Emira Hadassah Ruya I'timad
The sole surviving member of Tri-khan Ahasuerus's lineage
  • Was taken as war prize and sold to the Guild Slavers
  • Purchased back for 5 dots resource by Aata and subsequently freed along with all the Delzhan war prisons. Aata bought back and freed what other Delzhan slaves he could, but significant number have already been shipped to other regions of Creation.
  • The freed Delzhan left Chiaroscuro and headed west. This grand exile will later be called the event:hijra
  • She is too young to claim the Tri-Khan Tiera
    • Even if she is old enough, it is doubtful she can muster enough support from both City Dalzhan and Nomad Dalzhan to make the Tri-Khan title meaningful
  • She is now a valuable icon to would be Khan of Khans, to be wed to further proof of their prestige over each other
  • The plot to kidnap her (as bride raids are traditional) has grown so frequent that her Generals decided to secretly whisk her away to Gem
  • On the way there her caravan was ambushed by a flood of Dune People
  • She was saved by the newly Exalted Solar Ahmed Latif, and brought to Gem
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