Tier 1 Solar of the Gold Faction, Eclipse #17

Scepter of Peace & Order
Scepter of Peace & Order
Dies Natalis Solis Invicti
Dies Natalis Solis Invicti
  • Pronounced Cly-te-m-nestra
  • Tier 1 Essence 5 Solar of the Eclipse Caste
    • Celestial Martial Artist
  • Appearance 5
    • 6 with Her Celestial Hearthstone
  • Merit: Enchanted Feature (4): Statuesque
  • She is also very tall 6'4"
  • Has Perfect Dodge (Compassion Flaw)
  • Has Perfect Parry: Melee (Compassion Flaw)
  • Raised and trained by character:ayeshaura
    • Ayesha Ura is the sidereal leader of the Gold Faction
    • Disguised as a stern abbess before her Exaltation and raised her
  • One of the First Sparks to be Exalted - Making her a First Tier Solar
    • She was born in a no name village of the North wiped out by a blizzard.
    • She was the sole survivor and at the age of 3 refused to give up to fate and struggled to survive
    • She was recovered by a wandering nun and taken to the Cult of the Illuminated Cathedral in the South where she grew up
      • The Nun was the personal attendant to the most blessed character:shenaru, leader of the organization:cultoftheilluminated
      • The Nun is a resplendent destiny of character:ayeshaura
      • Ayesha personally sought her out because of her brightness in the Loom and groomed her specifically to attract one of the 6 rogue spark that escaped the Bronze Faction.
  • She did not bond with one of the 6 un-jailed sparks.
    • She was amongst the first to bond with a Freed Sparks of the Jade Prison
    • Around the same time as Horakinis (Twilight #27), Moray Darktide (Later joined The Deathlord, “Silver Prince”) (Dawn Caste #55), Jalith (Haltan Solar) (Dawn Caste #33)
  • After her Exaltation her adopted mother revealed to her the grave responsibility that is hers to bear and secretly brought her into Yu-Shan and housed in the Unconqured Sun's Retreat. There she continued her education under the tutelage of various Gold Faction leaning Gods
  • She holds no celestial office but have 2 Celestial Lion assigned as her bodyguard anytime she is in Yu-Shan
    • Liheh and Quod-Fyi
  • Has 6 Spirit Charms
    • Wun Ja1: Materialize: Cost her 75 Motes to use
      • Appear and disappear as if a city is being constructed and deconstructed - lines of silvery essence like roads and the body reforms from these roads with little dots moving around contructing it. All the while the body glows bright and dark, like the passage of day and night, and little specks of light dim and glow as if seeing a city from high above during the day and night. All this happen in a blink of an eye.
    • Tachi-kun2: Essence Plethora (x3) — Total of +30 Motes of External Essence she can use
    • Tachi-kun: Spirit Cutting — Tachi-Kun may attack a physical opponent when he is dematerialized, or he may attack a dematerialized one when he is material. Doing so costs one mote per attack.
      • She learned this at Tachi-kun's insistance, she has never used it
      • Tachi-Kun's version is a Permanent Charm and not a Supplemental one, the mote activation is a ability use not charm use. Being an ability use it also means it is not subjected to the Eclipse Surcharge for non-native charms.
    • Arhlat3: Endowment — By spending 18 motes of Essence and a point of Willpower, Ahlat can grant two dots of Strength, Valor, Archery, Melee or Martial Arts (pick one), in addition to an extra 5L/5B of soak. The effects last only for the duration of one battle. Ahlat reserves this for mortals who sacrifice to him and have shown courage and prowess befitting a hero. He does not so assist the Exalted, who already bear greater gifts.
      • Arhlat chose not to bless Exalted, it doesn't mean this charm cannot be used on them.
    • Golden Lord4: Hurry Home — The Golden Lord can instantly transport himself to his palace at the Pinnacle of Mercy, to any of his temples or to any courtroom in Creation.
        • A burst of golden halo that revolves and revealing or disappearing the Golden Lord. This is accompanied by the deep sound of a gong that are used to heralded a court into session or to mark its end (depends on if he is leaving or coming)
      • She use this frequently to talk to the Golden Lord on issues of virtue and justice and to travel between the various Cult of Illuminated Monastery-Fortresses
  • She has already brought the Case of the War Captain and Aata before the Gold Lord
    • The Gold Lord has looked into the situation and frowned upon Sidereal overstepping of their Authority
    • He was ignored by the Sidereals, but was present during Aata's final defiant proclamation of choosing death instead of being used as bargaining chip to free those guilty of such atrocity as Fallen Lapis. As it was in his authority he used his Divine Decree to seal the verdict, eliminating any bureaucratic sabotage, and thus ensuring that all the Guilty Party of the Fall of Lapis will be discovered and properly punished
  • The Cult of the Illuminated and Gold Faction is all that she has known prior to her Exaltation and her Rebirth only affirmed her dogma
  • She is the uncontested leader of the Gold Faction Solars
    • Lyta calls her Senpai
  • Rightful Mistress of the Domain of Stately Order


Notable Possessions

Scepter of Peace and Order

Legendary Staff of the Domain of Stately Order

Type Speed Accuracy Damage Defense Rate Minimums Attune Tags
Attuned 5 +2 +16L/5 +0 2 Str ••, Dex •• 8 O, P, R

Attuning to the Scepter requires a commitment of eight motes. The artifact confers several powers on the Perfect:

  • The Scepter grants its owner 1 additional dot each of Stamina, Charisma, Manipulation, Perception, Intelligence and Wits as long as it is attuned
    • These increase in attributes is considered natural increase and thus raises any applicable dice pool cap
  • The Scepter’s owner becomes immune to all Emerald and Sapphire Circle sorcery, all Charms that affect perception and all forms of unnatural mental influence.
  • The owner soaks both lethal and aggravated damage with his full Stamina.
  • An enlightened mortal attuned to the Scepter can access his entire Essence pool without the necessity of spending Willpower.
  • All oaths a person makes while touching the Scepter become forever binding.
    • This only works on Mortals (and Exalted). It has no effect on fair folk, gods, elementals, demons, ghosts, etc.
    • A complex eye-shaped sigil appears on the palm of the oath-swearer, like a faintly scarlet tattoo. No power short of Adamant Circle Countermagic can remove the sigil. If the person hacks off the entire limb that bears the sigil, it reappears on her stump.
    • The Scepter does not remove a person’s free will, but it rigidly enforces the oath the person swore. Severe pains radiate from the sigil to wrack the person who broke any of the oaths she swore upon the Scepter.
    • These oath remains in place as long as the scepter is attuned. If, however, it is ever unattuned or the wielder dies, all sigils vanish within 24 hours, unless someone else attunes to the scepter during this time.
    • The Scepter’s master can calibrate the pain’s severity for different oaths and offenses.
      • For minor violations of the oath, the agony ends when the foresworn person confesses her crime to a designated, legitimate authority (in Paragon, a magistrate).
      • For the most serious oaths, however, a foresworn person suffers death. At the moment of the crime, the eye-sigil closes to show her and everyone else that she is doomed. The agony begins in moments, and does not relent until the person dies a few hours later.
      • To minimize social problems and disruptions of daily life, the Scepter’s punishments largely happen out of the public eye. All pain suffered by oath-breakers begins at sunset of the day of the offense. Also, oath-breakers who condemned themselves to death through their actions die only after dark while inside a building. A few oath-breakers try to stay outdoors every night to avoid their fate. Between the pain caused by the sigil and the stresses of life on the streets, these wretched individuals rarely last long. Paragon citizens who see them crouching in doorways and sleeping in gutters shun them.
    • The short-lived pain for a minor violation of an oath acts as a -1 wound penalty that lasts a few hours. The pain for severe violations inflicts a -2 wound penalty. The pain for a terminal violation inflicts a -4 wound penalty, while it lasts. The victim lives for a number of hours equal to his Stamina. These are Crippling effects. Charms that protect against Crippling effects can protect the person, but for Charm vs. Charm purposes, treat the Scepter enforced oath as backed by Essence 8 and a dice pool of 16. Punishment is only delayed, however, not cured.
  • While holding the Scepter, its master can borrow the senses of anyone marked with its sigil, located anywhere in Creation. This function has no Essence cost and requires no dice rolls. Sigil-bearers, even those who are Exalted, can neither sense nor resist this power. The Scepter’s bearer can experience all of a sigil-bearer’s senses without the sigil-bearer’s knowledge or consent.
  • For three motes of Essence, the Scepter’s bearer can strengthen this connection and actually take over the body of any mortal sigil-bearer, including enlightened mortals (but not Exalted), for up to a scene. The Perfect can possess or tap the senses of only one person at a time, but he can use this borrowed body as easily as his own. The subject of this possession has no memory or awareness of these events.
    • This includes taking over command of Mass Combat Units - though with the physical stats of the body and his mental and spiritual stats
  • While holding the Scepter, its owner can also spend one mote to induce severe pain in any single person who bears the sigil, including Exalted. Jagged black lines radiate from the sigil. This Crippling effect acts as a wound penalty of -2. It lasts a scene, or until the Scepter’s owner relents and cancels the effect.
  • As long as at least 200 people bear sigils
    • The person attuned to the Scepter becomes completely immune to all diseases
    • He also stops aging. Instead the staff ages those baring the sigil slightly faster and uses this to reverse the aging of the staff bearer.
    • He heals one level of lethal damage every three hours and one level of aggravated damage every day.

All of these powers are granted to any Essence-user attuned to the Scepter. A Celestial Exalt who attunes to the Scepter gains even greater powers

  • When a Celestial Exalt holds the scepter, it allows the bearer to have a general sense of everyone within 400 miles.
  • The bearer can sense general concentrations and movements of population, as well as being able to instantly identify any Exalts, gods, elementals or demons inside his domain.
  • The bearer can also broadcast messages to everyone inside the radius and can produce a scarlet eye-like sigil on the flesh of every adult or adolescent inside the domain.
  • The target must accept the sigil willingly, but the scepter allows a Celestial bearer to cause anyone who refuses the sigil to be overcome with the urge to leave he domain within the next week. This compulsion is impossible for anyone but another Exalted to resist. For the latter it takes 2wp and it grants them immunity from this compulsion for a week - though the wise should pack up if events progressed to this point.
  • The scepter also allows its bearer to automatically distinguish between individuals who have lived in the domain for more than a month and visitors or new arrivals.
    • Terrible Bloody Rose leaves visitors alone, but every month, she forces her sigil on anyone who has been in the domain longer.
  • Other than allowing the bearer to sense them, neither the Scepter or the Orb of Peace and Order has any effect on gods, elementals or demons.

Dies Natalis Solis Invicti

First Age Magitech Orichalcum Celestial Battle Armor, 5 Dots

Dies Natalis Solis Invicti, is the ancient festival of Unconquered Sun that falls on the Winter Solstice and was celeberated without fail in the High First Age. As the Solar corruption spread, it became ever increase festival that displayed the worse excesses of Solar caprice. After the usurpation the festival was striken from celestial calender and Winter Solstice became a day of rememberance and self-reflection.

The armor was built in the unsullied period of the Age of Gold and was never worn. Its not marked thus its maker unknown. It was probably an heartfelt offering by an humble solar who made this to honor his, or her, beloved patriarch god. It was stored in Halls of Arms on one of Unconquered Sun's property in Yu-Shan. At the gold faction's urgings Klytaimnēstra borrowed it from her divine father.

Type Soak Hardness Mobility Fatigue Attune
Attuned +12L/12B 8L/8B -0 1 10
Attuned by Solar +13L/13B 9L/9B -0 0 8
  • Magitech Armor has no Material Bonus, but this suit is especially designed to work with Solar Essence
  • This armor will not function unless a 3 Dot Hearthstone is socketed
    • At which point the Hearthstone is completely dedicated to powering the device and grants its user none of its powers
    • There are 3 Hearthstone sockets, the user can reflexively choose which one looses power at any time
  • +2 dots to Strength for feats of strength, calculating jump distance, clinching, and inflicting damage with attacks
  • +2 bonus to Resistance against poison and all forms of disease (including wound infection)
  • Can magically protect the wearer from non-magical environmental damage (including suffocation) for up to 1 hour.
    • It recharges at the same rate as consumed - 1 minute of use takes 1 minute to recharge.
  • As a reflexive action, the wearer gains a +2 bonus to Awareness.
  • The wearer can reflexively activate Essence Sight for 3 motes per scene, which also automatically pierces any dragon armor cloaking device.
    • In addition, when the character activates the armor’s Essence sight, she can also see unmanifested spirits, ghosts, living beings and enchanted objects (including walking dead and automatons) as glowing presences.
    • In addition, the wearer can see the Essence-flows of demesnes and manses at the range of her normal vision and can easily tell the power of these locations and if their Essence flows have been properly capped.
  • Armor doubled movement rate; It allows an 10mph marching movement rate.
    • If the wearer takes a normal dash action and spends 5 motes of Essence, the armor can temporarily compress the fabric of Creation so that the wearer moves at a speed 10 times faster than his speed with the armor, which is 20 times faster than her maximum dash when not wearing this armor.
      • This increased speed is compatible with Charms to increase running or jumping.
  • The armor naturally resonate with the essence of the wearer and infuse her flesh with the essence of wood. While wearing this armor, the owner heals one level of bashing damage every tick and one level of lethal damage every hour.
  • The entire armor is infused with essence and blessed by the gods of martial arts. This allows the wearer to parry lethal attacks without a stunt. The punches and kicks with the armor have the respective statistics above
Type Speed Accuracy Damage Defense Rate Tags
Punch 5 +1 +5B +2 2 / Pair of Arms N
Kick 5 +0 +5L -2 2 N
Clinch 6 +2 +3L 1/ Pair of arm N, C, P

Additional Pair of Magitech Arms

Unusually the armor has an pair of extra appendage under the normal arms. These appendage can impossibly morph itself into various forms. Some common forms are

  • A pair of arms and hands - forming the sacred 4 arm form of the Unconquered Sun
    • These arms can perform task just as natural as her normal arms
    • These arms adds 2 success to her clinch contest rolls.
  • Folded back then extended outwards to form a pair of huge orichalcum wings with a wingspan of 42 feet
    • The wings allow the wearer to fly at a speed of 20 yards per tick
    • It has a non-combat maximum speed of 100 miles per hour
      • Though at this speed the armor can only fly for a number of hours equal to the wearer’s permanent Essence.
    • These speeds are not doubled, though they do work with the Space Diliation.
    • Maneuverability with these wings are limited. Roll (Dexterity + Athletics), difficulty 1, for the Exalt to make any sudden change in course.
  • Can also be shaped into any melee weapon - though she rarely does this.
    • It can be shaped to any standard melee weapon smaller than Warstrider scaled weapons
    • These weapons are treated as Orichalcum Weapons that are already attuned (with material bonus)
    • These weapons are not Artifact Equilvant of their weapons. They are normal weapons with magical material bonus for orichalcum

The Golden Crested Helm

This golden Crested Helm is an awesome tool of leadership.

  • The wearer can be perfectly heard in a range equal to her Permanent Essence x 50 yards
  • Her voice becomes supernaturally enhanced and becomes impossible to ignore - effectively negating dodge MDVs
  • Adds +2 dice to all Presence Rolls to inspire and lead
  • Adds another +4 dice to all rolls to make speeches or verbal performances (including appropriate stunted Rally Rolls)
    • This means for most rally rolls via Speech or Verbal Performance she gains +6 to her dice pool.
  • The helm adds the wearer's essence in Automatic Successes to any contest against sonic or sight based attacks (e.g. only when she is on defense)

Matching Thunderbolt Shield

The armor also has a matching Thunderbolt Shield that somehow ended up in War Captain Balan's possession.

  • Dagnir would return it to its rightful owner
    • Dagnir returned the Shield to its "rightful" owner
  • It is not known why the armor ended up in the Armoury in Yu-Shan and the shield ended up in Rathess
  • When linked with the armor the shield would starts to shimmers with essence and starts giving off tiny Sun Flare like Essence discharges.
  • When the shield is used in defense it can project a huge golden essence field in front of itself. This essence shield is sufficiently large that it allows her Parry DV to be used against AOE attacks, Siege Weapons, and directional Environmental Hazards.
  • In mass combat this effectively means she can use parry charms in War without the need for Stunts and replaces any shield DV bonus of her complementary unit with the superior bonus from the Thunderbolt Shield

Exaltation History

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Member of the Circle of Beauty

A Perfect Circle

Lunar Mates

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