Hassan-i Sabbah

Tier 2 Solar, Night Caste #24



  • Was lord protector of Purandokht, Princess of Pasargadae
    • Daughter of Khan Khosrau II
    • She was killed along with her people by Harborhead forces
      • All via the invisible manipulation of Stalwart Ivory
      • The city was judged too rooted in Heresy to be spared and everyone slaughtered
      • Actual Death Cult members were put into key positions dealing with the aftermath of the cleansing
  • Hassan-i was not present. He was escorting Purandokht's daughter Azarmidokht to her studies at White Wall.
  • After his Exaltation he followed his fragmented dreams to the Labyrinth under Creation and met the Jade born.
    • There he received training for his terrible vengence

Exaltation History

Lunar Mate: Taokaka


  • Will only exalt someone with bears a deep love/affection for another
  • Has tendency to exalt after the person lose that someone through tragedy
-9000+, First Age character:corvoattano
     Shadow Protector of Gristol
     Staunch Jade-Born Ally
     Slew his own Circle
??/??/?? Hassan-i Sabbah
     Tier 2 Solar
     Jade Born Trained and Equipped

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