Lu Lu

Inheritor of character:lubu Lunar Spark

  • Solar Mate is exaltationhistory:eclipse48
  • Essence 2, Caste-less Lunar
  • Epithet: Amongst Men, Lu Bu 「人中呂布,马中赤兔」
    • Immune to Onslaught Penalty
    • Negate Coordinated Attack Penalty if aware of attack
    • Add modified Essence Score as Automatic Success to all Acts of Physical Prowess and Situational Awareness
      • This includes Join Battle Roll
      • These added success also modifies relevant Static Values (Such as DV)
      • These successes are not considered bonus from Charms (thus can work with Excellencies)
      • These successes also does not make her actions "Essence-Infused/Enhanced"
        • Such as cannot harm things that can only be harmed by Essence-Infused Attacks
      • These successes also does not allow her to do impossible actions
        • Such as Flurrying a number of attacks that reduce the dice pool to negative values
    • Valor is effectively 1 dot Higher
    • Immune to Fear Effects (Perfect Defense)
      • In Mass Combat this fearlessness applies to her Complenetary Unit as Well, though this does not give the unit Perfect Morale
    • Cannot be prevented from choosing to betray those around him for a sufficiently attractive prize
      • This is Perfect Mental Defense/Immunity on the same level as the Great Curse
  • Spirit Shape: Fenrisúlfr1
    • Better known in First Age Legend as Fenrir the Wolf of the Moon
      • A Supernatural Primordial Behemoth/Monster
      • Lunar's favorite creature of the Primordial Age - it was so violent that Unconquered Sun had to put it down, one of the sore points between Luna and Sol.
        • It's essence was kept in Luna's Reserve and was entwined with one of her Exaltation Sparks
      • In her desire to unleash Fenrir upon the world once more - it made the monster that is character:lubu
    • It is said that it in the dawn of the age before the Sun and Moon it embodied the essence of primordial upheaval and violence and was unkillable. It was only with the creation of the Concept of Perfection, the birth of Sol Invictus, that he gained his doom.
    • Fenrir has its a Destiny Sponsorship - at its own Essence (so 2 + 3 for Lu Lu)
      • This Destiny Sponsorship is linked to her Spirit Form and does not affect her Human form
        • It will affect her War Form once she gains the Deadly Beastman Transformation Knack
      • In addition to the normal bonuses this Sponsorship also makes her
        • Tireless
          • Immune to Sleep/Fatigue Effects
        • Immune to Poisons of any kind (even Yozi ones)
        • Immune to Disease
        • and has Infinite Soak vs. Slashing and Piercing weapons
      • Impenetrable Hide (Part of the Destiny Sponsorship)
        • Ignore Piercing Tag
        • Ignores all Piercing and Slashing damage
          • Remember knock down is calculated before Soak is applied. So you can still knock Fenrir back if you do sufficient damage, but she just won't be hurt by it.
        • With the way I changed Soak this gets a bit more complicated.
          • The Piercing and Slashing Immunity is now changed to
            • Half all Pre-Soak Piercing/Slashing Damage, then convert the remainder to Bash Damage
      • Unlike other Destiny Sponsorship it is not pierced by any Essence-Infused Attack
      • It's Weakness is that only Perfect effects can ignore this Destiny Sponsorship.

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