Olchiliké Leeyata-Dharacya
Chief Huntress, Olchiliké of Leeyata, God of Dragon-King Terrestrial Conquest

Leeyata and Dharacya has joined together as per the custom of Dragon Kings and their Patron Goddess. The new being is a tall majestic female dragon king 10 feet tall with translucent luminant skin seemingly over an white jade core. Raw Essence occasionally flows close enough to the skin to cause it to glow with prismatic colors.

  • Essence 5 God of Dragon King Terrestrial Conquest (Currently Essence 6)
    • Due to the melding with Dharacya the gestalt result is Essence 6
    • Leeyata use to be a Essence 10 War God nearly as powerful as the Incarna
    • Currently has a Cult Rating of 4 as Rathess Thrives and Bull of the North actively support her worshipping in his lands as tribute to the "mother" of all Solars.
      • When Cult Rating becomes 5 and Dragon-Kings start to massively conquer the Jungles of the East, she will become Essence 6 herself.
  • Has the Complete direction of how to make all Dragon-King artifacts in her sanctum.
    • Copies of these instructions have already been made and Karal Fire-Orchid has been studying them
      • It is from these documents that Fire-Orchid gained the insight to make the customization to her armor
  • Carries the Heart Of Rathess (6 Dot, Central Hearth of Rathess)
    • Can consume ANY/ALL Fire and Heat in 6 yard radius. It can even consume the Core of the Elemental Pole of Fire (though since each Elemental Poles is a points of infinity it really is just a theoretical discussion with no real result).
      • E.g. Perfect AOE Fire Destruction/Soak
  • Carries the hearthstone:gemofsolarleadership (5 Dot, Great Pyramid of the Unconquered Sun)
    • 1 bonus success to all Presence, Performance, or Bureaucracy rolls regarding leadership or governance
    • 1 bonus success to all rally rolls in War
    • If directly leading troops (e.g. an army), they (all the sub mass units) gain +1 to all dice pools and is treated as if they have Perfect Morale.
  • Bears the Blade of Cifna-Kurer
  • Bears the Never Ending Draconian War (Leeayta's Panoplie)
  • Bears the Filial Piety (Leeayta's Panoplie)
  • Bears the Unconqured Sun's Favor (Leeayta's Panoplie)
  • Blessing of Adamant: As an independent part of her favor in the heart of the Unconquered Sun she can invoke a tiny of his perfection - similar to, but far less than, her surrogate children the Solars
    • For as long as the Unconqured Sun's Favor is counted amongst her Panoplie she can invoke charm:solar:resistance:adamantskintechnique (Valor Flaw) with a 2 mote Surcharge, though she is then subjected to the 1 Charm per Action Rule. (E.g. she can use Adamant Skin Technique, or use Spirit Charms. To use both she has to follow the 2 Willpower +3 Surcharge House Rule)
  • Destiny Sponsorship: Leeayata cannot be permanently killed as long as Dragon Kings still exist in Creation.
    • Charm or Effects specific made to kill her by pass the protection of this Charm (since it is understood that the difficulty of the creation process already took into consideration the need to overpower the Charm)
      • Things that are along the lines of "a Dagger specifically forged to kill her - made from the shattered dreams and death echos of all the Millions of Dragon King that died fighting the Primordials, painstakingly siphoned from the infinite possibilities of the Deep Wyld where past meets future over the course of a century and quenched in the Heart Blood of the Symbol of her Surrogate Children's power - the 5 Solar Deliberators."
      • And not along the lines of "GM I spent 8 Exp to make a new Melee Charm based of the First Excellency that is "deigned" to kill Leeayta"
    • Imposes EV Penalty of 11 (Essence + Valor) to all actions against her that can be opposed with Resistance, Integrity, or Dodge, even if the she is unaware of the effect
    • Adds 11 to Lethal and Bash soak against most attacks
    • Must tell anyone asking in Old Realm what is her doom. "As long as my children still walks creation, I cannot be defeated!"
    • Geas
      • Cannot abandon her Children (only dragon kings, though she included the Solars as personal choice, but it is not part of the gea. She will not lose the benefit of this charm if she abandons Solars, even though she never will)
      • For as long as troops are clashing, she must be in the frontlines fighting. She cannot stand back and leave the fighting to others.
      • Will never Yield - Faithful to the End, though this is not a Perfect Defense. Normal rules regarding mental influences apply. Though she will always try to resist any influence that forces her to yield.
  • Divine Prerogative: Unconquered Sun, Leeayta cannot be turned against her Patron God.
  • Dharacya is a Master of the Air, Fire, and Earth Paths of Dragon King (that is around 30 Charms or so).
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