Twilight 27 Sorceress

  • Pronounced: HOR-a-kin-is
  • She is the sorceress shown on the 2nd Edition Core Book on page describing "Death of Obsidian Butterflies"
  • Secretive Sorceress and well known in the Occult culture, though not as a Solar
  • Terrestrial Sorceress who is on the cusp of Celestial Circle Initiation
  • Senior Deacon of the Exultant Twenty Garden Secret Society
    • A secret society of sorcerers spread all across Creation
  • Thaumaturgy Master of Alchemy, Astrology
  • Thaumaturgy Adept of Geomancy
  • The Second to Last Tier 1 Solar to Exalt, Essence 4

Only through knowledge can we be saved, and only through the wisdom of the Solars who came before can we hope to find an answer to all our present problems."

- Horakinis

Horakinis has an air of ostentatious asceticism, with lustrous crimson hair that falls in glowing ringlets to her reed thin waist making a striking contrast with her pale skin. She favors dark colors and is usually wearing hooded robes of expensive silk. Tall and lithesome, she moves with briskly pace and focused purpose. Naturally confident she has a majestic aura and her presence is often enough to draw attention from everyone in the room. This combined with her hair and accent (She is from the Blessed Realm) has, on several occasions, caused major stirs in the Threshold - as overly eager officials mistake her as the Scarlet Empress incognito. Thus she has long since taken on the habit of muffling herself in cloaks and veils; though that causes an entirely different set of problems - especially for an Anathema who is trying to fit in to the background and not stand out.

She always wears her Salt-Gem of the Spirit's Eye in an orichalcum choker (Hearthstone Amulet), though she conceals this jewelry with a scarf if she is uncertain of her company.

Horakinis for all her intelligence and beauty is an impatient, tactless researcher and find it hard to believe that anybody is better fitted to research or hold the great wisdom of the ancient Solars than her. Nobody ever worked fast enough to suit her, and she has no qualms about pushing human colleagues to their limits: It is for a greater good! She does not mind sharing new discoveries (aside from the very powerful, thus dangerous, ones) with allies or other Solars, but she do expect some gesture of thanks in return.

Born to a fabulously rich family in Arjuf, on the southern coast of the Blessed Realm, she was raised amongst wealth and privileged. Her friends were the scions of the lofty patricians and she fit in amongst them perfectly - especially their many secret occult societies. None of her family's connections and wealth spared them from the deadly disease that struck the port brought in by Threshold refugees. She herself barely survived, and her father and two of her brothers died. As the eldest remaining child, she was, technically, the family heir. She signed over her interest in warehouses and trading fleets to her only living brother and took her inheritance in cold hard currency. Thus freeing herself to travel and sate her interest in the mystical forces of existence. While she was seeking an ancient library in the Catacombs of Ruined Beirut in the desert mountains of the south, her exaltation came upon her.

The Unconquered Sun descended upon her in a burning wave of ecstasy and power, bring memories of her life long before and showing her what she needed to do to bring back the age of gold. It is then she realized what the vision meant - It is through the knowledge of the ancient Solars that will save the world.

Since then she have spent much of her time concealed in her newly discovered library - a minor manse - researching the documents there and sharing her information with other sorcerers across the land. From time to time, she leaves the place in order to investigate new libraries or to assist others in return for knowledge. Many books and scrolls are merely histories or accounts, and others are in languages that she does not know. She had to bring these ancient documents to other savants and scholars. Through force, blackmail, sex appeal, or trade she is slowly gathering a trasure grove of miscanellous knoweldge. At the same time she has made many useful contacts; fellow researchers who appreciate her dedication and objectives, or scavenger lords who depend on her for life saving tactics. Together she hopes to find the ancient truths that will help rebuild the world.

Her pilagramage to Rathess changed her deeply. She realized that what little she assumed about the world is but a ant beliving the mushroom above is the world. The conversations with the Dragon Kings humbled her and made her realized her hubris. She has lost her haughty arrogance and replaced it with true humility. These conversations also placed the events of the First Age Solars into harsh perspective. She realize now that knowledge without virtue is the formula of evil and has underwent dramatic religious conversion. She is now an Priestess of the Unconquered Sun. At the same time the association with fellow First Tier Solars also reaffirmed her innate kinship with them and banished the sense of loneliness that accompany all great people. She now have a family of 300, a family in which each of them are the stuff of legends.

  • Laoghaire, Son of Caomhánach has a major crush on her, though she does not feel the same - and most likely never will. Their personality doesn't match.
    • Laoghaire does not know she is a Solar
  • She used her extensive occult connections to manage the necessary pool of talents that is needed to content with a supernatural plague spreading on the scale in the South
  • She is the one who arranged for the Exultant Twenty Garden Secret Society to come out into the light and help with the extreme suffering of the south - namely the Embrace of Decay plague
  • She is currently in Paragon, training the local Thaumaturgies (both of Paragon and of the Hijra) in the methods of identification and treatment for the disease.
  • She sends daily notes to Fear Eater on the otherside of Creation about the few cases
  • She will be attacked by Shatterer of the Way in an kidnapping attempt

Exaltation History


  • Prefers individuals who are incredibly logical and pathologically organized
-9000+, First Age
61/07/07 12:13 Horakinis
     Secretive Sorceress and well known in the Occult Circle, though not as a Solar
     On the Cusp of achieving Celestial Circle Sorcery

Member of the Circle of Beauty

A Perfect Circle

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