Ocean Pearl
Second Tier Solar, Zenith 49

Ocean Pearl, despite being weathered and bronzed by her love of the Sun and Ocean and tempered by battle is still a woman who can turn any man’s head. Her name is true to her nature and she knew she was born to the sea.

When she was just a child she ran away from the orphanage with nothing more than the clothes on her back. Disguising herself as a boy she begged and worked her way to a small seaport town and sought commission on board a ship as a cabin boy. She sailed with a kind old sea captain on the Western Ocean who taught her the secrets of the stars and imparted to her his years of experience. Sadly they encountered the Yozi pirate Blackheart Shadowless. Their ship was captured and crew enslaved or slaughtered. She was to be given as prize to Blackheart’s Yozi masters. Blackheart may have had no heart and no shadow, but he was a man in every other way, and Ocean Pearl was able to seduce him. Thus begun her pirate career as the lover of a diablolical man without an ounce of compassion.

She may have only been Blackheart’s mistress, but she gained a measure of power on board his ship and something resembling his trust as well. She won the admiration and respect of the crew, in part due to her ability to sometimes mollify Blackheart’s anger. Despite the proven invincibility of the captain, Ocean Pearl was driven to attempt the impossible. She knew which members of the crew to talk to and which ones to get rid of. Once she gathered a cadre of trustworthy allies, she coaxed the secret of his power out of Blackheart. Now was the time for justice. As Ocean Pearl prepared to free the world of Blackheart, the Unconquered Sun freed her from her own bondage to mortal limitations. Bathed in the golden light of the Sun, her sword became divine. She cut her way through Blackheart’s demon servants and finally dispatched the Captain himself. Since then, she has sailed the seas of Creation righting injustices and punishing the oppressors such as the Realm, the Guilds and the Linthas with fire and steel.

She is not just a simple pirate however. She is a rebel against the rampant oppression and injustice plaguing Creation. She works against the established order in the hopes of opening the eyes of the people to a different way – a future where all are guided by the divine will of the Unconquered Sun. She hopes to aid in the formation of a new world order where pursue of happiness and expectation of fair justice is guaranteed to all and not just those born to power. She resents most the exploitation of the weak by the strong and fights with unwavering determination against those who commit such sins.

Unlike most other Solars, Ocean Pearl care for little the distinction based on one’s divinity. The memory of their First Age excess is enough proof of that. She firmly believes that the worth of a person comes from the righteousness of their choices and not the power they possess. Because of this she prefers the humble company of her crew to most gods and exalts. This is especially true for her naturally arrogant Solar brothers and sisters.

She is the Arch-nemesis of Moray Darktide and has learned the hard way that not all the Chosen of the Sun further the cause of Righteousness.

The Scarlet Saber (Resource ••••)

Exceptionally Built Galleon

The infamous or famous, depending on who you ask, Scarlet Saber is the ship of Captain Ocean Pearl and one of the most hunted ship in existence. The Guild, Lintha Syndicate, Scarlet Empire, and vast array of City/States have each posted resource 3 to 5 bounties on the capture of her eminent captain – dead or alive.

It was previously the ship of Captain Blackheart and bore the grim name “The Maw of the Sea.” After Ocean Pearl’s successful mutiny she changed the name to “The Scarlet Saber” and purified her with the blessing of the Unconquered Sun. Now the Azure Flag of Red Sabers crossed over an Emerald Sea Horse flies proudly from her mast and her exploits are whispered in the towns of those being oppressed and celebrated in free cities from one end of Creation's Ocean to the other. Her history of blood and death as the “Maw of Sea” has since been overshadowed by all the good Ocean Pearl has committed.

The elusive Scarlet Saber has never suffered a single naval defeat. Able to go toe to toe with First Age Warships and disappear almost at will the Scarlet Saber strikes fear into Slavers, Pirates and evil doers from the Emerald Seas of the south to the Ice floats of the North. Even when outnumbered and outgunned her captain always manages to pull the crew to safety. Bards tell of fanciful tales of the Scarlet Saber emerging victories against Wyld leviathans, elemental dragons and even First Age Battleships. These grandiose tales of their exploits have been incorporated into ballads, plays, and even children’s stories and run the gambit from the reasonable to the outrageous. Regardless of the story one thing is always consistent - The beautiful Captain Ocean Pearl is the heart of the Scarlet Saber and as long as she remains on the ship and loved by the Sea, fate itself protects her.

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