Ancient Raptok, High Priest of the Unconquered Sun
  • Epithet: Miracleworker
  • As non-violent as a Dragon King can be
  • Current High Priest1 of the Unconquered Sun
  • Holds unlimited religious authority over all Dragon Kings
    • Dharacya is the secular leader of Rathess, but even she will not refute a suggestion by Hastha-Ssth, and she most definitely cannot refuse a direct request.
      • Leeayta-Dharacya is no different
  • Hastha-Ssth possesses a purity of spirit, a palpable aura of authority and the strength of faith to have others follow even if she wasn't the High Priest.
    • Even Megabotuatak follow her commands with alacrity and acquiescence, and this was true even before they were even placed in the Legacy
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