Moray Darktide

Captain of the Wraith, First Tier Solar, Dawn #55


Age: 33
Nationality: Onyx, Skullstone (West)
Race: Solar, Dawn Caste #55
Profession: Privateer of Skullstone Archipelago
Motivation: Bring about the Utopia where the Living and Dead can live in friendship and prosperity
Anima Banner: A host of finely armored ghost warriors amid crashing waves of light

  • Moray Darktide is rarely found on or near Skullstone. His mission is a ongoing mission of erridacating all dangers against Skullstone.
    • He mostly tangles with Pirates and Wyld Incursions.
  • The Silver Prince gives him a wide leeway, not wanting to keep a solar too close lest his ruse is discovered


Luck of the Sea, The
     Dodge Combo: Reflex Sidestep Technique, Seven Shadow Evasion

Ocean Spray Crush
     Melee Combo: Peony Blossom, Hungry Tiger Technique, Seven Shadow Evasion

Notable Possessions

The Wraith (Artifact ••••)

The Wraith is reconstructed from the shell of a sunken First Age Transport, refitted and armed with Essence weapons it is now a match for anything in the ocean. The Wraith is now a blue steel vessel with sails and two massive Essence Propulsion Drives. She is a swift, slinder beauty with predatory curves, granted to Moray Darktide with a full complement of Ghost, Undead, and Mortal crew all unquestioningly loyal to the Silver Prince. The uniqueness of the crew allows the vessel unparalleled operational range (little food requirements) and ability to gather naval intelligence (ghosts). Under the command of Moray Darktide she has became the terror of the Linthas and the plague of the western archipelago. While many of the deeds of The Wraith are against Linthas, this vessel is also a defender of Skullstone interests. Many heroes have fallen under the essence cannon of the Wraith as they fight to "free" the people of Skullstone.

The Wraith often appear out of nowhere in the middle of the night to sacking military outposts and destroying supply convoys and then fade into the darkness avoiding all pursuit. One of the secrets of The Wraith is that it is actually submersible. With the recent allocation of “HMS Intrepid Queen” into the Western Ocean, it is just a matter of time before Moray becomes its prey.

Speed: 15/30mph under sail; 24/50mph under power
Maneuverability: -3S under sail; -1S under power
Endurance: None
Crew: 25/8 (or 1/1, if piloted by an Essence-channeler using the drive system)
Cargo: Usually an Unit of War Ghosts numbering 200. The Cargohold is large enough to hold 6 common warstriders curled in a fetal position with their support personnel and gear, 200 infantry with their gear and supplies, or equivalent cargo.
Armor: 35L/40B Health Levels: Ux25/Mx15/Cx10/I/D
Weapons: 8 Large Essence Concussion Cannons on each side, 2 Lightening Ballista facing front.

  • The Wraith has a built in Magitech Vehicle

Exaltation History


  • Prefers individuals who are passionately patriotic and dedication to the service of his people
-9000+, First Age Twelve-Crested Eagle
     Newly exalted Solar who was tricked by his Older Solar Mates into challenged Octavian
     His skull still adore Octavian's belt, and his skin adore Octavian's tower.
57/04/16 16:34 Moray Darktide
     A Solar with the dream of healing the division between Underworld Folk and Creation Dwellers
     Currently Serving the Silver Prince
     Commands a Experimental Third Age Submersible Galleon

From the “Terrestrial Direction – The West” Book

Until just a year ago, Moray Darktide was a petty raider. Then, the Unconquered Sun chose him as a most unlikely target for Exaltation. Darktide Exalted as his ship was being boarded by Lintha pirates, and the young Dawn Caste drove the pirates away single-handedly and then safely piloted the survivors back to Onyx. A true patriot and fervent believer in the New Order, Darktide wasted no time in revealing what had happened to the Silver Prince and reaffirming his loyalty to his homeland. The Deathlord accepted Darktide’s loyalty, promoted him to captain, gave him one of the best ships in the Black Fleet… and then dispatched him to fight Lintha pirates hundreds of miles from home.

The Solar represents an invaluable resource, but also a deadly danger, particularly if he ever discovers what happens on Island Five. The Deathlord keeps Darktide far from home as much as possible, even as the Silver Prince rewards the Dawn Caste with money, artifacts and a letter of marquee that would ransom him from most captors. For now, the Bodhisattva watches his Solar pawn, always aware that, should Darktide show the slightest disloyalty, his fate will follow that of Fallen Wolf of the Cutting Sea.

From the “Celestial Directions – The Underworld” Book

“Your blade shall bring my light into dark places. Hold fast to faith and courage, Moray Darktide, for soon you sail on strange seas.” Thus spoke a voice unknown to Captain Moray Darktide, pirate of Skullstone, and a battle against Lintha pirates ended with their deaths instead of his own. On his return to Onyx, Darktide told the Silver Prince about his strange empowerment and asked what it meant.

Captain Darktide still serves the Deathlord of Skullstone. The patriotic captain sees no contradiction between being a Dawn Caste Solar and serving a Deathlord. He believes the Silver Prince’s propaganda about a New Order of cooperation between the living and the dead. Any foe of Skullstone, whether mortal, demon or Exalt, is a foe of Moray Darktide. He takes a special pleasure in slaying the Lintha and their demons, though.

The Silver Prince keeps a close watch on Darktide. The Solar pirate seems utterly loyal and utterly ruthless in battle, but… the stories spreading about him have an edge of admiration, as well as fear. Darktide keeps his promises and respects parleys. People throughout the West welcome new stories about Darktide’s victories. Skullstone is creepy, but they hate the Lintha. Pictures of the handsome captain with skull epaulettes on his naval greatcoat appear throughout the West – and now, they are not always “wanted” posters. In the Underworld, the inhabitants of Skullstone’s tributaries through the West (many of whom died under Lintha blades) welcome visits from the bold captain who brings the light of Creation’s sun. The Deathlord knows that his devoted servant must not learn certain things or rise too high in the public’s estimation. Moray Darktide does not realize how great a threat he could be to the Bodhisattva’s reign.

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