Izayoi Sakuya
Guild Agent, God-Blooded Child of a powerful Siren
  • Was the Proprietress of the location:blessedrealm:imperialcity:houseofazurebamboo
    • House of Azure Bamboo is an Guild Spy Network Node in the Imperial City
    • Due to her involvement in the Solar Rescue Guild Director Adirali swooped her out of the Imperial City incase anyone caught on and interrogated her.
    • He made her a member of his staff
      • She is more than happy to oblige since it is a huge increase in her Guild Ranking
  • In the Director's Absence, she is attending to Purple Blossom
  • Essence: 3 Essence Pool : 39 (12 motes Committed)
    • Spirit Charm: Instill Obedience – Mortals
    • Spirit Charm: Landscape Travel – Water
    • Spirit Charm: Measure the Wind – Prey
    • Spirit Charm: First (Dodge) Excellency (Spirit Charm Excellencies are limited by their Essence Attribute)

Notable Possessions

Chrono Trigger

The artifact is usually kept in Sakuya’s skirt pocket tied to her waist band.

3 Dot Artifact

This artifact resembles one of the old Shogunate brass pocket timepieces complete with the elaborate engravings appropriate to the era with a sturdy brass chains to finish the resemblance. The artifact is larger than most timepieces being roughly 3 inches in diameter and is slightly heavier than one would expect. This artifact requires 4 motes commitment to function.

  • As a reflexive action the wearer can activated the timepiece. This creates a circle of hour markings made of pale white light that rotates counterclockwise as the artifact stretches time out for the bearer. This makes the use of the item “Obvious.”
  • When used this way the artifact grants enough time for the wearer to make 1 thrown attack action (and only allows thrown attack actions) at full dice pool with a very light weapons (knives, needles, darts, cards, sand, liquid, etc) per 1 mote spent. Up to the bearer’s permanent Essence score x2.
    • This effect is considered an "Extra Action" effect and thus cannot be further flurried nor are can they be enhanced by another Extra Action effects.
  • These attacks are considered to be reflexive (free) actions and thus are in addition to any other action she normally undertakes.
    • These reflexive attacks does not incur the cumulutive -1 penalty to DV for attacking.
    • Any onslaught penalty generated by these free attacks are still counted towards the wearer's normal action.
    • The attacks are “queued” first and then resolved as time is restored to normal – allowing the target the use of his DVs.
  • To all observers it would appear as if the thrown weapons appeared out of thin air and start flying towards their targets.

For Example: Against 3 soldiers arrayed against her, Sakuya spends 6 motes to make the maximum 6 thrown attacks (personal essence of 3) 2 each against each of the soldiers and uses her normal action against the commander. Let say each of those hits landed, applying a -2 Onslaught penalty against the soldiers, -1 for 1st thrown attack, -2 for 2nd thrown attack. When she attacks the commander with her normal flurry (rate 3) the Commander is already at -2 DV for first attack, -3 for 2nd, -4 for 3rd. At the same time she is at -3 DV for Flurry of 3 attacks.

Hearthstone Bracers: Orichalcum

2 Dot Artifact

Another common survivor of the First Age (and still manufactured occasionally the Dragon-Blooded), hearthstone bracers provide powerful defensive bonuses to the Exalt who wear them. These bracers come as a pair, one of which has a setting for a single hearthstone and the other of which is imbued with magical power. These powers work only for an Exalt of the appropriate type.

Hearthstone bracers require the commitment of four motes of Essence to activate them—two motes for each bracer. A bracer must be worn with its mate and will not activate unless worn as a pair. Regardless of construction, hearthstone bracers provide a three-die bonus to dodge attempts made by an attuned user.

Orichalcum: Ornately wrought in homage to the Unconquered Sun, these bracers cause the Solar Exalt who wears them to strike with the surety and power of the Unconquered Sun. All of the character’s attacks have their damage increased by two dice while he is wearing the bracers.

Moonsilver: Almost liquid or organic in appearance, moonsilver bracers lend a Lunar wearer the bracers’ own somewhat protean nature. The character’s lethal soak increases by two as her body adapts to fl ow around attacks.

Jade: Carved in elaborate draconic shapes, these bracers cause Dragon-Blooded characters wearing them to move with the speed of a striking dragon. These characters gain a -1 bonus to their Speed ratings for hand-to-hand or ranged attacks.

Starmetal: Starmetal bracers are decorated with elaborate abstract and astrological designs. Like much else made of starmetal, they are typically of minimalistic design, so as not to waste the precious stuff. Sidereal Exalted who attune these bracers to their animas move more in accordance with destiny. They add one to their weapons’ Accuracy and Defense.

Soulsteel: These items are uncommon, simply because the Deathlords rarely waste time forging objects of little power for their underlings. Soulsteel bracers are typically decorated with the sort of imagery common in war-tools in the Underworld—weeping faces, shrieking souls, skulls and the like. Soulsteel bracers bring the forces of entropy to bear on their target, decreasing her lethal and bashing soaks by two against the Abyssal’s attacks. This effect cannot reduce a target’s soak below 0.

Adamant: Adamant bracers are each carved from a single chunk of crystal and expertly faceted. They typically bear motifs of interlocking gears surrounded by intricate patterns of wire-like lines and nodes that pulse with flashes of indigo light when attuned. Attuned Exalts add one to their weapons’ Accuracy and two to Rate as they channel the precision of the Great Maker.

Socketed with Stone of Judgement

Manse: The Cave of Truth on Shenick Island off the cost of Deren’s Ford

3 Dot Water Manse

The bearer of this smooth cabochon of the finest lapis lazuli gains an uncanny sense for when people lie. If she asks someone whether he committed a crime or other harmful act, the bearer’s player reduces the difficulty of the (Perception + [Investigation or Socialize]) roll to determine the truth of any answer is reduced by -4 (to a minimum of 1).

  • The Manse is a Guild Holding in the East

20x Izayoi Sakuya's Chiaroscuro Glass Knife

Each is a Resource 4 Purchase

Realistically, knives made for throwing are balanced differently than hand-to-hand blades. Exalted assumes that the difference is negligible to its heroes. Storytellers who desire a grittier feel may give a combatant using thrown knives in melee a -1 internal penalty to her Melee dice pool, and conversely give a combatant throwing knives made for melee a -1 internal penalty to Thrown.

These knives are crafted by the master knife maker Nolen Ginsu of Varangian City-States, widely acknowledged as the best mortal knife maker in the world. With the recent turmoil of the Southern regions it is unlikely Sakuya will be able to acquire replacements thus she is very careful with their use.

Each of these knives is handcrafted and amazingly their specifications are so exact that they are indistinguishable from each other. The blades are all made of dark green glass and the handles are iron wood wrapped in the finest ray skin. Each is roughly 7 inches long, razor sharp and superbly balanced.

Sakuya has these stored in garter belt holsters of matching ray skin, each leg holds 10 daggers.

Speed Accuracy Damage Defense Rate Range Minimum Resource Tags
4 +2 +4L 0 3 25 Str •, Dex •• •••• P


  • Like all Chiaroscuro glass weapons, these blades are so sharp as to be considered piercing.
  • When making ranged attacks, characters may fire or throw a weapon out to its Range rating without penalty. They may fire out to twice this distance with a -1 external penalty, or between two and three times listed range at -2 successes. Accurate shooting beyond this range is impossible without the aid of magic. So these knives can be thrown up to 15 yards (45 feet) without penalty, 30 yards (90 feet) at -1, and 45 yards (135 feet) at -2.
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