Ishamael (Mortal)

Ishamael before Exaltation

  • Son of Peleus and Thetis, non-identical twin to character:mortallewistherintelemon
  • Primordial-Endowed Heroic Mortal, Essence 3
  • Mass Combat Bonus: I am Ishamael
    • Commander
    • His unit is immune to envelopment maneuver effects
      • The opponent can still "succeed" on his maneuver, but Ishamael's unit can break out at any time and effectively are immune to penalties associated with being enveloped.
    • His unit ignores Magnitude Penalty
    • At the end of any turn in which he took an aggressive action - regardless if the action suceeded or failed - the enemy unit he engaged needs to make a rout check1
  • Charms
    • Effect: Blessing of Invulnerability (Autochthon's Destiny Sponsorship on him)
      • Imposes EV Penalty of 13 (Essence + Valor of Autocathon) to all actions against him that can be opposed with Resistance, Integrity, or Dodge, even if the he is unaware of the effect
      • Adds 14 to soak against most Lethal and Bash Damage
      • Autochthon must tell anyone asking in Old Realm what is Ishmael's doom
        • That his invulnerability is reversed if one specific target the heel
      • Geas: Not applicable (I don't want bother think one up)

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