Ancient Female Mosok, Master of Ceremonies of the Unconquered Sun
  • It is L'atthuthacak who oversees and performs all the important ceremonies of Rathess
    • including the Crowning of the Rojatan
    • all daily sacrifices to the Unconquered Sun
    • Personally performes the Heart Extraction for all the important sacrifices
  • Completely against Aata's request that Human Sacrifices of Criminals be eliminated
    • The two came to a compromise and written it into the Code of Law of Rathess
    • Criminals can request to be sacrificed
      • And many do after their cases earns L'atthuthacak or Shinning Flower's interest
    • Otherwise only those sentenced to capital punishment can be sacrified
  • A favor of Shinning Flower the Mistress of Hearts, because L’atthuthacak is truly an artist of artists.
    • Her acolytes (both human and dragon king) pray to Shinning Flower as the patron god of their profession
  • Helped greatly in guiding Alabaster Hand of the Heaven on his path to enlightenment (e.g. gain Essence 4)
    • A member of Alabaster Hand of the Heaven's Circle of Trust
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