Leonardo da Vinci

The Solar Polymath


An "insane" prophet who is often found wandering the east criticizing everyone he comes across. His wit is as sharp as his tongue however, and most encounters ended up with him being tossed out of town. While physically intimating he has never once, even in his common druken state, used it towards violence.

Underneath the crazed exterior lies an incredibly sharp mind who is eons behind his time (towards the golden age of Creation). A man of unquenchable curiosity that is cursed with an feverishly inventive imagination. The world to him seems illogical and wasteful, yet when he points out these flaws he is cursed and ostrichized. When he doubted the logic of the immaculate order - such as the relationship between the dragons and Sol, he barely had time to outrun the pyre. Exiled from his home of Repubblica italiana, he wandered the east heading towards the fabled city of Nexus, a city of endless wanders. He worked as a tinker for food and lodging and went hungry when work was not around.

One day he came across a curious group. It was the Astartes marching north from Rathess to join the war. The wonderous devices these beings possessed delighted his imagination. Conversation with the Astartes proved disappointing, it is obvious that their amazing equipment is beyond their own comprehension. Until he met Leeyata-Dharacya. Completely smittened by her wisdom and brilliance he felt he had at last found his people. Impressed with this mortal's mind, Leeyata-Dharcya arranged for his transport to Rathess. There he may learn the true wisdom of the world and not waste this blessed intellect.

Finally found his true home, Leonardo became a fervent follower of the Unconquered Sun and devoted himself to the study of the wisdom locked within the walls of Rathess. Even with all that he had witnessed it was still insufficient to dampen the sheer shock when the Unconquered Sun marked him as his, months later.

  • Tier 2 Solar, Twilight 26
  • Essence 2
  • Legendary Attribute: Perception
  • Prodigy: Lore
  • Prodigy: Craft
    • This means he is the only Solar (that is not Essence 6) who can raise Craft(Magitech) to 6
    • Fire Orchid has the Charm that lowers requirements to design/repair things, but Leonardo will, eventually, more overall Magitech knowledge than she does.
  • Lore 3 (6 after Exaltation)
  • Occult 2 (5 after Exaltation)
  • Craft(Earth) 4
    • He currently have (6 Lore, 5 Occult, 4 Craft(Earth)) enough to design from scratch 4 dot Manses
      • Within 6 month he will have +3 to Craft(Earth) "Manse Construction", Within 1 year he will have +1 Specialty in Lore and Occult for "Manse Construction." This will allow him to design 5 Dot Manses
    • Characters must have at least 12 Ability dots divided among their ratings in Craft, Lore and Occult to design manses rated 1 to 3. Appropriate specialties count toward these totals
    • The total number of required Ability dots rises to 15 for level-4 manses
    • 20 for level 5. Characters cannot design a manse with a rating greater than the rating of the demesne it is intended to cap.
  • Craft(Magitech) 2
  • Craft(Air) 3
  • Craft(Fire) 2
  • He will achieve his Essence 5 Requirement when he finishes reparing the artifact:orreryofarainthu the mini-loom of fate located in Rathess's location:greatobservatoryofrathess
    • A monumental feat requiring impossible ingredients and concentrated effort of most/all Solars

Exaltation History


-9000+, First Age Immaculate Master of the Glorious Sunrise
     The Solar Ai’s Circle-mate and now Top Lieutenant
     Heroic Ghost, Leader of the Rebellion of Eastern Provinces
64/09/28 05:33 Leonardo da Vinci
     Solar Polymath
     Craft Prodigy even among Solars
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