embraced the destiny they set forth for her. She studied as hard as she could and never complained of the blisters from martial training or the headaches from all the reading. She is happy to repay back the kindness of the Sisters with hard work. Though she know they are not her mother, suffused with their love she felt no emptiness in her heart. Even at 13 years old, her beauty has became a thing of pride for her kingdom.

This bliss did not last. A Guild Merchant Prince heard the rumors of this breathtakingly beautiful child and wanted her as his plaything. During a moonless night the Merchant Prince came with his Mercenaries. They pillaged the Abby and killed everyone inside the walls. On top of the piles of the dead the Merchant Prince personally branded Gladrien as his property.

Soon all that fills her day are abuse, both physical and mental. But no amount of degradation can break her spirit. Every new lesson in obedience became another opportunity for defiance. While she cannot stop the desecration of her body, she however can cling on to the sanity of her mind and the love and forgiveness all things deserve. Slowly she became a hero figure to the other slaves of the estate and they shielded her as best as they could. This unexpected support served to boaster her weary soul.

This continuous abuse never once abated even when she was pregnant and she never carried one child to term. This perhaps scarred her most, and her prayers for absolution over this are constant. One night while she was repeating the same prayer in her cell, after yet another round of abuse, she was anointed by the Unconquered Sun as his chosen – and she was given Absolution and a Divine Quest.

With the power of the Unconquered Sun coursing through her flesh she easily overcame the guards and freed the other slaves from their bondage. Together they arrested those responsible for the murder of the sisters and marched them to the Halls of Silver Lake. There they were turned over to the Judges along with evidence and testimonies of their crime.

After justice was served Gladrien went to the lake following an whisper that she is now able to hear, but seemingly one that has been with her all her life. The voice tugged her towards the lake. When she leaped into the misty waters, her anima flared driving away the darkness. In the depth she found the Shrine of Gladrien Vanja and the Shrine seems to welcome her.

She soon ventured south deep into the jungle always stabbing southwards. She knows her destination and in her heart there is only determination and no fear.

During her 8 month trek towards Rathess she rescued a small tribe from the goblin raiders of the King of Rathess. Out of gratitude these primitives constructed shrines of her and adopted her as their Tribe’s Patron Goddess. Raised from birth to believe she is a saint, and affirmed by the Unconquered Sun as his Chosen Priest Caste, Gladrien didn’t think twice about being worshipped. Yet another Solar Cult is formed in creation.

Alone, she tracked the Goblin Raiders and followed them to Rathess…

Exaltation History


  • Will only Exalt females
  • Will not Exalt anyone whose Appearance and Dexterity is less than 6
  • Will not Exalt anyone whose Compassion is less than 5
-9000+, First Age Merela
     The Maiden Circle
     Gladiator turned defacto Queen of Rathess
     Beloved of Unconqured Sun
     The Empress of Creation
     Crowned by the hands of the Unconquered Sun
     Bearer of the Creation Ruling Mandate
     Bearer of the Crown of Thunders
     Guardian of the Ochre Fountain
     Mother of Civilization
     Greatest Warrior during the Primordial Wars
     Commander of Operation Wyld Hand
60/10/17 12:00 Gladrien Vanja of Rathess
     Circle of Beauty
     character:aata's lover
     Savior of Rathess
     Whose kidnapping caused nearly all the Solars in Creation at the time to invade the Underworld

Member of the Circle of Beauty

A Perfect Circle

Lunar Mates

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