Laoghaire, Son of Caomhánach
Pronounced Lao'Herry, Alabaster Hand of the Heaven's best, and only, friend


Strength 3 Charisma 4 Perception 5
Dexterity 5 Manipulation 2 Intelligence 4
Stamina 4 Appearance 3 Wits 2

Notable Abilities: Archery (2), Athletics (1), Awareness: Sohi Training +2 (2), Craft (Water): Alchemy +3 (2), Bureaucracy (2), Dodge: Using Martial Arts +3 (4), Integrity: Sohi Training +2 (5), Investigation: Occult +3 (1), Linguistics: Flametongue, Wood Speak, High Holy Kant, Icetongue (3), Lore: Scavenger Lands +1, Dragon-Blooded Atrocities of the First Age +2 (5), Martial Arts: Supernatural Martial Arts +3 (5), Medicine (1), Melee (1), Performance: Prayers +3 (1), Occult: Evil Spirits and Undead +3 (5), Presence (2), Resistance (3), Sail (1), Socialize: Cult Politics +2 (2), Stealth (3), Survival (3), War (3)


  • Aeneas's Beast Speak1 (Session 044)
      • Limited Manifestation (Beast Speak): Hunting & Riding Animals


  • Demon-Blooded: Linthas: Beyond Pure, THE stock from which all Linthas descend from (Session 044
    • Character now detects as Demon-Blooded and is affected by any Wards that affects Demon
    • Though they are not detected as Creatures of Darkness

Old Wave Document

  • 2 dot Ally of Alabaster Hand of the Heaven
    • Thus enjoys some script immunity protection
  • He is incredibly famous and influential in his field
    • Considered a Master of his Field - Alchemy and Sorcery
  • The bunnies in the background is meaningless, it is not part of his character concept.
    • Though he has intimacy towards Bunnies (He likes them)
  • Trained in Lookshy as Sohei Exorcist Sorcerer
    • left the service to strike out on his own after his period of commitment was completed
  • Member of the Exultant Twenty Garden Secret Society
  • Son of Sheriff Caomhánach thus is a Peer of Angland - like Alabaster Hand of the Heaven
    • Du Lac-s and Caomhánach-s have been close friends and allies for generations
    • Laoghaire was warded at Du Lac Estate so he may learn from the best knight of Angland
  • Family originated from the land of Eire
    • Modeled after Ireland
    • A area of deep forest bordering the 10 tribes constantly filled with fog.
    • Not a nation and more of a ethnic region of Angland, consist of wild warring tribes
  • Well-To-Do College Graduates who went on to become a noted master
    • Left shortly after Exaltation because he felt Angland is too small for him
    • Eventually ended up in Lookshy and enrolled in their Exorcist Sohei school
    • After his service is up wandered the world and joined the organization:exultanttwentygardensecretsociety
      • Exultant Twenty Garden Secret Society, a Secret Society of Sorcerers spread across Creation
      • About ~20 or so Terrestrial Sorcerers of varied degree of power
        • Mostly God-Blooded and Enlightened Mortals
      • Close to 200 Mortal Thaumaturgists
    • Reached the Rank of SubDeacon
    • Has a crush on Horakinis
      • Unrequisited (ever, he is not Horakinis' type)
      • He does not know Horakinis is a Solar
    • Has contacts all over the world, but mainly focuses on the East
    • Has seen too much to hold only loyalties to the quaint kingdom of Angland
  • Essence 5 (!!!) Dragon-Blooded Aspect of Earth, an Lost Egg
    • Aspect Anima: The anima of an Earth-aspected Terrestrial erupts in a mantle of yellow and white light, glittering like a gemstone or shifting like sands in the wind. Massive expenditures produce phantoms of badgers or bulls, great stone constructs, earth dragons or the Imperial Mountain. Such displays are often accompanied by the sounds of avalanches, earthquakes or volcanoes.
    • An Aspect of Earth can spend five motes to attune his or her anima to the nearby stone, taking on the durability of the earth itself. For the duration of the scene, the Exalt may soak all lethal damage with her full Stamina. She may also add her Essence to dice rolls to resist clinch attacks or to avoid knockback. Finally, she may add her Essence to her Stamina for all purposes, but only while her feet rest on either earth or stone.
  • Aspect Ability: Awareness, Craft, Integrity, Resistance, and War
    • None-Aspect ability charms have 1 mote surcharge, but only once per ability per action. (1 time surcharge for the action)
  • Favorite Skills: Investigation, Martial Arts, Occult
  • Essence 5, Willpower 8
  • Compasison 2, Conviction 4, Temperance 4, Valor 3
  • Great Curse: Conviction
    • Conviction pushes the Children of Pasiap to cruel extremes to protect their traditions and ideals, and punish those who threaten them.
      • 1 Full Scene
      • Gain 1 point for suppressing Primary Virtue
      • Gain 1 point for resisting Unnatural Mental Influence
  • Dragon-Blooded can use Reflexive Charms without the need to Combo
  • Charms (Underlined Charms are those requiring Surcharge)
    • First Excellency for Dodge, Occult, Integrity, Awareness
    • Second Excellency for Martial Arts, Occult, Investigation
    • Third Excellency for Martial Arts, Occult
    • Terrestrial (Martial Arts) Reinforcement
    • Terrestrial (Integrity) Reinforcement
      • Raise upto Essence Target's relevant ability.
      • Scene long, 1m per 2 dots + 1m per target
      • Bonus capped at his own ability
      • Target ability cannot be raised to higher than 2x his normal value.
      • Bonus count as dice added by charms
    • Safety Among Enemies (Reflexive, 3m, 1wp)
      • If he has Dodge DV of at least half the attacker's dice pool, he can redirect the attack to another person within 3 yards
        • Cannot redirect so the attacker hits himself
      • Charm cannot be used if no valid targets are in range
  • Terrestrial Martial Arts: Enlightning Charms (Taught by Sessen Douji, the Mountain Boy, God of [This Information is Sealed by the Maiden of Endings, Celestial Lions have been notified, Run or don't run… it makes no difference - They are coming.])
    • Tiger-and-Bear Awareness
      • 6m, Scene long, Reflexive
      • Automatically aware of all beings with in his Essence Yards
        • Unless the being expended Essence (e.g. Charms or Essence fueled effects) to hide itself
        • Is also an anti-sneak attack Charm
        • Does not grant the ability to see immaterial beings
    • Tiger-and-Bear Unity (Same as its Pre-Req)
      • 4m 1wp, Supplemental
      • Attacks supplemented by this Charm gains an automatic number of successes upto his MA Score
      • Chosen at Step 6 (After DVs and such have been applied)
      • Enlightening Charm
        • Allows him to study Celestial Martial Arts, though he has not the interest nor the opperturnity.
  • Terrestrial Martial Arts: Five Dragon Style
    • Form Weapon: Straight Sword and Spear (Diaklave and Dire Lance)
    • Cannot use Armor
    • Five Dragon Claw (Supplemental)
      • Attacks ignore hardness, inflicts lethal
    • Five Dragon-Force Blow (Simple)
      • Double Base Damge
      • Difficulty to avoid knock down from this attack is the attcker's Str not diff 2.
    • Five Dragon Fortitude (Reflexive)
      • Increase soak by 1L/2B per mote spent
    • Five Dragon Blocking Technique (Scene)
      • add Half his Essence to PDV
      • can parry lethal unarmed
    • Five Dragon Form (Form)
      • Soak Lethal with full bash
        • Normal Soak with Full Stamina
        • Earth Anima adds Essence to Stamina for all Purposes (as long as he is stepping on earth)
      • +1 accuracy to form weapons
      • Add Essence to her Dex or Strength for speed, jumping, and feats of Str
    • Five Dragoned Fist (Simple)
      • Single Punch or Kick, aggreviated damage. (Not comptitable with even form weapons)
    • Five Dragon Invulnerability (Reflexive)
      • Ignore all damage from a single non-magical attack. (Perfect Soak against non-magical attacks)
      • Gain Soak and Hardness rating equal to Essence against magical attacks (including weapons made of magical materials) (Has about 23 Soak and 5 Hardness when feet is resting on earth or stone, Stamina of 5, Essence of 5, So Earth Anima means he has soak of 10 when feet is in contact with earth or stone, essence armor adds +8 for total of 18, Hardness 4, this charm adds another 5, total of 23, and hardness 5.)
  • Terrestrial Sorcerer (Exorcist Sohei): He sacrificed Angland, abandoned all the good he can do to travel abroad to learn sorcery
    • Emerald Circle Banishment
    • Emerald Counter Spell
    • Infallible Messenger (6 Winged White Jade Rabbit)
    • Summon Elemental
    • Wood Dragon's Claw
      • 15 points to spent on Acc, Dmg, Def, Rate
      • Each trait cannot be higher than Essence + Occult
      • Can relocate as he sees fit at beginning of each action
      • Considered Barehanded MA Attacks
      • Can parry lethal with out any stunt
    • Burning Eye of the Offender
      • Bright Halo, cause all attacks within 100 yards against her to be -Essence Internal Penalty
      • Penalty is applied regardless if the Sorcerer is aware of the attack or not
      • Does not affect allies, or those who cannot see (or close their eyes)
      • Can be dispelled by the caster as a reflexive action
  • Thaumatgury
    • Master of the Art of Warding and Exorcism
      • Warding Circles against various stuff
      • Banish Spirits and stuff
    • Master of the Art of Enchantment
      • Making Wards and Stuff

Notable Items

Spellbook of Osa-ano, The

Legendary Artifact
  • Attunement is 5 Motes
  • Unlike normal artifacts that aid in Sorcery, this book works equally well for both Sorcery and Necromancy
  • When used as part of spell shaping action it allows the attuned caster to substitute Essence for Willpower costs. At the rate of 5 motes per willpower point.
  • The attuned owner can store without commitment of essence one spell within its pages and be released as a Miscellaneous (5,-0) action. This release of spell does not involve anima banners, but the spell effect is still considered obvious.
    • The ritual to store spell is 1 hour of preparation per Circle of the spell at the end of which the character starts the spell shaping action for the sorcery he wishes to store.
    • Unlike normal spell shaping, this requires an Intelligence + Occult roll over 2x the circle of the spell in difficulty (2 for Terrestrial, 4 for Celestial, 6 for Solar)
      • Failure means the spell fizzles and the essence is spent. Botch is treated the same as botching on a Spell Shaping Action.
    • He normally stores the Burning Eye of the Offender within its pages

Gemstone Essence Battery

2 Dot Artifact

Placed on the Spellbook of Osa-ano, The's fake copper book cover

  • Knowing how valuable the book is Laoghire placed a thick copper bindings on top of it. On the spine of the book where one would normally hold it, he placed a rare Gemstone Essence Battery as ornamentation.
  • The Battery stores a max of 10 motes of Essence and must be recharged by touching it and spending 2x the number of motes wish stored.
  • The Essence is not committed and can be withdrawn at a mere touch.

Gosarrian Amulet

3 Dot Artifact Amulet
  • Gosar Communal State is an ancient kingdom of the North that stood as one of the Great Cultures of the East. The Usurpation utterly wiped it from the face of Creation as its inhabitants stood with their Solar master against the Dragon-Blooded Legion.
  • This Gosarrian Amulet is an Orichalcum amulet that projects a transparent layer of energy and functions identically as Descreet Essence Armor
    • Does not glow like normal Essence Armor and is slightly stronger (Hence it is one dot higher)
    • Soak +6L/6L, Hardness 3L/3B, Attune 5 (10 for Material bonus for him, +2 to Soaks, +1 to Hardness)

Dragon Tear Tiera

2 Dot Artifact Headgear

Another common decorative item during the First Age, these tiaras and circlets were forged from the magical material favored by their intended wearer and incorporate the same motifs used in hearthstone amulets. Regardless of the material from which they’re crafted, all dragon tear tiaras provide the same benefits.

Each has a setting for a hearthstone located directly over the character’s caste mark. Dragon tear tiaras require the commitment of two motes of Essence to activate the hearthstone and the tiara’s own magical powers. When attuned, the tiara adds one die to the character’s Perception pool. The character instead gains a bonus of three dice when she is attempting to perform geomancy, to use astrology, to detect spirits or to otherwise perform tasks that require occult sensitivity. This does not include rolls for sorcery.

  • Socketed in this is the Key of Mastery Hearthstone: Attuned to "Emerald Counter Spell" 

Key of Mastery

3 Dot Hearthstone

This flat, crystalline rectangle is normally clear but becomes cloudy when attuned to a spell. By attuning this stone to a specific sorcery spell, the bearer can reduce that spell’s mote cost by (her own Essence x 2). However, this stone cannot reduce a spell’s cost by more than half. Also, no combination of this stone with similar effects (such as the No Moon Caste ability) can reduce a spell’s cost below 1 mote. While the user can possess more than one of these stones, only one can be attuned to a particular spell. Attuning this stone requires the bearer to meditate quietly with the stone for a number of hours equal to the normal Essence cost of this spell.

Jade Hearthstone Amulet

His messy and inelegant self-converted Dragon Tear Tiara + Hearthstone Amulet Monocular Goggle has been modified by the peerless hands of Karal Fire-Orchid into a pair of slick Green Eyes enhanced goggle with orichalcum and jadesteel parts.

  • Functions as Green Eyes, Hearthstone Amulet, and Dragon Eye Tiarra
  • Artifact now cost 4 motes to attune (instead of 3)

1 Dot Dragon-King Plant Artifact

These translucent cylindrical objects are actually tiny plants, like many pieces of Dragon King Equipment. If placed onto the eyes of a living creature, they spread out very thinly, covering the entire eye in short order. For 6 hours after allowing the plant to cover his eyes, the wearer is effectively blinded. During this time, the buds are acclimating themselves to the peculiarities of their wearer and adapting their structure to provide him the maximum benefit. After this adaptation period has passed, the plants turn clear from the inside, but appear a dark green in color from the outside, making the wearer’s entire eye appear as if filled with smooth deep green crystal.

  • The bonus of this plant only applies to physical perception rolls. It does not add to anything else involving perception. It will not add bonus to using range weapons, nor does it help with figuring out a person's next move in a chess game.
  • The plant grants the wearer clarity of vision that enables him to see details at 10x the normal range (10x Magnification).
    • For purpose of perception rolls calculate difficulty as if the object/thing is 10x as close
  • The plant also filters light and shifts through the various spectrums to better enhance detail, emphasize movements, contrasts, etc. Colors are more vivid and the lighting more gentle.
    • This filtering effectively adds 1 automatic success
  • The benefit of these eyes do not add do not add to bonuses granted by non-physical means, but neither do they interfere with those that grant benefits greater than those afforded by the green eyes.
    • It will work with binoculars or other physical enhancement to perception
    • It will not add to Charms that multiplies vision, adds successes, etc. You would use whichever is higher
  • The Plant can filter specific spectrum to allow the wearer limited night vision.
    • The wearer can see during starlit night as bright morning
    • Since this ability only amplifies existing light it does not allow the wear to see in perfect darkness
    • Because of it filters and focuses existing light the wearer’s eyes are reflective in the dark just like nocturnal animals

Green eyes are usually found in small globular containers throughout Rathess. They require 1 mote of Essence per day to operate. Otherwise, they revert to an inert state and fall from wearer’s eyes

Note: One of the side effect of this implant is that it suppresses the blink reflex, since the eye lid can no longer comfortably fit over the additional material

1 Dot Artifact Amulet

Hearthstone amulets were common in the First Age because they allowed Exalted to carry hearthstones innocuously and inconspicuously. Each hearthstone amulet contains a setting for a single hearthstone. A character wearing such an amulet against her skin gains the basic benefits of a hearthstone — that is, the ability to regain Essence more quickly. However, a character can commit one mote of Essence to the amulet, and doing so causes the amulet to resonate and activates the hearthstone. If the character removes the amulet, the benefit dissipates.

Hearthstone amulets are made in each of the five magical materials, an Exalted can pay the usual double attunement cost to gain the material bonus for a non-native Magical Material.

Orichalcum: Orichalcum amulets are most commonly starbursts in varying patterns, though other common shapes include leopard and eagle heads, or the shapes of the various caste marks. A Solar Exalt who is attuned to an orichalcum amulet set with a hearthstone regains one additional mote of Essence per hour.
Moonsilver: Most often, moonsilver amulets are designed in the “moonburst” form, a stylized moon-face that depicts both the full and crescent moon. Other common symbols are owl and wolf heads, inward-turning spirals and simple teardrops. A Lunar Exalt who is attuned to a moonsilver amulet set with a hearthstone regains one additional mote of Essence per hour.
Jade: Jade amulets from the First Age are typically carved in abstract elemental shapes or representations of the Elemental Dragons. Post-Contagion jade amulets are of much cruder workmanship and usually show Immaculate symbolism. A Dragon-Blood who is attuned to a jade amulet set with a hearthstone regains one additional mote of Essence per hour.
Starmetal: Starmetal amulets are very rare, as starmetal is not common enough to waste on items of little power. Those that exist are minimalistic, no more than drawn-wire cages for their hearthstones. A Sidereal Exalt who is attuned to a starmetal amulet set with a hearthstone regains one additional mote of Essence per hour.
Soulsteel: Because soulsteel was very rare until the modern Age, there are no known surviving amulets of First Age manufacture. Recent ones that have been seen are decorative or forged in death motifs (skulls, bones and the like). An Abyssal Exalt who is attuned to a soulsteel amulet set with a hearthstone regains one additional mote of Essence per hour.

  • Socketed with the Gem of Wise Discernment (4 Dot Hearthstone) for a total of gaining 9 motes per hour

Gem of Wise Discernment

4 Dot Hearthstone

This hexagonal hearthstone is as clear as pure water. A person can easily look through the largest central facet. Looking through this window allows the bearer to see anyone who is invisible and to pierce all disguises and illusions, from mundane disguises to dematerialized spirits and the transformative glamours of the Fair Folk. This stone cannot detect lies or other non-visual deceptions; nor will it reveal anything about someone’s character. However, the bearer can see a Lunar Exalt’s Tell.

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