Kisuke Urahara

Enlightened Heroic Mortal Sorcerer,


Commoner of An-Teng who earned Peerage due to his incredible talent

  • Self-Enlightened Mortal
  • Terrestrial Circle Sorcerer who can tap into Salinan Working1
    • Calling the Stalwart Servitor
    • Calling the Wind's Kiss
    • Conjuring the Azure Chariot
    • Emerald Counter Spell
    • Emerald Circle Banishment
    • Eye and Mouth, The
    • Floral Ferry
    • Impenetrable Frost Barrier
    • Infalliable Messenger (6 Winged Twin Tail Swallow)
    • Invulnerable Skin of Bronze
    • Wood Dragon's Claw
  • Epithet: epithet:probabilityexception
    • Extraordinary ability to accomplish impossible things

No Happy Endings

Remember that this did not come to pass due to Aata's premature death

  • Originally was going to be killed/almost killed by Yoruichi Shihōin when he stood between her and Aata
    • This would cause Yoruichi Shihōin to turn into a gibbering idiot as her mind is destroyed by the sheer shock of the experience
      • She will never recover from this
    • Urahara at the moment of his demise be offered both Abyssal Exaltation and Infernal Exaltation.
      • He would pick the Malfean spark becoming a Green Sun Prince of Lose and Fail2
    • He will use this new gain power to recover his beloved Yoruichi and utterly destroy Aata's Solar Spark, thus freeing his beloved forever
      • He will most likely succeed, though might not be within the scope of current game. But in the future there will only be 1 less Eclipse Spark.
      • If Yurichi's husk is still alive at that point, he will kill her and then himself and both rejoin the great cycle of rebirth
    • Thus fulfilling the GM's prophecy that there will be no happy ending
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