Maximillian Gaius von Reginrave

Quick Short Summary

Selvaria Bles
Selvaria Bles
Dawn's Light
Dawn's Light
Aofe's Golden Blade
Aofe's Golden Blade
Aofe's Power Bow
Aofe's Power Bow
Aofe's Armor
Aofe's Armor
Aofe's Shield
Aofe's Shield
Aofe's Signet
Aofe's Signet


  • Tier 2 Solar, Essence 4
  • Imperial Prince of the Empire of Gallia
  • Soon to be crowned Emperor of the Hundred Kingdoms and Holy Protector of Orlais Confederation

Notable Possessions

Dawn's Light

Aofe's 5 Dot Grand Daiklave of Conquest

  • Arianna found this in an Solar Tomb and gave it to Dace to use
  • It was a shock to both Dace and Maximillian Gaius von Reginrave when the blade recognized its owner
  • Dace returned it to the rightful owner without hesitation and along with Arianna guided Maximillian to his last incarnation's final resting place and helped him recover his rightful inheritance
  • This weapon was invaluable during Maximillian's conquest of the Hundred Kingdoms

This Diaklave is more often referred to as "The Golden Blade" during the First Age and is forged for one of the greatest generals of the Old Realm. Like all Daiklave of Conquests this weapon is designed exclusively for use by the Dawn Caste. No other Exalted can attune themselves to this weapon, nor wield its fantastic powers.

Type Speed Accuracy Damage Defense Rate Minimums Attune Cost Tags
Normal Dawn 5 +3 +12L/4 +1 3 Str ••• 8 ••••• 2, O, P, R
Aofe's Spark 5 +4 +12L/4 +4 3 Str •• 10 ••••• O, P, R


  • When used in battle, the daiklave glows with a bright, unearthly light. As long as this daiklave is unsheathed, all opponents and other hostile individuals within 10 yards of the bearer must make a Valor roll at +1 difficulty or flee in fear. Those who hold their ground lose a number of dice from all attacks (even those not targeting the wielder) equal to the bearer’s Valor score.
    • This is an Unnatural Mental Influence with the Emotions keyword
  • So long as the bearer is using this weapon in combat, friendly troops fight with improved morale that gives them one bonus die to all combat-related dice pools. They also automatically gain one success on all Valor rolls. In addition, all opponents suffer a -1 internal penalty to all combat-related dice pools and receive a +1 penalty to the difficulty of their Valor rolls. Both of these powers affect combatants within one mile of the Exalt wielding the daiklave. These bonuses and penalties do not apply to civilians or neutral soldiers.
    • This is an Unnatural Mental Influence with the Emotions keyword
  • This Grand Daiklave have setting for 3 Hearthstones
    • 2 Socket at the base of the blade
    • 1 Socket at the Pommel
Socketed with Remembrance of the Brave

A unique version of the 4 Dot Solar Hearthstone "Warrior's Stone"

4 Dot Solar Manse, Aofe's Final Resting Place

This Solar hearthstone is a translucent green slab that is hand carved by Aofe's herself. As the carvings are not original part of the Hearthstone, the one that reforms will be perfectly smooth - turning into a standard Warrior's Stone

The translucent slab have countless faint striations within. If one study long enough it almost seems like battle marks left over from countless battles. Aofe's carving then becomes a critique of the various techniques and allows someone with sufficient insight (Melee 4) to self-teach their advancement (up to Melee 7). Each scene of these studies is an social attack establishing positive intimacy of "Honorable Combat" with an attack strength of 12 Successes. The Social attack is not intentional but merely her personality leaking out onto her critique.

Mechanically, the stone gives its bearer a better understanding of the Essence of the body, adding +3 to the accuracy of the bearer's melee (i.e. close range combat, not just the Melee Ability) attacks.

If it is socketed in a melee weapon it adds +3 to the weapon's defense rating as well.

Aofe's Golden Blade

4 Dot Orichalcum Grand Daiklave of Aofe

Type Speed Accuracy Damage Defense Rate Minimums Attune Cost Tags
Attuned 5 +2 (+3) 12L/4 +0 (+1) 2 (3) Str ••• 8 ••••• 2, O, P, R


  • Blade creates a golden concussive blast whenever it hits, difficulty for knock back/down caused by this weapon is equal to the wielder's Essence Score + 1, and not the default difficulty of 2
  • They are also blasted back twice as far (2 yard per 3 die of raw damage) or knocked down twice as hard (no default mechanical effect)
  • Has setting for 3 Hearthstones - One at the end of the pommel and 1 at each end of the Guard

Long Powerbow

A Perfect Orichalcum Long Powerbow

  • +100 to Range, +1 to Accuracy and Damage

Aofe's Armor

5 Dot Orichalcum Articulated Plate of Aofe

Originally named "The Embrace of Grace", but it has long since been overshadowed by its legendary bearer - the best Field Commander of her Time, Aofe, the Golden Blade.

Type Soak Hardness Mobility Fatigue Cost Attune Tags
Attuned +14L/16B (+16L/18B) 10L/10B (11L/11B) +Essence Tireless •••• 6
  • Armor is impossibly light. It has no weight at all and flows through existence with sublime grace.
    • No matter how it is dropped, stashed, stored, crumbled, it will always appear graceful in its state
    • This transfer to the wearer as well, granting him an divine air of sprezzatura
      • +1 automatic success to all Social Rolls where gracefulness is an positive trait
    • This is also an Perfect Defense from being, or made to look, clumsy
      • This does not mean the wearer cannot trip or fall, it just means it won't be from being clumsy. He can still sip on a patch of ice, or drop something because he was surprised.
      • It also means even if he does fall from being tripped, he will still look graceful doing it
    • He will never botch any rolls involving balance and movement
      • He can still fail, just not botch; Botches are turned into simple failures.
  • It has a positive mobility "penalty" equal to the user's unmodified Essence Score
    • Unmodified means it is the natural Essence Score of the wearer - not the one modified by Might Rating, or Artifacts, or Lunars who used the Golden Spider Technique, or Maiden of the Mirthless Smile's with her Artifact Infused Essence, etc.
      • It does work for Aata, since the 1 dot Essence granted by the Peach of Immortality is an natural increase - e.g. with Experience Points
    • This means it is an bonus on all situation when mobility penalty is applied
      • Such as Dodge DV, Athletic Rolls, and Movement Rate
      • Being a Mobility Penalty it is applied after the Double DV cap
  • This non-existing existence means the wearer gains the best benefit or "armored" or "unarmored" as situation dictates
    • If Swimming he would treat it as if he is "unarmored"
    • If an attack would do double damage if the wearer is not armored then he is treated as "armored"
    • If an Martial Art requires the use of armor (or vice versa) this armor will work with it
    • He can sleep in this armor and is considered just as restful/comfortable as "unarmored"
  • The armor's also aligns the wearer to the energies of existence and for as long as he wears the armor it supports and aids him.
    • The wearer is considered Tireless
      • Remember the wearer's movements are modified by the Positive Mobility Bonus
    • Though he still needs to "rest" if he wishes to regain Essence or Willpower
  • 2 Hearthstone Sockets - One on each Shoulder

Thunderbolt Shield

A 3 Dot Orichalcum Thunderbolt Shield that does not required to be held

  • Does not require the user to hold it. It floats on its own and respond to its master's wishes
  • If the owner wish to do a shield bash he has to physical use the shield to attack. It will not attack on its own.

Aofe's Signet

Function as Standard Collar of Dawn's Cleansing Light

Exaltation History

Lunar Mate: Selvaria Bles


  • Will not Exalt someone who is not of Royal1 Blood
  • Will not Exalt anyone who does not have a Sword/Blade specialty in Melee
  • Will not Exalt anyone without Prodigy: Swords or Prodigy: Blades merit
-9000+, First Age Aofe
     the Golden Blade
     Best Field Commander of his Time
     Owns the Daiklave of Conquest that character:dace is using
     2nd Proctor of the Solar Deliberative
62/10/21 17:32 Maximillian Gaius von Reginrave
     Tier 2
     Extremely rare case of reincarnated soul getting the same spark
     Melee Prodigy
     Independent Gold Faction Trained
     Achieved Essence 3 as a Mortal
     Led his Lunar Mate to safety as a Mortal
     Mastered the "Even Blade Style" - Terrestrial Variant of Resolute Brigada Pre-Exaltation
     Exaltation completed the rest of his knowledge of all 3 forms
     Will Soon Rediscover the Celestial Variants
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