Immaculate Martial Artist turned First Tier Solar, Dawn Essence 39


Age: 14 when she Exalted (61/11/09)
Nationality: Palace Sublime (Imperial City, Blessed Isles)
Race: 1st Tier Solar, Dawn Caste (#39)
Profession: Servant who is Secretly Trying to Learn their Marital Arts
Motivation: Hold accountable all Solars who become Anathema (In the sense that they become evil destructive monsters)1

Born to a pair of poor farmers in Cherak, it cost them their life’s savings to indenture their young daughter into the Immaculate Order Monastery as a serving girl. Quick witted and filled with vitality Lyta became the favorite of the Monastery and followed her master to the Imperial City when he ascended to the position of Paragon of Earth Dragon – shortly after Mnemon Harasa and her convoy disappeared in the Threshold.

Outwardly an exemplary example of obedience and contentment, Lyta’s secret passion is for the martial arts. Risking painful death she sneaks peeks at the various Martial Art training of the Immaculate Order and sneaks out in the middle of the night to the forest to train on her own.

One day she was discovered by an ancient venerable monk who was passing by. Instead of a quick death sentence, the monk was impressed by her martial prowess and secretly took her as disciple. Using long lost acupuncture techniques he awakened her Essence and began to teach her mastery in the Art of Golden Janissary Style. A style that is designed to combat the creatures of Darkness. Unknown to Lyta, the “Venerable Monk” is actually a member of the Gold Faction who was sent to ensure her survival. While they manage to hide her Exaltation from the Bronze Faction, her fate as one of the Chosen has already been decided.

While it would have been infinitely safer to bring her out of the Blessed Isle but the Gold Faction kept her where she is – in the Heart of the Palace Sublime. It was not until her Exaltation did the true machination of the Gold Faction came to light.

Lyta exalted unexpectedly during the Departure Ceremony of 30 Chosen of the Immaculate Dragons - a monk army the like of which has not assembled since the Wyld Hunt of old. This elite group of warriors was formed for the sole purpose of bring the Bull of the North in chains to the Imperial City to parade before the populace as yet another demonstration of the Empress’s power.

With her anima bursting into the shape of a lion with Daiklave blades arrayed like manes from his great head and floating armor plates arrayed alongside his body. Lyta tried to escape in the chaos that followed. Unfortunately her escape would not be easy as she is trapped at every corner by the Immaculate Order Army already assembled to depart.

Intimacies: +Her Sifu, +Her Circle, +Paragon of Earth, +Family Back in Cherak, +Her friends at the Temple, -Hate Warcaptain’s Circle, -Hate those who believe Might Makes Right, +Retribution, +The Immaculate Order

  • Lyta is Tier 1 and Essence 5
  • She is the youngest Solar to Exalt (actual age, not solar age).
    • Exalted in the Palace Sublime at the age of 14
    • It is highly possible that the Gold Faction Sidereals exerted some influence to have her Exalt at so opportune a moment.
  • Lyta was used by the Gold Faction as pawn to destroy the Immaculate Order supplementary force being sent to aid the Tepet Legions agains the Circle of the Bull
  • Rescued by the Circle of the War Captain during which all 30 monks were killed in the damp sewers of the Imperial City. Of course their death became another example of the depravity inherent in all Anathemas.
    • Lyta was not responsible for the death of the monks that were attributed to her. She only incapacitated them with Bash damage. It was the War Captain and Aata who murdered the unconscious monks for fear they would wake up and follow.
      • Due to this Lyta is the only Solar prior to the War Captain's death who believed that the vision granted by the Unconquered Sun is a warning about the War Captain and not an exemplification. Future events affirmed this belief.
    • The straddlers who the War Captain and Aata did not find, the Gold Faction finished them. Thus ensuring that the Solars of the east does not need to content with the deadly Wyld Hunt.
      • While Lyta's escape via the War Captain’s circle was not part of the plan2, neither was her capture. Thus the Gold Faction remains in the shadow observing.
  • Lyta mastered the Terrestrial Martial Arts Style of Golden Janissary style before her Exaltation
    • Working towards making a Solar Version (Celestial Level)
  • Her second breath bestowed upon her some of the Charms for the Celestial Martial Arts Solar Hero Style
  • Lyta’s Exalted Essence was already in the process of binding to the Lyta’s soul when the Beacon of Rathess was sent out, and thus during her Second Breath she had the vision. Thus she will recognize Balan with his panoply on, but not if he does not.
  • Lyta is still a somewhat firm believer in the Immaculate Philosophies. She reconciled the hierachy of Elemental Dragons vs Unconquered Sun, but the idea of highly regulated religious behavior, Karamic Justic, Reincarnation, etc. is easily merged.
    • She still sees Dragon-Blooded as the Rightful Rulers of Creation.
    • She still sees Solar as threat to Creation
    • She believes Solar lost the right to rule because of all their transgressions and evil in the First Age.
  • She and Gladrien Vanja was ambushed by Fenrir and the items in the vault was looted. Gladrien Vanja was taken and the "useless" Lyta was left behind.
    • Lu Bu never kills for free
  • In took the Dragon Kings a week to restore her to health, and during that fuge state she heard a calling. A golden titan that is incredibly familiar to her. A titan with power enough to oppose the War Captain, with power to beat the giant wolf, to rescue Gladrien Vanja. She left the jungle immediate leaving no word of where she went and headed East following the vision.
  • Months of searching followed until she finally found her last incarnation's sanctuary and claimed her inheritance.
    • Because of this she missed the hunt for Gladrien Vanja in the Underworld
  • She was on her way to Thorns when her circle sense kicked in. It kicked in immediately when the specimen container holding the ruined form of Gladrien Vanja re-entered Creation.
  • Her deep mistrust of the War Captain's Circle prevented her from recognizing the confusion on their faces for what it is. The rage upon seeing her Circle Mate's treatment at the hands of the 2 Anathema who slew all her friends was only overcame by her love of her Circle mate.
    • While she wanted to battle the 2 Anathemas, Gladrien Vanja's life comes first.
    • She knows without a Perfect Defense she have little chance for victory against two anathemas who already possed such charms
    • Thus she grabbed Gladrien Vanja and ran. Setting the Halo on full burn heading back to the East.
    • The War Captain and Aata followed for several hours before dismay and anger took over and they headed back to Chiaroscuro.
  • Knowing that the War Captain is the well loved Rojatan of Rathess, she dare not seek Dragon King for help - for even Hastha-sth had the wool pulled over her eyes.
  • She turned to the only person she know - her Sifu.
  • Moronically she tried to sneak back into the Imperial City - completely ignorant of the defenses in place to catch just such an criminal.
  • Fortunately the Gold Faction interceeded and Lyta safely reached her Sifu. Breaking into sobs and tears like a little girl returning to a loving grandfather, she told him all the events that transpired.
  • Together Sifu and disciple travelled to the East where Gladrien Vanja is and tried to bring her to health.
  • Lyta is well loved among the Gold Faction Solars

Notable Charms

Notable Possession

Gem of Perfect Mobility

Legendary Solar Hearthstone (6 Dots)

  • Lyta's Sifu and her Circle of Beauty have all attuned to the Manse
    • Though they cannot enter the Solar Sanctury with her Lyta (The Portal to Elsewhere will only open for her spark)

This brilliant-red, faceted square glows as brightly as a candle. Any Exalted bearing it is as swift as a beam of sunlight. A character attuned to the hearthstone halves (round up, to a minimum of 3) the number of ticks all actions require, without causing any penalties and may divide her dice pools normally to gain additional actions. In addition, this increased speed also applies out of combat, allowing the character to walk, run or sprint twice as fast as normal. The only limitations on using this hearthstone are that sorcery still takes the normal time to cast, and that using these additional actions makes the character appear inhumanly fast. Anyone seeing the character move or react this rapidly will know she is not human. The additional action gained from using this hearthstone is incompatible with all Extra Actions Charms. The character can use one or the other, never both.

  • Unlike lesser hearthstones, the speed increase for Gem of Perfect Mobility is a time dilation. There for it is a multiplier and not an adder. So if someone uses an item that allows x10 movement, then a charm that allow x10, the Gem of Perfect Mobility will allow that person to travel at 40x movement (x10+x10=x20 * 2 = x40)
    • Being a Legendary Hearthstone this Gem's multiplier is expressly applicable to all non-time based multipliers
  • This Hearthstone also allows the possessor to create Time Related Charms that can only be used with this Hearthstone. The Charm set will still have to remain Thematically accurate to the type of Creature the possessor is; And to a lesser degree to the character's personality.
    • A God of Death might have a charm that premmaturely ages a person
    • A God of Healing might create a charm that allow someone to heal faster than what his normal charm allows
    • A God of Season might be able to create a charm that instantly bring forth his respective season against Celestial Order
    • A Solar might create a charm that instantly finishes tiger warrior technique training
      • Lyta will create the Solar Hero Style Martial Arts Charm: "Meteor Driver"
        • A kick that is so impossibly fast creates a massive shockwave and kicks right through the incoming attack(s) to hit the original attacker
    • A Lunar might create a charm that allows unattainable physical speed
    • A Sidereal might freeze time to allow him arrange a scene to his liking
    • A Dragon-Blooded might fire a time bolt that disintegrates whatever it via a 1000 year of decay

The Halo of Kadesh

Lyta's First Age Royal Scout Warstrider (5 Dot Artifact)


Lyta inherited along with her Essence the Halo of Kadesh - the Royal Scout Warstrider of her First Age Solar Exalted. This tiny warstrider only stands 14 feet tall but is a fully awakened royal strider build for speed and agility. Nigh-indestructible this mechanical wonder is constructed completely of orichalcum.

House within the fuselage of the Warstrider and above the head of the pilot is the Vermilion Jewel of Kadesh (Gem of Perfect Mobility), Hearthstone of the first age Solar's personal manse3, and the resting place of the Halo. The manse is a •••••• Solar Manse and its main purpose is the maintenance, repair and storage of the Halo. Unable to enter the sanctuary the Solar's Body was entombed elsewhere and all mention of the structure struck form records.

Warstrider Class Soak Hardness Strength Mobility Fatigue Attunement
Royal Scout 22L/22B 11L/11B 14 -1 3 25
  • The Halo of Kadesh is not immune to wear and tear and is subjected to maintenance rules outlined in page 147 of the “Wonders of the Lost Age” book. Fortunately Kadesh is an automated maintenance manse specific designed for the Warstrider. Every hour spent docked into its receptacle is equivalent to 2 hour of more mundane repair.
  • The Halo Flight System (Artifact ••••): The name sake of the Warstrider is the unique Halo Flight System. When activated the entire armor start emitting solar essence and can maneuver through the air with near zero inertia. Granting it impossible agility and speed while leaving intricate trails of these sparkles that linger till next sunrise. While in flight the pilot adds +5 to her Dodge DV and to all dicepools involving flight, including aerial hand-to-hand combat. The normal flight speed is equal to 4x its normal land movement rate [(Dex + Mobility) x 10] yards per tick. Its top speed is 160 miles per hour and a flight ceiling considered to be 2 miles. Warstriders in flight can only be attacked by range weapons unless the attacker also has flight capabilities or some other means of reaching the warstrider while it is airborne. The flight system costs an additional 5 motes per scene or hour of flight.
  • The Halo of Kadesh has a Range Fire Lance built into each forearm and can operate in Stream Mode or Fan Mode. Due to the integrated nature of the weapon it cannot be used in melee.
  • The Main Weapon of the Halo of Kadesh is the “Fiery Retribution” a Grand Daiklave of Pure Sun Light: Speed 5, Acc +3, Dmg +30L/10 Holy, Defense +2, Rate 3, Min Str 4, Attune 8, 2 O P R.
    • The Weapon only functions when in contact with the Essence Anima of the Halo of Kadesh and is light enough to be used one handed.
  • The Halo of Kadesh has a matching and appropriately sized Orichalcum Thunderbolt Shield.

Spirit of the Halo

Essence 3 Awokened Least God of the Royal Strider Halo of Kadesh


Compassion: 1 Conviction: 4 Appearance: 3
Perception: 3 Intelligence: 2 Wits: 3
Charisma: 2 Manipulation: 4 Temperance: 5 Valor: 5 (Never fails)

The hibernating spirit of the Warstrider was awakened when her mistress’ spark initiated the second breath. The unique bond forged by First Age Solars proves immune to the machination of the Sidereal and the changing of ages. The Spirit of Halo called out to her partner and resonated with the Exaltation that Lyta holds.

  • His stats are low because Halo of Kadesh is very inexperienced. Made as a matter of course than for actual use. By then the Solars are already masters of all of Creation and had little need for tools of war.
  • The Spirit of Halo has an Essence of 3 and a reserve of 30 motes of Essence, which can be used to fuel Essence weapons or other Essence devices built into the warstrider or to fuel Charms that can be channeled through the warstrider itself.
  • He has no virtues and can never succeed in a virtue roll, except for Valor rolls, which it can never fail.
  • The AI can permit anyone attuned to the warstrider to perceive his surroundings as if the helm were his actual head, totally negating all Perception-based penalties for piloting a warstrider.
  • The AI can also “speak” out of the warstrider’s mouth or permit the pilot to do so, making communication much easier.
  • The AI has some recollection of the First Age (roll Intelligence + Essence).
  • The AI can communicate telepathically with the most recent pilot to attune to it at a range of up to five miles away.
  • It can actively attempt to prevent a new pilot from maintaining or starting attunement to the warstrider by winning an opposed and extended roll using Essence. Each round of this contest is 6 ticks, and the one who wins by 5 success succeed in their given task. He can attempt this once every hour, and the warstrider is switched to inactive status till contest resolves.
  • The AI remembers most of its prior existence (including one automatic success on any attempt to remember information about prior pilots and an unmodified Intelligence roll to remember generalized First Age lore).
  • While the AI cannot actually materialize, it can project a phantasmal image, which appears to the pilot inside the fuselage and can make Appearance-based rolls accordingly.
  • It has the Charm Measure the Wind, Essence Bite, Tracking, Camouflage, Donning Spiritual Armor, Spirit-Cutting
    • All of these charms can be channeled through the Warstrider (e.g. take effect on the Warstrider)
      • In the unlikely event Spirit of the Halo reaches Essence 5 (impossible without an Cult Rating of 44) he will gain the Divine (Martial Arts) Subordination: To aid his solar (Compassion Flaw). Which means he can channel the Perfect Martial Arts charm through the Warstrider.

Exaltation History


  • Will only bind with those who possess extraordinary loyalty
-9000+, First Age Place Holder
     Maker of Halo of Kadesh
     Owner of the legendary Gem of Perfect Mobility Manse
61/11/09 09:21 Lyta
     Circle of Beauty
     Inherited her First Age Solar's Manse and Warstrider

Member of the Circle of Beauty

A Perfect Circle

Lunar Mates

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