Previous Queen of Thorns, Wisdom Whispered's plaything


Focus of the Puppets Faction

Wherever Wisdom Whispered goes, his pet follows. Once the Queen of Thorns, she has been reduced to a concubine, Wisdom Whispered’s sexual plaything. Her majestic features are pearly white, she wears her black curls up to expose her swanlike neck, and her long, colorful robes hang low on her arms, exposing the depth of her cleavage. A delicate, silver collar adorns her neck, and bags of exhaustion mark her eyes, though they are usually covered by the paint she uses to make herself more beautiful. Despite her position, she has lost little refinement. Her words have a sophisticated accent, and she remains exceedingly proficient with the fan-language used in the courts before the Mask of Winters conquered her city.

Lilia gave in to the demands of Wisdom Whispered to protect her children from harm (her son has been inducted into the Thornguard, but her daughter hides in the Undercity) and to maintain what little power she had remaining. But she hates it. She hates him. His very touch makes her skin crawl, and she slowly goes mad with fury, resentment and despair. She would kill him, but she knows that would only result in her death, and Thorns still needs her. For now.

Nor is she alone. Some in the court still respect the Autocrat and the old order. Called the Puppets by the rest of the court for their respect of the Puppet King, they do what they can to support Lilia, who technically became Thorns’ rightful ruler after the death of the Autocrat. Outwardly, they maintain sympathy for her, but do not act against Wisdom Whispered. Secretly, however, they have contacted the resistance and do what they can to bring down the reign of the Mask of Winters, or at least to return Lilia to her throne. To facilitate this, they have devised a code using the old fan-language, and when Lilia or one of her agents flutters their fan, they communicate with one another under the cover of merely expressing approval or disdain of something occurring in the court itself.

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