A Person of the Air


Nearly a thousand air folk live in the civilized nations of the Threshold — mostly as slaves, kept for their exotic looks, as pets or lovers or showpieces. A few find a place as couriers or messengers, but they know that they live on a knife’s edge, liable to be labeled a mutant or a creation of the Anathema at the first sign of trouble in the vicinity. In Chiaroscuro, the air folk woman Gull-in-Glass who works as a free courier is attempting to negotiate with the Grey Shields mercenary company to get herself and others hired as an auxiliary brigade. She intends to smuggle other air folk slaves to freedom and get them employment with the Grey Shields and possibly even affiliate them with one of the hidden enclaves. The full scope of the potential enterprise is still undetermined, but she hopes the mercenaries can see the value in fliers. If the Grey Shields fail her, she will attempt to seek patronage elsewhere.

  • Notes
    • Sub Notes
    • Now Glorious Paradise no longer requires a continual injection of Essence
    • As an added bonus Glorious Paradise can now chill drinks by touch.
  • She also has a Essence Pool of 2 from Skin Mounted Amulet

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